EuroVoice 30th Edition: Saint Peter and Saint Paul City, Sitanova

    • Country: Sitanova
    • Artist: Ed Sheeran
    • Song: Castle on The Hill
    • Link: (a link to the song at Youtube, Vimeo or any other similar website) Castle on the Hill
    • National Broadcaster: EuroChannel

  • Admin

    Country: The United Kingdom of Great Britain
    Artist: Jonathan Ansell and Hayley Westenra
    Song: Un giorno per noi (A Time for Us) from "Romeo and Juliet"
    National Broadcaster: BBC

  • Country: Furukawa
    Artist: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
    Song: Fashion Monster
    National Broadcaster: Imperial News Network (INN)

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    Country: Angleter
    Artist: Katie Melua
    Song: Dreams on Fire 
    National Broadcaster: Sirion TV

  • Country: Wedges
    Artist: Rikki
    Song: Suteki Da Ne

    National Broadcaster: Wedge Media

  • Country: Kingdom of Auben

    Artist: Maria Shauble Von Dapsler
    Song: Elements
    National Broadcaster: Aubenlich Ubargadanlich Korpsen (AUK) (or Aubenian Broadcasting Corporation)

  • Country: Republique Libanaise
    Artist: Aline Lahoud
    Song: Khedni Maak

    National Broadcaster: Télé Liban

  • Country: Kingdom of Fremet

    Artist: Seeed
    Song: Augenbling
    National Broadcaster: Fremetian Broadcasting Union

  • Admin

    Country: Duxburian Union    
    Artist: Lukas Graham
    Song: 7 Years
    National Broadcaster: DTV

  • Admin

    The window for entries has now closed. The entries are as follows:

    Turkmenbaijan - Ayumi, Hey-La
    Derecta - Chet Faker, Gold
    Sitanova - Ed Sheeran, Castle on the Hill
    United Kingdom - Jonathan Ansell and Hayley Westenra, Un Giorno per Noi
    Furukawa - Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Fashion Monster
    Angleter - Katie Melua, Dreams on Fire
    Wedges - Rikki, Suteki Da Ne
    Auben - Maria Shauble von Dapsler, Elements
    Liban - Aline Lahoud, Khedni Maak
    Fremet - Seeed, Augenbling
    Duxburian Union - Lukas Graham, 7 Years

    To vote, rank all the entries except your own, giving 12 points to your favourite, 10 points to your second favourite, then 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and finally 1 point for your least favourite entry. Please send your votes by PM to both @Angleter (me) and @Sitanova. You have until 23.59 GMT on 23rd February to send your votes in.

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