Regional Update, July 2016


    From the European Union

    April 2016 – July 2016

    Authored by Lord Christopher Hitchens (Inimicus), Commissioner for Foreign Affairs

    Approved by the European Council

    European Commission:

    Premier Commissioner Anja Emerett (Inquista)
    Foreign Affairs Commissioner Lord Christopher Hitchens (Inimicus)
    Internal Affairs Commissioner Richard Dawson (Aalen)
    Defence and Peacekeeping Commissioner Marie Solomon (Halsberg)
    Economics Commissioner Thomas Ericsson (Fremet)

    European Council:

    · Speaker: John Oliver (Aalen)
    Groups: European Progressive Alliance; Non-Affiliated

    European Court of Justice:

    Chief Justice Salim Joubran (Angleter)
    Justice Hubert Christian (Inimicus)
    Justice Brian Leveson (Davishire)
    Justice Baroness Brenda Hale (United Kingdom)
    Justice Miroslav Vanela (Sitanova)

    European Commission News:

    • Commissioner for Economics Thomas Ericsson has started the application process for a Eurosummit on economic co-operation. The Commissioner writes: “The current situation of economic cooperation in Europe is a disheartening one. I call on the nations of Europe, big and small, to come to an economic summit here in Europolis to secure the state of Europe's economy and plan for the future of both the near-extinct Eurozone and plans for further economic cooperation between between the nations of Europe. I plan for this meeting to give the economic stability that is necessary for peace in the future of Europe.” The Commissioner has not stated a date for this summit to be held at present.
    • Foreign Affairs Commissioner Lord Eric Hitchens, who regained his position on the European Commission after a by-election, has started a large-scale reinvigoration of the Union’s ambassador programme. In an embassy review published in May, the Commissioner backtracked the EU’s embassy status with other regions and decided where changes were necessary. “I have worked closely together with Premier Emerett on this issue”, the Commissioner said, “which is undoubtedly one of the most important problems our union is currently facing.” The Commissioner vowed to “start again” and has, as such, sent new delegates to The Allied States, Europeia, 10,000 Islands, and The North Pacific. According to Mr Hitchens, more is to come.
    • The Commission faced a new series of impeachments proposed by acting Davishirian Councillor Steve Mannion, a controversial former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Davishire and Buckinghamshire and even less revered in the European Council. His motions called for the impeachment of Premier Emerett and Internal Affairs Commissioner Dawson, but – to the surprise of many Councillors – left Commissioners Marie Solomon (Defence and Peacekeeping) and Thomas Ericsson (Economics) untouched. Both motions failed.
    • There is no further news from the European Commission at this time.

    European Council

    • The controversial Cannabis Act was put up for repeal for the second time in its much-discussed life. The Cannabis Act 2015, authored by Councillors Acwellan Devoy (Duxburian Union), John Walters (Halsberg), and Ralph Jaevons (Inimicus), and presented by the latter, mandated legalisation of marijuana across the European Union. The Act was narrowly passed in 2015 but has seen two attempts at repeal thus far. Inimician Councillor Alexander Strathclyde was seen at the forefront of what he called a “disgraceful attempt” at “repealing this brilliant piece of legislation through the back door”. He was referring to the fact many progressive Councillors who voted in favour of the initial Act had not been seen in the Council for many days. However, Strathclyde was joined by enough Councillors and the repeal ultimately failed again.
    • A motion for recognition of neutrality was proposed by the Councillor for Australia, and passed unanimously. The motion formally recognises the Commonwealth of Australia, which still has close ties to its former colonial owner the United Kingdom, as a neutral state. All Councillors voted in favour of the motion.
    • A Council Speaker election is technically still underway. Iain Duncan Smith of the United Kingdom faced off against John Oliver from Aalen. Mr Oliver has seemingly obtained a majority of votes, however during the recent results show of the popular EU-wide singing contest, EuroVoice, Mr Oliver acted as presenter and directly caused an uproar of violence in the venue, hosted in Aalen. Mr Oliver was also widely criticised for his allegedly “adult-only language”, “unfairness”, and “blatant rudeness”. His election to the Speakership has not been confirmed at present, and already there has been talk of a possible impeachment motion to remove him from office upon his accession.
    • There is no further news from the European Council at this time.

    European Court of Justice

    • There is no news from the European Court of Justice for the period of April 2016 – July 2016.

