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  • Commission Town Hall 2017

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    Hello and welcome to Icholasen. My name is Stephanie DeVey and I run the Sunday Politics show on Icholasen's NBC network. We are here in Saint Regina's Town Hall, a stunning old building that has been overrun with the city's skyscrapers. It now stands as a reminder of Saint Regina's history in the middle of its sprawling metropolis - and it still serves a purpose today as this city's town hall. But today we are focused on grilling Dame Viviana Ricchetti, who has posed her candidature for the Premier Commissioner. Many greats have yearned for this position, such as a certain famous Nicoleizian, Eilidh Whiteford. However, this is Dame Ricchetti's night tonight and I suppose we should get onto the grilling.

    Firstly, you are an EPA candidate, what, if anything, will you do to further what has been accomplished last term?

  • "First of all, let me thank you for having me here this night and say hi to all of the people that have supported me over the past years and have helped me get to this stage. Without them, I wouldn't be sitting here right now. Also, I would like to thank especially my mentor, late PM Entrialgo. Wherever you are, you will always have a place in my heart."

    "Let's get to it. I truly think that Premier Smith's term was one of the most difficult any premier has had to deal with in a long time. The Pravoslaviya event has shaken our region and has brought up deep concerns about the stability and usefulness of most E.U. institutions. But great things have been accomplished during last term, like the setting of 2017's E.U. budget. I just want to keep up with these great achievements."

    "One of the main goals my Commision will have is the ending of the Kaasian War. I find it quite deplorable that after 5 years, this conflict hasn't been put to an end. And be careful, I'm not saying that the coalition sent to Dromund Kaas is useless, I really appreciate what they have been doing in the country and their current actions, but wouldn't it be superb that all of these soldiers came back home to their families and children, not forgetting that the Kaasian people would finally be freed from the horrors of war?"

    "As a councillor, I proposed the idea of setting up a E.U. run provisional government in Dromund Kaas, until the country's situation were arranged. be sure I'll be proposing this measure to the Council as soon as I'm elected."

  • This is from Michelle Landry, 24, from London:

    "We have seen the Commission be reformed and while Premier Smith has made some accomplishments and has certainly made everything more orderly than the chaos of uncertainty that came before it, Europe has always had difficulty with Commissions starting strong and ending with inactivity. What will you do to ensure that your running mates, and even you, will stay active. I know that the United Kingdom is not alone in the feeling of wasting our tax monies on inactivity and ultimately very shaky and unstable government at the European level."

  • "That is a very interesting question. We want to focus on the future, on the hard task that awaits, but I am aware of this problem. I assure you my cabinet will remain active from Day 1 until the time I have to pass the baton."

    "We in Derecta have also been concerned by the recent inactivity of E.U institutions, reaching the point where we too thought our taxes and contributions were wasted, but I truly believe a new era of cooperation between nations is just about to start, and I'm not saying this because this is my term, but because it is the time to stand against our issues and deal with them together."

    "Thank you Miss Landry for expressing your concerns."

  • From Edward Firoux, Inquistan Councillor:

    "You are succeeding a line of reformist Commissions. The Whiteford Commission oversaw the reform of Europarties, while the Emerett Commission oversaw the reform of the Commission itself, and the Smith Commission looks to be leaving a legacy of judicial reform for European Court of Justice. Will you be following this tradition of reform for Europe's political institutions? As someone who has pushed for reforms to make the European Council more democratically accountable, I would like to hear your thoughts on the matter.

    Secondly, I am glad to see an EPA candidate take to the field. I am putting faith in you to uphold and push for progressive values. But, in an era where refugees are literally being torpedoed to death, will you show enough resolve to actually get the Commission to actively perform its duties as the executive branch, such as upholding the standards of the UDoHR?"

  • "Well, I think it is too early to think about what i want to change or not, but what I do think has to be overhauled is our Constitution. It leaves so many things unclear that we should all collaborate to turn it into what it should be: our regional Magna Carta. We should also limit ECoJ's power by doing so, due to its practically unlimited power, and probably bring back and even create some well needed commissions, even if they don't have the same responsibilities as Internal and External."

    "Concerning the migrant crisis we're experiencing, I also proposed during my term as councillor that an EU run provisional government be set in Dromund Kaas, when the Coalition of the Willing finish their job there, which I hope will be soon."

    "See you in Europolis Edward!"

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