EuroVoice XXIX: Montreal, Miraco

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    Bonsoir et bienvenue au meilleur événement de la chanson de l'Europe "EuroVoice". Je suis votre présentateur Alexe Gaudreault! Good evening and welcome to Europe's premier music event "EuroVoice". I'm your host and last year's winner Alexe Gaudreault. After a long bidding process the city of Montreal finally secured the bid to host this prestigious event, and I can not be more proud to be here in my hometown hosting it! The Olympic Stadium in Montreal has been completely renovated in anticipation for tonight's event. I am also so excited to be announcing this year's theme "Masquerade"! For the first time ever, submissions to EV will be put in anonymously! We will experience a show of all the acts and will then vote our favourite to the finale where we will reveal the finalist countries!

    We are very excited to bring this first of it's kind EV. The Masquerade is of course a staple of Miracan history, the royal courts would frequently host these events to bring society together, and so we hope that we can also bring the best talents from Europe together by choosing this theme! So before we begin I will give you a little breakdown of our events tonight. We will begin by a performance by yours truly to open the show and we will then invite all the submissions to perform. After the votes have been closed and counted we will announce the finalists in the first of it's kind "EuroVoice" red carpet event. We will finish off by having all the finalists perform and then having the various nations awarding their points. Of course we will be doing that in both French and English, so repeat after me "Douze points pour Miraco. Twelve points for Miraco", that's a joke, though it would be much appreciated!

    I cannot wait to see what Europe has to offer us this year! Bonne soirée et bonne chance!

    Entry Rules: Please send in your entries to Angleter and Miraco. We also ask that you do not disclose your entry OOC

    Entry Format:

    Link: (a link to the song at Youtube, Vimeo or any other similar website)
    National Broadcaster:

    ENTRY DEADLINE IS 23:59 GMT, 06/11/16

    VOTING BEGINS AT 00:00 GMT 07/11/16


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    Good evening! We have our listings ready for the vote! Send in your votes and our final 6 will be announced at a red carpet event later on in the week! We look forward to having you all in Montreal!

    Please do not vote for your own country's entry. Vote by ranking the other entries, giving 12 points to your favourite entry, then 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and finally 1 point to your least favourite entry. Send your votes by PM to Miraco and Angleter.

    Confirmed Entries

    Boggess & Karimloo - Phantom of the Opera

    Foster the People - Houdini

    Katy B - What Love is Made of

    Robert Plant - Rainbow

    Charlotte Cardin - Faufile

    Seafret - Atlantis

    Culture Club - Karma Chameleon

    Marcus & Martinus - Elektrisk ft. Katastrofe

    Twenty One Pilots - Heathens

    Owen Campbell - Remember to Breathe

    Eric Saade - Sting

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    For the avoidance of doubt, the entrants, in alphabetical order, are:

    @Aalen @Angleter @Davishire @Duxburian-Union @Fremet @Gallambria @Halsberg @Miraco @Sitanova @Turkmenbaycan @The-United-Kingdom

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    Haggard and having grown a beard, Peter Montfort ascended to the stage.

    "So, at last, the big reveal - and the results! On the big screen behind me you will find out which entry came from which country - and who the winner was!"

    "Congratulations to Foster the People, from SITANOVA - winners of EV 29! I'd like to invite them to play their winning song. See you all in Sitanova for the 30th edition of EuroVoice, and the first of 2017!"

  • The Sitanovan Delegation wants to thank all of those who have us support, we will not forgive you. See you Next year in the 30th EV edition.


    Michael Ramsey

    Manager of Foster the People

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