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    As a member of EUBC, the Inquistan Broadcasting Corporation would like to formally call EV Director Peter Montfort before the organization to a leadership review, following the latest EV disaster in Aalen.

    Reports coming out of Aalen suggest that serious violence has broken out in the crowds where the results show has taken place. Reports also suggest that Aalenic security personnel have been responding to this uncontrollable situation using gruesome means, even possibly violating the UDoHR. A tis time, IBC unfortunately can confirm that one Inquistan citizen has been killed. This is totally, totally unacceptable of a friendly EV competition, and this blood is on Montfort's hands. Not only has security been compromised, but the results show itself was offensive and made a mockery of the EV competition. The host, the disgraceful John Oliver, completely soured the lively mood expected of an EV Results show. Apparently, his "jokes" were approved by the EV Director. His jokes were not fun and were outright offensive.

    As a result, it would only be within reason to call Peter Montfort to defend himself, accept responsibility and explain the situation, before voting and deciding on his tenure as Director.

    Farrah Ria

    President of IBC

  • "WOOO. Justice!!" - Duchess Poppy Carlton-Romanov the 2nd

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    IBC will withdraw this review if Montfort suspends Aalen from the next EV competition.

    IBC has received support for this call by broadcasters from Os Corelia, Icholasen, Fremet and others. Unless this request is met, then a vote on Montfort's tenure will be called.

    Farrah Ria

    President of IBC

  • "I, John Oliver, do formally apologize for the insensitive comments that me and my speech writers wrote. After being exposed to a much larger audience than I typically receive, I kept my style the same without realizing the possible effects it could have. Peter Monfort has done nothing wrong, and does not deserve this vote of no confidence. We hope that Aalen can attend the next EV, as this incident is my fault, not that of Aalen."


    John Oliver



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    It has come to my attention that during the results announcement of EuroVoice XXVIII in Aachen, Aalen, there were altercations in the crowd involving Aalenite authorities and fans from a variety of countries. It has further transpired that those altercations were prompted by some of the comments made by John Oliver while he announced the results. I would like to clarify first and foremost that neither I personally, nor EuroVoice nor the EUBC, approve of those comments. We value all our fans and all the nations that take part in EuroVoice.

    I did approve the Aalenite request that Speaker Oliver announce the results of EuroVoice, and I accept that that was an error on my part. Allowing such an impromptu request, and turning over such an important job to such a volatile novice was a mistake. I condemn his offensive remarks wholeheartedly, question the Aalenite decision to request that such a man be entrusted with such an honour, and wish to reassure Europe that he shall never be allowed anything to do with EuroVoice ever again.

    As regards the actions of the Aalenite authorities, EuroVoice regrets what has happened, but would stress that responsibility ultimately rests with the Aalenite authorities. We always entrust security at EuroVoice to the authorities of the host nation, and this is a necessary part of the way in which EuroVoice works. If EUBC members wish to take measures to ensure that nations with a poor human rights record never host EuroVoice, that is a discussion to be had at a later date.

    In summary, I take responsibility for trusting John Oliver, Speaker of the European Council, with a role that was clearly well beyond his limited experience and capabilities. However, I believe that primary responsibility for the tragic events of this evening lies with John Oliver and the Aalenite authorities in general, and I am taking, and will continue to take, the appropriate steps to ensure that EuroVoice XXIX in Miraco will be run smoothly, and that the events of this evening will never happen again. I wish to congratulate Miraco on their victory, and invite the nations of Europe to EuroVoice XXIX in their beautiful country. I will not entertain any questions regarding my position. Thank you.

    Peter Montfort

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    I accept this formal apology from John Oliver. Further, I find Montfort's response to be appropriate and satisfying. I will withdraw IBC's request for a leadership review.

    Regrettably, this won't bring back the life of 17 year-old Georgina Coldwell. Miss Coldwell lost her life in the ensuing chaos in Aalen, and unfortunately, she innocently lost her life to an uncontrollable situation, and she was met by the security's brutality. I hope her life has not passed in vain, but that her memory inspires future EV events to keep security in mind.

    R.I.P Georgina.

    Farrah Ria

    President of IBC

  • The Inimician Broadcasting Corporation regrets the passing of Georgina Corwell. It is in the gracious opinion of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Artabanos that this EuroVoice results show was not only conducted in an amateurist fashion, but also contained episodes of swearing and, ultimately, violence, making this edition of EuroVoice the most horrendous in the event's often glorious history. The Inimician Broadcasting Corporation has been decreed by His Imperial Majesty to reconsider our role in future EuroVoice contests. We send our condolences to our Inquistan friends, whose loss is terrible and could have been prevented. We would also like to thank Peter Montfort for his explanation and are sure that, were it up to him, the results show would not have turned into the disaster it was.

    Victor Crutchlow, Imperial Comptroller to the Inimician Broadcasting Corporation

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