EuroVoice 30th Edition Results

  • EUROVOICE 3OTH EDITION: Saint Peter and Saint Paul City (Final Results)

    After a short wait, the three members of foster the people went on stage

    " Hello Europe! thank you very much for your wait, this night we have on our hands the final results of what has been a memorable event!"- " And so the winner is ( The big screen presents the final results)"

    " Congrats to our Chet Faker from our dearest neighbors Derecta! The winners of this 30th edition!, we now invite them to play, see you all in Derecta for the 31st edition!"

  • "We thank every nation that voted us to be the best in Eurovision XXX. Without you, this wouldn't be happening right now. This is our first Eurovision ever and we never thought we would win against such experienced countries. I will let Nick here say some few words"

    "Thank you all for voting my song "Gold" as best song in this contest. But I would like to share this prize with many other people. First of all, with every contestant in this edition. All of your songs were great! Then, with my family, friends and all Derectans who have followed me for the past year. And last, but not least, with every single Kaasian refugee, boy, girl, woman or man, this prize is for you!

    DBCA President Anthony Lescaut and Nick Murphy (Chet Faker)

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