In Regards to the Recent Pravoslaviyan Actions

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    31 December 2016

    To My Fellow Europeans:

    I had hoped to give an address to the European Union announcing the regional government's planned budget and to send my New Year's wishes to all of those who live in our fair Europe. That, however, has been put on hold. There is no doubt that you will have heard of the torpedo strike on a Kaasian refugee boat by the Pravoslaviyan government. My heart goes out to all of the victims of this act, of which there are no survivors. Our deepest condolences to the family members of those lost, whose hope of a better life rested on the shoulders of the people who have made the journey to other countries.

    We must look at ourselves at a time like this. The Dromund Kaas situation has gone on since 2012, and the European Union has not been made aware of the situation in Dromund Kaas beyond media reports in Angleter and the Duxburian Union, which have come inconsistently and with large intervals of time in between. That is an unacceptable blemish on the face of Europe. That's why I am announcing today that in the New Year, I urge the Council to ask the leadership of both nations about the status of Dromund Kaas and to demand that regular updates be provided so that we as a community can do our best to help the suffering humanity of the millions of trapped citizens. Unlike in my home nation, the United Kingdom, the choices in their life are far more dire. Instead of where to shop or what restaurant to go to, or where they want to go on holiday, their choice is either to try and survive as insurgent terrorist groups poison the minds of their youth, or risk everything to better their life in neighbouring countries like Pravoslaviya, Australia, Angleter, and the Duxburian Union, which many times risking death at sea.

    Our civilisation as a common European people rests on how we treat the most vulnerable in our society, and whether or not we do the right thing by all people. We have a choice to make as a region: do we allow this to continue with no attention or no care, or do we seek for solutions to these problems so that we can help the Kaasian people be restored to humanity. I know what my choice is. I challenge national governments and private citizens across Europe to make theirs.

    Helen Smith

    Premier Commissioner

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