Derectan Government - Dispatches

  • Minister Smith's last press conference

    "The last VZV infected patient was discharged today after month's battle against the disease. Sadly 1,115,573 Derectans have passed away due to complications. My thoughts prayers are with all their families. Now, it is time for me to leave. My service to this country has been ineffective and reckless. We should have known VZV was a critical threat and I'm the one responsible for this tragedy.  I now ask you all try and start resuming your lives and begin overcoming this dark period of our history. As I already announced, our Health Service will receive the Order of the Agathos Star, Knight Class, due to their remarkable service to our nation.

    I have little more to say other that I shall always feel guilty for what has happened this past month. May the rest of your lives be full of joy and fortune. 

    Prosperity through Progress!"

    The Hon. Helen Smith,

    Minister of Health and Public Services

  • The procedures to submit the Most Hon. Violet Leandros, Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Derecta and member for Dikaíoma, to a Motion of Confidence have begun.

    The plenary sessions which will decide if the Prime Minister remains in office or not are scheduled for next week, starting the 11th of September 2017 and ending the 13th of September 2017.

    The 1901-658-Jy Act on Prime Ministerial Succession determines deputy Prime Minister Carolina de la Torre-Ferrándiz, member for Dikaíoma, would succeed Prime Minister Leandros if Parliament voted for her dismissal. In the case she would turn down such duties, the next in line would be the Hon. Alfredo Valero, Minister of Foreign Affairs and member for Olympaseia.

    The 2017-788-Sp Act on the entry of the Federal Republic of Derecta in the Commonwealth of Nations has been approved by all of the parties with representation in the Senate and in Congress except the Socialist Party of Derecta. Thus, the treaty signed by the Most Hon. Violet Leandros, Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Derecta and member for Dikaíoma and the The Right Honourable Theresa May, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, is ratified and incorporated into the Derectan Law System.

    The British Monarch, however, will not become the Derectan Head of State, as provided in such treaty. 

    The 2017-787-Sp Act on Vaccination Calendars has officially been enforced in every hospital throughout the nation. This law provides new vaccination standards that will ensure a safer environment for our citizens and will help with our doctors' work preventing diseases. Every party has supported and voted for this legislation in the Senate, with the exception of some Derectan Popular Alliance Senators.

  • Government Report: 10th of September 2017

    Today, the new Minister of Health and Public Services has been appointed by Government, after HE Helen Smith, member for Olynthorion, resigned due to the VZV crisis. 

    From now on, the Hon. Benjamin Alistair, member for Aetherna, will run the Health Ministry. Mr. Alistair has been a Senator since 2003, having served in many commissions on social services, health and ecology. He is a member of the Derectan Popular Alliance. 

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has decided to reclassify Turkmebaijan as a safe country to visit, live in and do business with. Its recently elected government is stable enough for the Derectan Government to allow its citizens to return to the country. Charter flights are scheduled for Tuesday the 12th of September and will last until the 20th of September. They will be available for all Derectans who wish to return to their homes in Turkmenbaijan. 

    The Central Line, connecting the three Western capitals to Dikaíoma, has begun to be built. The Iasium-Dikaíoma line will be the first to be completed, in 2019, as this is currently the longest journey citizens have to make by train with the conventional lines.

    From now on, the Federal Patent and Trademarks Agency will be based in Olyria, Labrada, in an effort to decentralise the federal government. It will be located at 562 Smithson Ave.  Also, the Derectan High Education Commission will move to Poseidarnassus, Scheria, and will be at 5 Thalassa Sq.

  • The Motion of Confidence presented by the DPA/DDC parliamentary group against the Most Hon. Violet Leandros, Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Derecta and member for Dikaíoma has ended.

    The results have been as follows:

    1st Session 11th of September 2017:

    FOR the resigning of the Prime Minister:

    • DPA: 43
    • DDC: 13
    • SPD: 92
    • Libs: 56

    TOTAL: 204

    AGAINST the resigning of the Prime Minister:

    • DPA: 173
    • DDC: 43

    TOTAL: 216

    ABSTAIN votes:

    • DPA: 22
    • DDC: 8

    TOTAL: 30

    An absolute majority is not reached, the vote is postponed until the 13th of September.

    2nd Session 13th of September 2017:

    FOR the resigning of the Prime Minister:

    • DPA: 50
    • DDC: 12
    • SPD: 92
    • Libs: 56

    TOTAL: 210

    AGAINST the resigning of the Prime Minister:

    • DPA: 173
    • DDC: 51

    TOTAL: 224

    ABSTAIN votes:

    • DPA: 15
    • DDC: 1

    TOTAL: 16

    A simple majority is reached. Therefore, the Most Hon. Violet Leandros, Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Derecta and member for Dikaíoma will REMAIN in office.

