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    Politics: Liberals Looking to Sweep England, Key Councils After Surprising Poll Trend

    NEWCASTLE, PORTSMOUTH, and BIRMINGHAM --- New polling looks to deliver Theresa May and key council seats across the UK in the local and English Assembly elections. The three assemblies in England (Southern England [excluding London], Central England, and Northern England) are looking to be swept by the Liberal Party with Labour's leadership election casting much into doubt, with the result being announced April 14th as voting is going on this whole week via post ballots. As such, the Liberal Party have been doing better campaigning around England, with the Prime Minister showing up in key areas of support. 

    "The UK Government, complimented with Liberal councils and Liberal assemblies will deliver on our promises to bring prosperity and jobs to England and our whole United Kingdom and make sure that we have public services that get the most out of what we pay for them unlike Labour's vision of bloated, inefficient, and oversaturated public services," the Prime Minister said in Portsmouth. Holding power in Southampton, Leeds, and Birmingham is important for the Liberals, 3/7 under their control is not as bad as 2/7, and bowling a century against Labour in the council elections would be a good sign for a popular Government that seemed to overlook the regional election in Ireland.

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    Politics: Government to Push for Further Dromund Kaas Action with Allies

    LONDON --- The Prime Minister has rode a wave of approval ratings since last year's election, but now with Emily Thornberry elected as Labour leader, the polls have tightened a bit. Couple that with a surprise Labour victory in Ireland and the Liberals' narrow defeat in the Midlands Assembly and now the Government is sitting on a much narrower 40-37 poll numbers. 

    This policy announcement today has the Prime Minister capitalising on her much stronger national security polling than Thornberry, rolling out plans to meet with the Duxburian and Angleteric leaders to draw out a timeline for the end of the Dromund Kaas War. 

    "The Government is committed to seeing our allies come to a conclusion to that war that strengthens our national security and the security of Europe; as such, I will be contacting the Duxburian Steward and the Angleteric Prime Minister to see what we can do to bring everything to an end," said Mrs. May at a press conference on Thursday. 

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    House of Commons Endorses Mountenbourg-UK Free Trade Agreement (MUKFTA)

    LONDON --- The Secretary of State for International Trade and Development, Priti Patel, with the backing of the House of Commons at a 418-10 majority passed the adoption of the Montenbourg-UK Free Trade Agreement as negotiated by the British Prime Minister Theresa May and her counter part, Xavier Bettel in Montenbourg. The Prime Minister was available for immediate comment:

    "It is a landmark agreement and I hope it brings northern Europe agreement and prosperity throughout this year and many years to come. The United Kingdom and Montenbourg have come to realise that we share more in common compared to what many think divides us, and our nations will continue to march together as friends into the future," Mrs. May said before the vote on the free trade agreement came to Parliament after the Senate handed its recommendations down. 

    Labour Leader Emily Thornberry also hailed the landmark achievement of the deal while pushing the Government to do more to ensure that workers in the United Kingdom would not be abandoned for cheaper labour in Montenbourg.

    "Though their economic growth has been encouraging and noteworthy, it is still an established fact that it is cheaper to pay workers in Montenbourg vs. their British counterparts and no where in this deal are there safeguards against companies sending their jobs offshore and to Montenbourg," Thornberry said in her reply to the Prime Minister, one of the first high profile statements she has made in the House of Commons since becoming Labour Leader in May. 

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    Int'l Dev. Secretary: Granger Can Get Over It

    LONDON --- It seems that the newfound relationship that Britain and Montenbourg have with each other has once again seen the two nations take opposite sides in a political debate that is heating up. Councillor Emma Granger of Montenbourg has called on other nations to put aside what she calls "selfish nationalism". As the Secretary of State for International Development, Penny Mordaunt coordinates the Government's response to crises including the Dromund Kaas refugee crisis, of which Britain has taken 100,000 since 2012. She was asked to comment on Emma Granger's statement.

    "I can hardly see why someone who is cushy in Europolis instead of dealing with the issues of government back in her home country, where they ought to be focusing on increasing economic prosperity and political freedoms," an annoyed Penny Mordaunt went on record during a meeting with the press on Sunday. "Montenbourg has quite a ways to go in terms of developing itself, which would then give it credibility on these issues. The United Kingdom has been a part of the Coalition of the Willing since 2012, when the European Commission's Premier was kidnapped by a rogue state. It has maintained military presence in Dromund Kaas to aid our allies since then, and we have taken in 100,000 refugees, many of which are families and have now been able to enjoy full British citizenship. No other UK Government in history would have been as open as this one, and I think she is working against us by saying these things. Frankly, she should get over it and focus on another issue."

    Mordaunt also took the moment to correct Granger.

    "These migrants ARE in fact in Europe already, so when she says they arrive to Europe, what is she saying? Is she implying that Dromund Kaas, which is in humanitarian crisis, is not European? Or perhaps Angleter, Australia, and the Duxburian Union, where these migrants arrive, aren't European? Why is that? Is it because there are brown populations of people living in there? She has a lot of questions to answer for our brothers and sisters in the south of our region. Why are they not considered European?" Mordaunt challenged. 

