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    In exactly one week Turkmenbaijan will hold general elections. It is already the second time this year that the 4,7 from the 7,5 million Turkmenbaijanis will go to the polling stations. It is looking out whom will win this elections and whom can bring back stability. We are putting here all participating parties on a row.

    KP - Communist Party
    The Komünist Partý is the communist party of Turkmenbaijan. They follow a leninist ideolygy at the exemple of the communist party of the former Turkmen SSR and see themselves as a  a "lawful successor and heir of it both in ideology and tradition".  KP wants a new quality of life, economic modernisation, European integration and consolidation of society. Many scientists in Turkmenbaijan states that the KP is only communist by name and classify the party as center-right. The communist are strongly opposed to an autonomous Kyrzbekistan within the State Turkmenbaijan.

    PSS - Party of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs
    The Partýasi Sälümbar Saher has an ideology of industrialisation. Under president Enver Därwäzä the PSS was erected to diversify the National Congress. Since last elections they are an independent party. They promise big investments by the state to boost the Turkmenbaijani economy.

    LDP - Liberal Democratic Party
    According to its statute, the Liberal Demokratik Partýasi is a center-right party with conservative doctrine. The strategic programmatic goal set by this party is the reconstruction and modernization of the State Turkmenbaijan, as well as the establishment of rule-of-law state and efficient market economy. In its program, the LDP aims at becoming the main driver for overcoming economic, social and civilization gaps, which separate Turkmenbaijan from the other European member states.

    ABT - Our Turkmenbaijan Alliance
    The Alyans bizë Turkmenbaycanüm is a cartel between the Citizen's Platform, the Kyrzbek Minority Party and the European Integration party. Frontwoman is former president Asuman Baknezarayowa. ABT is a social-liberal party. Both parties are pro-european.

    SDH - Social Democratic Movement
    The Sosial Demokratik Herekati is the governing party of Turkmenbaijan since 2001. The party is currently led by former president Nikola Nikolay. Central planning is a key element for the party policies and serves as the basis of functionality for government services. They adhere the social-democracy ideas but are in favour to control all public utilities to ensure equal acces for everybody.

    HDP - Democratic People's Party
    The Hälkin Demokratik Partý is a liberal and national conservative party. HDP is eurosceptic.

    DP - Democratic Party
    The Demokratik Partý is a center-right party with nationalist ideas. DP wants to limit the rights of Kyrzbeks in Turkmenbaijan. They have a liberal economical agenda.

    MBT - Centrist Union of Turkmenbaijan
    Merkezci Birligý Türkmenbaycan follows the ideology of centrism and secularism. It includes a centre-left policy towards the economy, supporting state interventionism and calling for the unity of Turkmenbaijan.

    MP - Conservative Party
    The Muhafazakar Partý is an extreme-right party in Turkmenbaijan. They are strongly opposed to the European Union and want to restore severe border controls to 'preserve the Turkmenbaijani values and traditions both of the past and the future'.

    BT - United Turkmenbaijan
    Bärlaga Türkmenbaycan is a social democratic party with progressive principles. The modernisation of the education system, creating offices to lead people to new and better jobs and offering free trainings for the long-term unemployed are a few of their proposals.

    CTP - Republican Party of Turkmenbaijan
    Cümhurýeti Türkmenbaycanüm Partý is a party which adhires the next ideologies: economic conservatism, fiscal conservatism, social conservatism and the creation of a federal Turkmenbaijani-Kyrzbek Republic.


    ARKHAMNAMABAD - Tomorrow 4,7 million turkmenbaijanis will have the chance to elect a new National Congress. But since several weeks the tensions are high rised in the capital city of Arkhamnamabad. Every day thousands of people are gathering together in the streets and public places in and around the capital. What was first a protest of ethnic kyrbeks against the collaboration of the KTP, the political party which represent the kyrzbek interests, with the European Integration Party of Asuman Baknezarayoowa and the Citizen's Platform, became last two weeks a general protest against the Social Democratic Movement. Since the beginning of the protests more than 30 people where killed. 28 of them died during an attack on the central market in Arkhamnamabad. 