    Other News

    • Riots at this edition’s EuroVoice results show have sparked widespread criticism of Aalen’s ability to host the show and in particular, of Mr Oliver Johnson’s conduct during the show. After disdainful comments concerning multiple nations’ entries, violence broke out between Duxburian, Fremetian, Inquistan, and Aalenic supporters, injuring several people and killing one Inquistan national. Speculations were made about the resignation of European Union Broadcasting Corporation Director Peter Montfort, however he has refused to comment on his own position at present. Mr Oliver has issued a formal apology for his behaviour, but there have been rumours of a possible impeachment motion in the European Council. Miraco won the EuroVoice contest with their song ‘Eclat’ by Alexe Gaudreault.
    • The EuroVoice debacle has sparked rioting and civil unrest in many nations, particularly Fremet and the Duxburian Union. Rioters attacked police and broke into public buildings in Verington (DU) before being cleared by police forces. In Fremet, Prime Minister Angela Merkel apologised for the conduct of Fremetians at the results show, but has now been called to stand trial in court. Protestors forced a disciplinary hearing in the Fremetian Parliament, Trondheim, to be adjourned. Groups of hundreds of demonstrators called for the charges against Merkel to be dropped. There has, as of yet, not been a resolution to the situation.
    • Police in Davishire have arrested several high level military officers and more than a dozen junior military officers from within the Davishirian army as a result of a long running investigation into accusations made against former Prime Ministers David Cameron and Phillip Hammond with regards to how some prisoners were treated during a significant increase in the threat from terrorism just after Davishire joined the EU in 2013. Davishire’s entry to the EU is considered by many to have been, at best, a rocky one and the government at the time was dealing with some significant domestic and international pressures. It is not known how long this investigation will take and thus far the Davisirian Government has refused to comment on the issue.
    • In the United Kingdom, the Devolved Institutions Act of 2016, which passed through the House of Commons on its second reading, puts the United Kingdom on course for having devolved institutions set up for election timetables next year, a year which would have seen local council elections. Prime Minister David Cameron declared a federal UK is “highly likely”. The funding formula from the UK government will be sent on a per capita basis, changing the amount of money going to some devolved institutions like Scotland, which benefits from the current formula of financing. A federal UK is likely to be in place by 2017.
    • Inquista’s ruling party, the Black Swan Movement, has celebrated a year since its inception and being in power for almost exactly that time. Archbishop Paul Craticus reviewed the Movement’s “many achievements”, from banning evolution to be taught in Inquista’s primary schools to strong economic growth rates for Inquista’s economy. The conference centre was in a hectic, raucous state, with loud music playing and unruly supporters flooding the area. Many Movement supporters came to the conference centre wearing party affiliate t-shirts, which included t-shirts that featured the faces of Movement politicians such as Craticus, as well as the faces of close political allies, such as Emperor Artabanos of Inimicus and High President Solomon of Halsberg.
    • In a shock development in Australia, former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull stepped down in the internal party vote for leader of the Conservative Party. He stated that "as someone who has lost an election, I cannot in good faith put myself forward to continue leadership of the Conservative Party. I do urge people who support me in the parliamentary Conservative Party and throughout Australia to put their trust in Christopher Pyne.” Australia has been faced with political upheavals, as well as actual flooding, over the course of the last few months.
    • Sitanova has elected a new government. Amid allegations of corruption and fraud concerning the previous incumbent government, Michelle Johnson’s Conservative Party won the elections and she was consequently appointed Prime Minister by His Majesty King Mark about a month ago. The Sitanovan Houses of Parliament were then sworn in. The new government consists of a grand coalition of Conservatives, Social Liberal, Social Democrats, and New Nationals. One of the most controversial acts of parliament in recent months concerned Parliament approving a special referendum to modify the Magna Carta of Sitanova, in which it states that though the Sitanovan State legally recognises homosexual couples and recognises they have the right to freedom of speech, the adoption of children by gay couples, and gay civil unions, are illegal.
    • The Inimician House of Commons took session in June. The lower Chamber of Parliament meets for one month every year to discuss matters of state. The proceedings were largely described as immature and childish, even though new legislation to tackle the influx of migrants and the election of nine executive officers was largely considered a success. Emperor Artabanos of Inimicus had faced criticism after dealing with an internal rebellion in March, leading to a form of federal, tripartite split in Inimicus. However, after hosting a successful House of Commons, the Emperor’s approval ratings have soared. The Commons voted in favour of an intellectual voting system, mandating the completion of a test before citizens are granted the right to vote, and in favour of the appointment of an Imperial deputy, called Vicarius, to work together with the Emperor, who was elected for life in 2014.
    • At least 336 migrants, overwhelmingly originating from Dromund Kaas, have died as the overweight boat on which they were travelling capsized around 30 km from the Pravoslaviyan coast at Tsetinye. It is believed that they were attempting to reach Pravoslaviya in order to claim asylum. Prime Minister Apostol Tsrvenovski has sent his condolences to the Kaasian people in a press statement, and has commended the ultimately unsuccessful efforts of the emergency services. Tsrvenovski has come in for criticism in the wake of the disaster for his policy of opposing the taking in of Kaasian refugees. Dromund Kaas was struck by war over four years ago, a conflict that is still ongoing. An influx of migrants is being reported by border authorities in neighbouring nations, such as Pravoslaviya, Angleter, and Inimicus.

    That’s all for now, see you next time!

    Commissioner Eric Hitchens

    If you have any suggestions for additions, amendments, or scrappings, I will take them until 8pm BST on 25/07/2016, after which I shall post the updates on our allies' forums.

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