Notice of No Fly Zone

  • On Behalf of His Majesty King Hubert the Second I am giving notice to the international community that effective in one hour from now a no fly zone will be enforced over the Teutonic States. No civillian aircraft will be permitted entry to the Teutonic States, this restriction will apply to non-authorised military aircraft not contained within the pre approved areas.

    This no fly zone will be enforced by the Davishirian Air Force.

    We will welcome any assistance from other friendly nations in this matter. Please advise through this office if you are willing to assist in an internation effort.

  • The Imperial Inimician Air Force would like it noticed it will continue air traffic to Inimician-controlled locations in the Teutonic States area. When a no-fly zone was announced almost six months ago now, the IIAF made arrangements with the Davishirian authorities to keep certain corridors open to Inimician air traffic, an agreement we would like to see once again.

    Furthermore, the IIAF wants to be fully involved in the maintenance of the no-fly zone. Its bases, and indeed the lives of its personnel, are its first priority, and by maintaining this no-fly zone we protect the valuable soldiers who keep our region safe.

    Imperial Defence Officer Jacob Churchill

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