EPA Chairman Nominations, April 2017

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    Despite stepping down as members of the Executive Caucus, I would like to clarify that Eilidh Whiteford and I did not withdraw from the European Progressive Alliance. I am saddened that our absence has seemingly left the caucus paralyzed, and I am further saddened by the state of the European Council following our absence. Much of our work has been eroded. If there was ever a time for action, it is now. I am confident that with a restoration of leadership, that this caucus can be brought back to life. While there is a lot of work to be done, I know it can be achieved. However, as times change, so do demands for leadership.

    Those interested in becoming our new Caucus Chairman should fill out the form below. Only caucus members with full membership are eligible to be nominated. Our current caucus membership roster can be found here.

    Candidate name:
    [Photograph of Candidate]
    Home Nation:
    National Party Affiliation:

    Nominations will be accepted until 08:00 GMT, April 20th 2017.

    A formal debate shall then be hosted following the nomination period. The debate will be hosted in Europolis and will be moderated by Edward Firoux.

  • Candidate Name: Ms. Devayani Chakpram

    Home Nation: Commonwealth of Gallambria

    National Party Affiliation: Gallambrian Labor Party

    • Born March 1979
    • Education:
      • Bachelor of Arts (International Relations) / Bachelor of Arts (Political Science) - University of Bromwich (Graduated, with Honours. 2000)
      • Masters of International Relations and Political Science - The Royal College (Graduated 2004)
    • Experience:
      • Intern - Central Europe Affairs Office, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (2005-2006)
      • Junior Advisor - Eastern Europe Affairs Office, DFAT (2007)
      • Senior Advisor - Policy and International Law, DFAT (2008 - 2012)
      • First Secretary, Policy, Gallambrian Diplomatic Service, (2013-16)
      • Member of Parliament (2016 - Current)

  • Candidate name: Julian Maverick
    Resultado de imagen de Gabriel Wikström
    Home Nation: Federal Republic of Derecta
    National Party Affiliation: Derectan Popular Alliance
    Biography: Julian Maverick (born 21 February 1985) is a Derectan politician of the DPA. He has been Secretary of State for Scientific Development in the  since 2014.
    Maverick started his career in the Popular Youth League in Laodacia (Sumanem) in 2006. He was a member of the national executive board of the youth league from 2007 to 2011 and national chairman from 2011 until being appointed Secretary of State in 2014.
    One of his key proposals as Secretary of State has been the government funding of bio-engineering, which has become one of Derecta's greatest industries over the past years.

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