A Trembling Truth

  • The Alps of Saint John, Aalen

    Temple of the Last Sith

    July 7th, 2016

    "WHAT IN THE NAME OF THE SITH EMPEROR DO YOU MEAN I AM NOT READY!" screamed Khan at the top of his lungs to master. He had just did hours of meditation, questioned dozens of staff from the Commission and European Council, yet even with his information he was not yet allowed to make a mo ve.

    "You simply do not possess the man power to attack and hold the council hostage yet, even with your fifty men you would be facing thousands of guards. Police. Soldiers. The forces of the European nations as well as the personal armies of the Devoys. You can kill as many staff members to get your information as you want but it is not enough to bring down the imperial forces of the Europeans," hissed the incredibly powerful, Darth Jandice. Motioning for Khan to rise from his knelling position.

    "Master I can do this," replied a pleading Khan. A Khan looking to make his mark upon the world. A mark he has not yet made.

    "No, and to ensure that you don't; I've made a deal."

    "A deal master?" Khan questioned.

    Suddenly men in black uniforms, with armoured clothing entered the room. With guns pointed at Khan, in a perfect formation he was ensnared like a rabbit during its final moments. Even with his mask on, Khan's face showed pure dread. His head turning and turning to see the men all around him. He started hyperventilating. He laid down his dagger of light, falling to his knees he looked up.

    "Why master?"

    "Silly boy. You really think people go around in black robes saying they are the sith?"

    European Council Building, Europolis

    Office of the Councillor of the Second Serene republic of Aalen

    July 7th, 2016

    "I, Deputy Councillor of Aalen, with a heavy heart do announce that Darth Khan has been declared deceased by the Second Serene Republic of Aalen. The Councillor was found in the Steppes of Saint Patrick, where apparently during a so-called Sith Pilgramage he ran out of food and clean water, he became separated from his group and wondered further into the vast steppes. His family has requested that any other details about Darth Khan ,or by his proper name James Harold, be kept in private.

    Understanding the burden which is about to befall me, I, John Oliver, take on the duties of the Councillor of the Second Serene Republic of Aalen."

    ((((OOC: This is the first part of an RP series where my posts will be relatively short ones who reflect on the psychological state of Darth Khan's mind. Each post is kept short to keep each moment you read fleeting, and filled with a desire to know more. See you next time!)))))

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