EuroVoice and Bloc Voting

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    Dear EUBC Members,

    As Director of EuroVoice, I would like to notify you all that collusion between broadcasters, governments, or any other agencies to ensure that a number of countries each give each other a certain number of points in EuroVoice voting is banned, commencing with EV 29. Such corruption has no place in EuroVoice and will not be tolerated any further.

    Peter Montfort

    ((OOC: EV voting is meant to be based on an honest appraisal of the quality of the songs entered. I appreciate it is impossible to police to what extent people vote for the music, and vote based on IC alliances or OOC friendships, but outright OOC collusion between two or more players to give each other a certain number of points goes well beyond the line. That sort of horse-trading is totally out of step with the spirit of EuroVoice, and it'll inevitably convince other players, especially new ones, that EV is corrupt, cliquish, and not worth their time. Having seen one fairly obvious three-way case of this collusion in the last EV, I don't want it to develop any further.))

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