    But not only in Arkhamnamabad people are demonstrating. In the North East and the border area with Australia, the so-called Kyrzbek area, violences rised up against the police forces. President Gülan Burhamayew  sended 1000 soldiers to support the present police forces and maintain the order.

    It is clear that the elections of tomorrow are crucial for the future of Turkmenbaijan. Economy, stability, internal peace,...
    Several polling stations in Arkhamnamabad, Äz Monzor, Ýylyznamabad and Marý will be protected by military forces of the United Kingdom and Gallambria.

    We don't know who will win the elections and probably become president but we do know who will not become the 6th president of the State Turkmenbaijan. Those are Enver Därwäzä, Nikolay Nikola and Asuman Baknezarayowa. Turkmenbaijan knows a one-term presidency.


    ARKHAMNAMABAD - As the results of the elections yesterday are published and confirmed it is clear the Social Democratic Movement whom governs since the independence in 2001 has lost the elections. Never the less they remain the biggest political family in the National Congress with 31 seats. With the elections of March earlier this year the Social Democrats had won 48 seats, a loss of 38 seats. In 2009 86 seats were awarded to the SDH and way back in 2001 they were good for all, back than 107 seats.

    The question which is posed now: What to do now? The Social Democratic Movement had always a strong mandate of the people. Since the adaption of the law which states that also other parties may participate to the elections and the appeals of former president-ad interim mr. Amos Bahman to gather together and defend their interests. It seems that the SDH has opened the way to her own death. 

    The Social Democratic Movement is considered by other parties, within Turkmenbaijan and abroad, as an authoritarian party.
    Governing is only possible if other parties are willing to cooperate with them. Next week during the first joint seating of the National Congress a new president will be elected. It is wait and see if Turkmenbaijan will have one more SDH president again.


    ARKHAMNAMABAD - On the stairs of the National Congress the leaders of the BT (United Turkmenbaijan), ABT (Our Turkmenbaijan Alliance) and the Liberal Democratic Party announced to cooperate and to form what they call a "democratic front". They would support a single candidate for presidency to represent them all matter to avoid a new president of SDH. The candidate of the Social Democrats will receive not enough votes anyway even with the support of the Communist Party. By this it seems that the Social Democratic Movement will be excluded of ruling again, this time until 2025.


    ARKHAMNAMABAD - This morning three names are published whom will vying for presidency in Turkmenbaijan. It concerns the candidates of the "Democratic Front" (BT-ABT-LDP), the Social Democratic Movement and the Communist Party.

    Turkmenbaijan knowns indirect presidential elections. One week after the general elections, those for a new National Congress, the newly elected members of the National Congress elect a new chairman and a new head of state. The candidate with a 2/3 majority wins the election for presidency. In general the elected president forms a government with the parties whom endorsed the candidate during the elections. This system has to guarantee unity between the National Congress and the presidential policies.

    Between the three candidates one woman is participating: mrs. Kader Gurbuzyewa. She is the candidate of the "democratic front" and leader of United Turkmenbaijan. The Social Democratic Movement moves forward mr. Ayberk Bayramyew, second man of the party after Nicolay Nikola whom can't be elected anymore as Turkmenbaijan knows a one-term presidency of 8 years. Last but not least the Communist Party's candidate is mr. Säher Mubarakyew. He was already candidate in March but received only 13 votes out of 103. Not enough to be elected. The chairman is automatically a member of the biggest party in the National Congress, SDH.

    It is the first time since Turkmenbaijan has opposition in the National Congress all candidates for presidency are from leftist parties.

    The elections shall happen next week Thursday during the first joint seating of the new National Congress.


    ARKHAMNAMABAD - It looks that 5 days after the day of the elections a coalition is made. Their would be far-reaching talks between United Turkmenbaijan and the Social Democratic Movement, the two biggest parties in the National Congress. United Turkmenbaijan goes for not less than ranging reforms in government, infrastructures, housing and diplomatic relations.

    Striking: one day after the elections United Turkmenbaijan, Our Turkmenbaijan Alliance and the Liberal Democratic Party stated to gather behind a common candidate for presidency. It is not clear that Our Turkmenbaijan Alliance and the Liberal Democratic Party shall withdraw their support to mrs. Kader Gurbuzyewa, candidate for presidency.

