The London Trade Agreement

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    The United Kingdom of Great Britain, the Kendrelaatzenian Dominions of the Duxburian Union, and the Apostolic Kingdom of Angleter hereby agree to form a working partnership henceforth known as the Tripartite Alliance. The Tripartite Alliance is based upon the following agreements as discussed in London on the date of 31 May 2015

    1. The United Kingdom, Duxburian Union, and Angleter agree to a mutual defence agreement. This agreement allows for the parties aforementioned to cooperate on military technologies, enhanced cooperation on military, civilian, and foreign intelligence. Aid can be enacted when one member is attacked by another state or supranational organisation.
    2. The aforementioned parties encourage fair trading principles as well as, in some circumstances, free trade. This includes natural resources, manufactured goods.
    3. Any party may object to the opening of trade on certain industries, goods, resources, agricultural products, manufactured products and all other aspects of trade.
    4. The free movement of goods, capital, and persons as mandated by the extant European Economic Community (EEC) agreement.
    5. The movement of persons will not require visas, but will still require proper identification as mandated by each nation.
    6. The enhanced cooperation between universities and educational institutions in the United Kingdom, Duxburian Union, and Angleter. This includes but is not limited to a foreign exchange programme.
    7. All members must observe rules regarding tuition fees, miscellaneous associated fees, and all other costs of education.
    8. The land border between the Duxburian Union and Angleter will be demilitarised. The timetable of this demilitarisation will be set by the Duxburian Union and Angleter.
    9. Angleter and the Duxburian Union will engage in the construction of a high-speed rail connection, meeting at the town of Anglebury. The extension of the rail connection will be up to each nation.
    10. Joint research into new cryptography methods, building a next generation form of internet and network security.
    11. Harmonisation of Duxburian, British, and Angleteric banking, financial, and customs systems into the Ripple Network system of transactions.


    The Rt. Hon. Edward Miliband, MP

    Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain

    Dante Maximilian

    Steward of the Duxburian Union

    Peter Montfort

    Councillor of the Apostolic Kingdom of Angleter, on authority of the Royal Government of Angleter

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