     HE  Anna Schuttenbach,

    High Consul, Speaker of the Senate

  • The extraordinary Council of Ministers celebrated today has decided to establish the threat level at 3 out of 5, due to the recent reports of warnings in the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

    Derectan National Police officers will be deployed at every major monument, landmark and position crucial to the country (energy plants, hospitals...), and citizens are expected to report any suspicious activity, calling the emergencies number 112.

    We remind all citizens that there are currently 5 levels of threat assessment. 

    Level 1: Minimal threat 

    Level 2: Remote threat alert, police deployed at strategic points

    Level 3: Considerable threat alert, police deployed at every monument, landmark and crucial position

    Level 4: Critical threat alert, police assisted by the Armed Forces

    Level 5: Maximal threat alert, State of Exception, deployment of the Armed Forces all throughout the nation.

    The Hon. Sebastián Trujillo,

    Minister of Defence and Internal Affairs

  • Due to the recent terrorist attacks in the United Kingdom of Great Britain, the threat level in force in Derecta has been raised to level 4. This means the Armed Forces will be aiding the Derectan National Police force in their defence duties. 

    The Government and the People of Derecta wish to extend their most sincere condolences to the families of the victims and to all Britain. As a Commonwealth member, our country stands beside the United Kingdom against terrorism of all kinds.

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Derecta, with the support of the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Australian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, condemn the latest actions taken by the Turkmenbaijani armed forces in the so-called region of "West-Turkmen", unrecognised by our governments. Such actions in an unclaimed area of our region must not be tolerated by the European Union, and we demand that their imperialist stance ceases immediately. 

    Any further actions by Turkmenbaijan to acquire this territory will be met with sanctions from the United Kingdom, Derecta, and Australia, such as the ending of all commercial exchanges between Turkmenbaijan and Derecta.

  • The Special Ops Group of the Derectan National Police, following the investigations made by the British intelligence services, have arrested Thomas Payne, alias "Lord Gaal", alleged mastermind of the recent terrorist attacks in London.

    The raid, coordinated by the Derectan Homeland Security Agency, has resulted in the arrest of Mr. Payne and two other collaborators, who identify themselves as "Darth Kell" and "Darth Ceras" . 

    Mr. Payne had been on the list of potentially radicalised individuals since January 2017, but had never been considered as critically dangerous. It has been discovered he travelled at least 3 times to Britain in the past 6 months, using a Derectan refugee passport, allegedly meeting Mr. Jones and his accomplices, to set their strategy.

    Numerous weapons and homemade explosives have been seized during today's interventions. It is believed Mr. Payne and his collaborators were planning to perpetrate a simultaneous attack in front of the Senate, in Dikaíoma's Nobilis District. Also, Sithian manifestos and various hard-drives filled with adepts' data and militaristic propaganda. This material will be sent to the British authorities for further enquiries.

    Now, the Derectan Ministry of Foreign Affairs will debate whether Mr. Payne and his accomplices are extradited to the United Kingdom or prosecuted by the Derectan justice.

  • Republic no longer "Federal"

    As of today, the official denomination of the Derectan state shall be "the Republic of Derecta" or "the Derectan Republic" and will adopt the form of a unitary state, divided in regions. It has recently been voted by the Houses of Parliament to re-centralise government and eliminate the current federal administrations. The central government will be unaffected by this change. The return to a regional-based form of state is meant to cut government spending by half during the next decade.  

  • Dikaíoma, Derecta - 30/06/2018

    We thank all Member States for the warm welcome back to the European Union, and congratulate the Stuart Commission on taking the lead of the Union after the inactive Ricchetti Commission. We shall work thoroughly with our allies to continue improving the life conditions of all Europeans and hope new ties can be built with our Union's new additions. 

    We also invite any nation that has currently no diplomatic representation in Derecta to submit a petition here:

    The Most Hon. Violet Leandros,

    Prime Minister of the Republic of Derecta

  • Deputy P.M. de la Torre-Ferrándiz stepping down

    Henotes Palace, Dikaíoma 11/07/2018

    Former Prime Minister and current deputy Head of Government, Carolina de la Torre-Ferrándiz, has announced today her intentions to resign from her various posts, including her seat in the Senate and the presidency of the DPA.

    The Hon. Carolina de la Torre-Ferrándiz, Senator for Dikaíoma since 1998 and former Minister of Defence and Internal Affairs has dedicated her whole proffessional life to politics and public service, since she exited Dikaíoma School of Political Sciences with a Masters degree on Governmental Administration of the Armed Forces.

    Mrs. de la Torre-Ferrándiz has thanked her team and collaborators for their hard work over the past two years and the Derectan people, for having made her the winner of the 2017 Senatorial Elections. However, she has yet to give an explanation as to why she has decided to leave Henotes Palace, and the political life altogether, although it is believed it has to do with her party's loss of confidence in her leadership.

    She will be replaced by former Premier Commissioner and E.U. Councillor Dame Viviana Ricchetti, a prominent leader of the DPA and possible future candidate to regain the prime ministership for her party. 

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