    The comments were fodder for Britain's political right, including a fiery Nigel Farage, Katie Hopkins, Julia Hartley-Brewer (former European Councillor for the United Kingdom) and Jacob Rees-Mogg, an unusually high profile backbench MP of the Liberal Party's conservative wing.

    "Perhaps Councillor Granger is mistaking the European Union for a United States of Europe project. His Majesty's Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain will not be bullied around by a Councillor out of her depth and out of her league. I believe that His Majesty's Government ought to be taking significantly less refugees. They are turning into economic migrants. Refugees may have the right to move throughout our European Union, but they should not have the right to work in Britain. They should be taking refuge so that they can return home. That's the point of the term 'refugee', otherwise they are economic migrants who will undercut British wages and take British jobs," Mr. Rees-Mogg said on the Andrew Marr programme this morning. 

    "I have never seen such a disgrace at the European level, and I remember Maleeka [Liszckoszi]! What a nutter she was!" Mr. Farage said at a UKIP event in Surbiton. "She is basically wanting these nations even closer than they already are, which is too close. It's too late to save the European project. Europe will fail if we continue to allow economic migration in the guise of refugees. Stop the refugees and support UKIP! Our Senators in Parliament will pressure the Government into giving us an in-out referendum on the European Union, and we will continue to be a thorn in the Government and Labour's side. Frankly, Emily Thornberry on the same side as Emma Granger has shown that the Labour Party have become champagne socialist elites in London who have lost the idea that they are supposed to represent regular, working-class Britons."

    Farage's UKIP have found greater support among traditional Labour voters in the north of England and some Liberal Party members in the south, and that constituency of socially conservative voters could prove costly in some key by-elections for the Prime Minister and for Leader of the Opposition, Emily Thornberry, in September of this year. The increasingly vocal right-wing of the Government back-bench that include Rees-Mogg, Education Secretary Jo Johnson, Mordaunt, International Trade Secretary Priti Patel, and Foreign Secretary Stephen Crabb, has a presence in the 272 member Government (a 40 seat majority). They number a fairly significant amount of 25 MPs, and have threatened to start crossing the floor if the Government does not get tougher on the refugee issue. Councillor Granger may see that the centre-leaning Theresa May will get held at ransom the more she goes on about refugees, despite the Government having a comfortable majority. 

    Disunity and back-stabbing have sunk plenty of Liberal Prime Ministers. Hopefully, Mrs. May has some eyes on the back of her head.

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    Politics: Tories Split on Immigration and Refugees; May Tightens Grip

    LONDON and BUCKINGHAMSHIRE --- The Prime Minister is managing an increasingly growing rift in the Liberal Party that looks to be the first political challenge to her government. Mrs. May has stated that the United Kingdom will continue to take in a limited amount of refugees from Dromund Kaas. That seems to be dividing British political society in two: Labour, the Progressive Democrats and the SNP all stating that the Prime Minister is heartless and should be taking more in; UKIP and the right-wing of the Liberal Party saying she should close borders and send the refugees back to Australia or Angleter. 

    "This is a choice that the Prime Minister must make; Britain was involved in the initial invasion of Dromund Kaas in 2011, and rejoined the Coalition of the Willing in 2015. We have put this much effort into a conflict that has dragged on and forced our allies to pour precious billions into it. Europe is watching, and this Government is failing. If she can't lead on this issue, it is clear that we will need to find a new Parliamentary majority that will end this self-induced crisis," Emily Thornberry, Leader of the Labour Party and the Opposition Leader, said to the media outside of a meeting in Milton Keynes South. 

    The 1922 Committee, the backbench group of the Liberal Party, would need to be triggered by 15% of the current Parliamentary party which is 42 MPs. Currently the right-wing of the Liberal Party that don't seem to be "May-ites" sits at 35. So a revolt of 7 unknown MPs would be enough to trigger that. However, Mrs. May seems to be willing to clamp down on her Cabinet and on the backbench, dressing down the party in a series of emails about the responsibility of Government and the collective responsibility of the Liberal Party in government. The weight of two election victories on manifestos, one of which she hand crafted herself, is helping her cause. This issue could be a sore spot in her government for years to come.

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    News Round-Up

    1. The Summer Recess is in full effect for Parliament. The House of Commons will sit again 3 September 2018 with the refugee and migrant issues on the schedule as issues of debate. 
    2. The Office for National Statistics show that birthrates in all four nations of the United Kingdom declining for the tenth year in a row. The largest decrease has occurred in England while the smallest was in Wales.
    3. Andy Murray returns to competition in the Citi Open in Palmyra, Angleter. The tennis tournament is one of the tune up events for the Duxburian Open, the season's final major tournament.
    4. Record levels of students in the United Kingdom have passed A and O level exams, while T-level exams have established a 90% pass rate in their first year of assessment.
    5. NHS England have reported a £24.1 bn shortfall in budget and have called on the Government to aid in the funding shortage.
    6. Record heat has broken giving way to days of downpours, showers and thunderstorms, particularly in the northwest of England, Scotland, and Ireland.