    Mrs. Asuman Baknezarayowa, leader of the ABT (Our Turkmenbaijan Alliance) and former president says to be displeased with this move of United Turkmenbaijan. She hopes that a democratic and progressive government can be set up.

    A new president shall be elected in the first joint seating of the new National Congress, next week.



    ARKHAMNAMABAD - In the Capital city of Turkmenbaijan, Arkhamnamabad, the festivities for the national holiday are marked by the renewal of the government and the state. On many places cultural activities are organised and different stands of the government which explains the plans of the government for the renewal of infrastructure, education, economy, foreign diplomatics and the state itself. In this light the National Broadcasting Company "Radio ve Televizyon Türkmenbaycan" is transformed to "Türkkanal".

    President Kadèr Gurbuzyewa announced three weeks ago that, as sign of this national renewal, a new national flag will be adopted. This flag shall wave for the first time this evening at 6pm during the new national anthem. 


    flag of the State Turkmenbaijan from 24/07/2001
    until 24/07/2017

    The new flag of the State Turkmenbaijan consist of a vertical triband of light blue (hoist-side and fly-side) and white with the national emblem centered on the white band.
    The blue represents the European Union and the ethnic Turks where Turkmenbaijanis and Kyrzbeks are part of. The white represents the harmony between those two groups in Turkmenbaijan. The waxing crescent moon symbolizes the hope of the country for a shining future and the stars represent the four provinces and Arkhamnamabad-City of Turkmenbaijan. The olive branches symbolizes peace.

    new flag of the State Turkmenbaijan since 24/07/2017

    Designs which didn't make it:


    ARKHAMNAMABAD - The new flag of the State Turkmenbaijan which is in use since last monday has changed already. 'More Harmonious and calm in colors and shape' says the spokesman of the presidential cabinet.

    Flag in use since 24 july 2017.
    Flag after the last changes.



    ARKHAMNAMABAD - After the last elections of June, the election of mrs. Kadèr Gurbuzyewa as president of the State Turkmenbaijan and a strong coalition in the National Congress it seems that at the beginning of the new political year stability and serenity returned into Turkmenbaijan. But still, Turkmenbaijan faces challenges. Beside economy, the reforms of education and health care and a high unemployment rate it looks like climate change overthrows the avarage ´stuff´.

    For that the Turkmenbaijani government is looking to its boundaries to the West. The so-called region ´West-Turkmen´.
     With its mild climate, several important sources of diamonds and natural gaz and an aproximate culture and language appears West-Turkmen the perfect solution. The diamond and gaz industries of West-Turkmen would diversify the mining industries of Turkmenbaijan. The enlargement of those industries in Turkmenbaijan is fitting the government more than well. Today, Turkmenbaijan has already the biggest Uranium industry of the European Union.

    But how far is Turkmenbaijan willing to go? If the Southern european state wants to enlarge three options are available.
    First and foremost and the most likely negociations with the European Union. Than we have to pose the question: Is the EU willing to assign West-Turkmen to Turkmenbaijan and how will the other member states react on this demand?
    Secondly a referendum can be held by the authorities of West-Turkmen in which they ask their people if they want to unify with its ´big brother´ Turkmenbaijan. The authorities are in principle not against such referendum. A last possibility is the annexation of the territories of West-Turkmen by the State Turkmenbaijan. But this is the least popular choice.

    And how the Turkmenbaijani people think about this possible expension of their motherland? A smile and a convinced yes betrays their thoughts.



    SAFA, WEST-TURKMEN - Turkmenbaijani military troops has crossed the border with West-Turkmen this evening around six o'clock. That is to read in a short message of the West-Turkmen authority. Images of the cameras at the Turkmenbaijani - West-Turkmen border prove the military intervention.

    Last week an article appeared concerning an eventual expansion of the Turkmenbaijani soil. For that the government of Turkmenbaijan was looking to its West sides, the territorries of West-Turkmen. However, it remained remarkably quiet on the side of the government. Now it appears that they have been passed to further steps. The government would have the support of the entire National Congress; remarkable for such a devided country as Turkmenbaijan.

    Later more...

    West-Turkmen borders Turkmenbaijan in the East and Australia in the North. West-Turkmen is cultural related with Turkmenbaijan by history and language.

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