Political Map with Names

  • As a newcomer I found it difficult to figure out which country bordered which other country and so I came up with this map using available information. Hope it can prove useful for the other roleplayers too! It should be accurate as of 26 July 2016.

  • As another newcomer, I'd like to thank you myself for this. It makes it far easier to figure out where everyone is this way without referring back and forth between the googledoc.

    It would have made finding an open territory a lot easier for me had this been around. I know future new arrivals would also like your map if they want a spot.

    I hope you saved it as a file with "layers" though? In case in the future it has to be edited and countries removed/added more easily. If saved as a flat image, modifying it could be a bear later.

  • Yes I kept the source file so it can be edited! I did it in MS Publisher so anyone with Office 365 should be able to make further edits if ever I stop being active 🙂

  • @Rosebourg

    Actually, I have a small question that you may or may not be able to answer...

    On the map, I actually applied for region 63 (mostly a roleplay thing; I wanted a good setting for a rather eclectic nation outside my conception of mainland Europe).

    Is that entire large-island-chain/place an alternate-reality Greenland that's farther south than it is in our reality? Like how Africa and several large bodies of water (e.g. Red sea and Persian Gulf) are vaguely different compared to what's real.

    I'm trying to get my bearings on where that actually is, since the map is similar-but-NOT to our own geography.

  • Admin

    The map is a RL-influenced fantasy world. It is similar to earth, but you have a degree of latitude (bad pun is bad) over how you want to setup the climate details of your nation. Locations toward the north are cooler, locations toward the south are warmer, but you can RP currents, monsoons, etc. that change the timing and severity of your weather patterns. The overseas landmasses are sparsely populated (they used to be part of a regional expansion idea that didn't work out so well), so if you're there, you can basically set the climate as you wish.

  • @Duxburian-Union Thanks for the clarification!