Repeal of Ban

  • "The Aalenic Broadcasting Company would like to request a repeal of the Aalenic Ban from EuroVoice in its next iteration, as well as ban from hosting. Recognizing that a ban from hosting gives no incentive for a tv network to put in an expensive campaign to find a proper submission for EuroVoice. Since the Aalenic EuroVoice, broadcasting rights have been submitted to the ABC instead of the Aalenic Sound Station who sold them under EUBC guidelines. As well as police reviews in Aachen over what exactly occurred. We would also like to note that Inquista a nation who had an actual felt impact of the events at the Aalenic EV, voted against the ban and felt all actions needed were already taken. As such, the ABC motions to removed the Ban of Aalen from EuroVoice Miraco as well as its ban from hosting for the next year."

  • Admin

    In light of this request, I hereby move for a vote of the membership of the EUBC ((OOC: For simplicity's sake, that's everyone who is in the EU and has competed in at least one EuroVoice)), on repealing the current sanctions regarding Aalen's participation in, and right to host, EuroVoice.

    Voting starts now and ends at 15.30 GMT on 23rd October.

  • Admin

    Sirion TV of Angleter votes FOR repeal.

  • Admin

    The BBC votes FOR the repeal of this ban.

    Rona Fairhead

    Chairman of the BBC Trust

    Lord Hall of Birkenhead

    Director-General of the BBC

  • Admin

    DTV never agreed with the ban and votes FOR its repeal.

  • Admin

    By a vote of 3-0, the ban is repealed.

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