European Liberals: Membership Application

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    Here is the membership application for the European Liberals

    Councillor: (Yes/No)
    Party affiliation: (i.e Liberal Party)
    Party Ideology: (i.e. economic liberal, social progressive, social conservative, centrist, etc.)

    Associate members will be people who are not yet Councillors or former Councillors. Commissioners and former Commissioners will also be associate members, as well as people running for the Commission.

    Registered supporters can include heads of government, heads of state, and others not associated with the European regional setup.

    Full membership can only be granted to Councillors who are currently in the European Council.

    You can find an updated list of caucus members, associate members, and registered supporters here.

  • Name: Councillor Hans Albrecht
    Nation: Free Principality of Kleinhaven
    Councillor: Yes
    Party affiliation: National Liberal Party
    Party Ideology: Economic liberalism and social progressivism

    • Name: Maximilian Oats
    • Nation: Democratic Republic of Sitanova
    • Councillor: (Yes/No) No
    • Party affiliation: (i.e Liberal Party) Liberal Party of Sitanova
    • Party Ideology: (i.e. economic liberal, social progressive, social conservative, centrist, etc.) Economic Liberal, Centre-Left, Social Progressive

  • Cllr. Albrecht has been accepted into the European Liberals caucus group as a full member.

    Mr. Oats has been accepted as a registered supporter of the European Liberals.

  • Name: Senator Hugh Jass DR (Direct Representative)
    Nation: Arrsol
    Councillor: (Yes/No) No
    Party affiliation: The Direct Democracy Party (Not a big party, as parties haven't flourished in Arrsol due to the nature of our democracy; It is more a Senate of individuals representing their constituencies and indeed it is quite common for conservative, liberal and socialist representatives to have roles in the same government)
    Party Ideology: Direct Democracy, Libertarian Socialism, Social Liberalism, Europeanism, Internationalism, Federalism

  • Name: HE Dr. Keiichi Katakami
    Nation: Furukawa
    Councillor: Yes
    Party affiliation: "Left: Liberal Party of Furukawa"

    Party Ideology: Conservative liberalism, Agrarianism, Pro-Europeanism

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    @Furukawa Welcome to the European Liberals! We hope you remain an active member of our caucus

    Julia Hartley-Brewer

    Leader of the European Liberal Caucus

  • Nation: Junichi Washimine

    Councillor: Yes

    Party affiliation: United Hyogen Party

    Party Ideology: Conservative Liberalism, Civic Nationalism, Communitarianism, State Capitalism.

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    @Istanbaal We will welcome your party into the Liberal caucus, but only after a period of 3 months monitoring your government. Communitarianism and state capitalism are not ideals that our party aspires to, but should you prove yourselves to be grounded in true liberalism, we would be more than happy to welcome you into the caucus. 

  • Name: Thales Christodoulou Kreniotes, Count of Artemisia

    Nation: Duchy of Pefki 

    Councillor: No

    Party affiliation: Moderate Democratic Party

    Party Ideology: Liberal Conservativism, Social Conservatism, Economic Liberalism, Civic Nationalism

  • Name: Lady Emma Granger, 2th Baroness of Montague
    Nation: Kingdom of Montenbourg
    Councillor: No
    Party affiliation: Classical Monarchist Party
    Party Ideology: Liberal Conservatism, Social Conservatism, Economic Liberalism. 

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    Name: Judith Gibbon
    Nation: Angleter
    Councillor: Yes
    Party affiliation: Social Democratic Party
    Party Ideology: Social democracy, centre-left, national sovereignty

  • Admin

    Welcome both to the European Liberals!

  • Dear members of the European Liberals,

    I hereby present my dimission from the European Liberals political group. And thank all members of the party for this space.

    Special thanks,

    Lady Emma Granger, 2th Baroness of Montague

    His Majesty's Councillor to the European Union

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