Eurovoice XXXI: Dikaíoma, Derecta

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    Nation: Microstate of Inquista

    Artist: Birdy

    Song (title and link): Wings

    Broadcaster: IBC

  • Nation: Gallambria

    Artist: Aurora

    Song (title and link): Teardrop

    Broadcaster: GBC


    New song: the magician ft. Julian Perretta - too tied up

  • Nation: Icholasen

    Artist: Isleym

    Song (title and link): Song

    Broadcaster: NBC

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    Nation: Miraco

    Artist: Yvan Pedneault

    Song (title and link): Au bout de nous (link to EV Entry)

    Broadcaster: Téléviseurs Miraco

  • Nation: The Kingdom of Fremet

    Artist: Alex Diehl

    Song (title and link): Nur ein Lied

    Broadcaster: Fremetian Broadcasting Commission

  • Entries are now officially CLOSED.


  • Official playlist of Eurovoice XXXI!

    To vote, rank all the entries except your own, giving 12 points to your favourite, 10 points to your second favourite, then 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and finally 1 point for your least favourite entry.

    Please send your votes to @Angleter and @Derecta (me) before the 8th of June.

    Then, shortly after, results will be revealed.

    Let Eurovoice XXXI begin!

  • A- "Bonsoir, Good evening Europe and welcome back to the Dikaíoma "Arcadia Bank" Arena for the Eurovoice XXXI final! I'm Andrew Ortega..."

    P- "...and I'm Petra Gustaffson! Tonight, we will be revealing the results of this edition of Eurovoice."

    A- "But before, please welcome... Chet Faker, EVXXX's winner!!!"

    P- "Now, it's time to reveal the points each artist received."

    A- "And the winner is...."

    A&P- "Isleym and her  Petit Bateau! 

    P- " Congratulations to the winner and to Icholasen. We now invite her up on stage so she can perform her song."

    A- "We hope you had a great time here in Dikaíoma and expect to see you at Eurovoice XXXII in Icholasen!"

    P- "Good evening Europe, and don't stop loving!"


  • (Isleym takes to the stage, draped in the flag of Icholasen)

    Hello Europe!! I would just like to thank you, the people of Europe for this opportunity! I would also like to thank Derecta for hosting this wonderful event, this show has been one of the best there's been! I'd also like to thank the DBCA and Anthony Lescaut for running such a lovely competition - truly at the heart of the European community. But most of all, I would like to thank my friend and mentor, the Minister of Eurovoice, Paloma Faith. 

    (Paloma takes to the stage, also draped in the flag of Icholasen)

    It's truly a great day to be a Nicoleizian, and a European!! Icholasen has struggled for many long years to get here. Under my reforms, we cut the fat, and managed to win! Other than a robbery here and there, I believe this is the first time Icholasen really deserved to win. We celebrated diversity, along with all of our European leaders, and as leader of our Eurovoice division, I'd also like to extend my gratitude to the organisers at DBCA!! 

    (Both now, holding their flags up in the air and they waved (due to the fortunately placed wind machine)) 


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