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    HRH The Duchess of Kent to Unveil New Make-Up Line

    WESTFIELD LONDON ---RK Limited, the department store chain started by famed fashion designer and Duchess of Kent, Renata Kligenberg, has announced a new line of make-up products to be sold in its stores beginning Monday. The new line is called R&E and celebrates HRH The Duchess of Kent's marriage to Emily Blunt, who will receive a royal title upon marriage. The couple announced their engagement early in 2018 and have apparently collaborated on the new line. It includes liquid lipsticks, blush, mascara, foundation, eyebrow pencils, eyeliner, lip liner, powders, concealers, and contour kits. 

    "It's very exciting to be premiering the new line of makeup at RK Limited. R&E promises to cater to women of all shades and will allow you a high quality, mid-cost alternative to many brands. We are offering a full line of make up products for those who don't want to just go to Boots and get substandard qualities from other makeup lines across our region," HRH The Duchess of Kent said. 

    The wedding is set for 18 August 2018. 

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    Cabinet to Discuss Trade, Foreign Policy Strategy

    AYLESBURY --- Chequers, the summertime home of the Prime Minister and the summer retreat for the Cabinet as they leave behind stuffy, cramped Westminster for more spacious accommodations in the picturesque British countryside. But it's not all neat and pretty at the estate. The Cabinet is having their own meetings regarding foreign policy and trade policy following the statements of the Government of Montenbourg. 

    "We, of course, are open to free trade and the private sector creating jobs not only in Britain but across Europe. However, we are concerned about many things. It seems as though nations in Europe are not willing to cooperate and reach out in constructive manners. The fact that we, the fourth largest economy in Europe and one of the highest average salaried nations in Europe, are being told about plans for cooperation or whatever through the press without proper consultation smacks of lack of respect. That is not how you build friends, and it is clear that these attitudes will not change. So, rather than us continuing to ask for inclusion and proper consultation, we will simply change British foreign policy."

    This is something that the more conservative elements of the Liberal Party have wanted for quite a long time. The Tories have always been a lot stronger on foreign policy issues in terms of putting Britain first, and this wave of progressivism championed by Lady Emma Granger of Montenbourg and Edward Firoux of Inquista seems to be pushing the whole of the party towards this position. Hardliners like Jo Johnson, the Education Secretary, and Jacob Rees-Mogg have been calling for a tougher Britain that "stands up to this wave of leftist populism". 

    "The Government has shown that it is stable and strong, and it can govern in the interests of its people domestically. It seems as though, despite having the third most capable military in the region, a nuclear arsenal, and a geopolitical position we have built over time through our contributions to the region culturally, economically, and militarily. What His Majesty's Government will not do is be intimidated by a Councillor who has her head in the clouds, a foreign nation that doesn't understand our respective places in geopolitics, and an en vogue ideal of leftist populism pushed by champagne socialists," said a very critical Jacob Rees-Mogg. "Meanwhile, let's look at how this nation has decided to open its borders in the most ridiculous, unrestrained fashion yet wants to tell us that we're not doing enough."

    Public opinion has swayed against the European Union and Montenbourg in recent months, with Emma Granger's bid to become Premier Commissioner attracting very little buzz. When put in a hypothetical situation where Angleter's Gisela Stuart were to go against Lady Granger, the polling proved 56-24 with nearly 20% of the electorate abstaining, claiming Europe is beyond repair. 

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    Kligenberg Announces Boutique Rename and First Fashion Ambassador

    Heiress Lady Luciana Wentworth, heiress to the £500 million estate of the Marquess of Rockingham and the current President of Wentworth & Co., the largest luxury realty company in the United Kingdom.

    LONDON --- Renata Kligenberg-Windsor, Duchess of Kent and fresh off of her marriage to Emily Blunt, has announced a change of her boutiques. The boutiques, formerly simply "Renata Kligenberg" will now have a name bearing Reveries, the French term for musings. When asked about the decision, the Duchess of Kent said:

    "I have a lot that I have done in fashion, a lot that I have done as a political figure, and a lot that I have done as a member of the Royal Family. All of these experiences plus my marriage to the love of my life have given me a lot to think about and it has changed the outlook of both the brand that is Renata Kligenberg and my designs. As a result, I wanted to rename my boutiques to Reveries, as it is truly a reflection of the thoughts that I have mulled over the last two years."

    The most outspoken Royal Family member, the Duchess of Kent has served on the European Commission and European Council as a fairly progressive voice, the fashion designer has opened RK Limited and has made nearly £5.1 billion in the last year, rocketing it to the top of UK department store chains. As a result, the Duchess of Kent has felt ready to continue to expand the couture boutiques in London, Mertz, St. Dominico, Sydney, and Verington with a new couture boutique opening in Angleter and Montenbourg by the end of 2018.

    The Reveries boutiques will offer the following lines for men and women:

    • Veuve Noir - women's gowns, dresses, couture, and red carpet looks
    • Audace - women's boutique fashions and custom outfits
    • Extase - men's suits, couture, and red carpet looks
    • Prophétie - men's boutique fashions and custom outfits

    The announcement also included British heiress Lady Luciana Day as First Fashion Ambassador, shown at a photo shoot in County Galway, Ireland.