Demand for Aalen to be barred from future Eurovoice

  • I am writing this on behalf of the Davishirian Broadcasting Corporation.

    I am sure you are aware of the incidents that have taken place during and after the Eurovoice final in Aalen earlier this week. I am sure that you will join me in condemning the actions of those people involved in violence but also for the actions of the commentator on the night.

    I would like to formally request that the EUBC does suspend the nation of Aalen from Eurovoice for a period of at least 12 months as a result of the actions of the Aalenic authorities but also of the person who hosted the event.

    I would like the director of the EUBC to begin the process of such actions, whether this be a vote of EUBC members or some other process, as soon as possible.


    Geoff Holhurst
    DBC Director General

  • Admin

    In light of this request, I hereby move for a vote of the membership of the EUBC ((OOC: For simplicity's sake, that's everyone who is in the EU and has competed in at least one EuroVoice)), with the following options:

    • OPTION I: That Aalen be banned from any and all EuroVoices, and EuroVoice subsidiary events, for the next twelve months, effective from the date the DBC's motion was brought;
    • OPTION II: That Aalen be banned from EuroVoice 29; that Aalen be banned from hosting any and all EuroVoices, and EuroVoice subsidiary events, for the next twelve months, effective from the date the DBC's motion was brought; and that in the event that Aalen become the presumptive host of any such event (e.g., should Aalen win EuroVoice) that the replacement host be decided by a vote of the entire EUBC ((OOC: Same definition of EUBC membership)), after a period in which bids are sought from EUBC members;
    • OPTION III: That no action be brought against Aalen.

    Voting starts NOW and ends at 0.30 GMT on 4th August, 2016. ((OOC: One vote per player, not broadcaster.))

  • Admin

    Sirion TV of Angleter votes for OPTION II.

  • On behalf of His Imperial Majesty's Inimician Broadcasting Corporation, I, Victor Crutchlow, vote for OPTION II

  • On behalf of the Fremetian Broadcasting Corporation and its constituents, I place my vote for OPTION II

  • Admin

    On behalf of the British Broadcasting Service and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, I vote FOR Option II.

  • Admin

    Télévisions Miraco of Miraco votes for OPTION II.

  • Nova Rosebourg, in consultation with the Union of Rosebourg Broadcasters, has determined that insufficient evidence exists to deprive an entire country from the opportunity to participate in EuroVoice. The actions of lone persons should not reflect an entire country and whilst those responsible should be brought to justice, we do not believe a ban of an entire country will promote unity and healing following the horrid incidents that transpired. It is our view that other options should be presented to purge the Aalen delegation of disruptive elements whilst retain Aalen's ability to participate in this great contest. Until such options exist, Rosebourg respectfully abstains from this vote.

    For Nova Rosebourg, Mr. Mirko Consentina, Chief Executive Officer and Secretary General of the Union of Rosebourg Broadcasters.

  • Admin

    Dominion TV agrees with Mr. Consentina, the proper subject of disciplinary action is the host, John Oliver, and perhaps the director of event security. Dominion TV votes for [b]OPTION III[/b].

  • The Davishire Broadcasting Corporation feels that ultimately responsibility lies with the Aalen as well as the host, against whom Davishire will be considering further such action if he is ultimately appointed speaker.

    Therefore we support and vote for option 1.

  • Admin

    IBC, which had brought up the initial grievances against Mr. Oliver to the EUBC, feels that the matter was already appropriately dealt with in the original hearing. Because of that, IBC votes for Option III.

    Farrah Ria

    President of IBC

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