EPA Chairman Debate, April-May 2017

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    Welcome to the April 2017 EPA Chairman Leadership debate.

    Thank you for joining us live. My name is Edward Firoux and I will moderate this debate tonight.

    Since resigning as the Caucus Chairman myself, in mid October last year, this caucus has been in a leadership crisis. In a time when human rights abuses and atrocities are being made under the noses of our European institutions, and our Constitution finds itself being constantly undermined, the European Union needs a progressive voice more than ever. Coming together under the banner of a new leader is the first step in this right direction. Tonight, two contenders for leadership will make their case as to why they seek to lead Europe's only pro-European caucus.

    Please welcome our nominees, Councillors Devayani Chakpram of Gallambria and Julian Maverick of Derecta.


    Ms. Devayani Chakpram is Councillor Pro Tem for Gallambria, while the Gallambrian Councillor Ordinary will be seeking nomination for Commissioner for Foreign Affairs. Despite this, Ms. Chakpram is a distinguished nominee in her own right, as she has substantial experience as a foreign policy adviser to the Gallambrian Government. Recently, too, Ms. Chakpram has been elected as a Labor MP to Gallambrian Parliament. Councillor Chakpram's vast foreign policy expertise makes her a strong candidate for Caucus Chairman.


    Mr. Julian Maverick is the Councillor for Derecta and has also been the Derectan Secretary of State for Scientific Development since 2014. Councillor Maverick has been involved in politics all his life, kicking off his career within the Popular Youth League at the age of 21. Councillor Maverick's vast parliamentary experience and youthful outlook make him a strong candidate for Caucus Chairman.


    Before we begin, I would like to remind viewers at home to send me questions for our candidates tonight. I will have my own questions that I will present to the candidates myself, as well as questions from our Caucus colleagues, and from you at home. Thank you.

    Now, good evening, candidates. Before we get to our first round of questions, you shall each now have the opportunity to make an opening statement regarding your vision for the future of the Caucus and what policies you would like to see implemented within the European Council.

  • "Goodnight everyone, my name is Julian Maverick and I'm the councillor replacing Dame Ricchetti while she's serving as Prime Commissioner. I presented myself for EPA chairman due to a strong belief my party and I have about this great Europarty. We believe Europe can only thrive thanks to the EPA's guiding hand, and, as we have recently seen, it seems were walking in the right direction. The Commission is entirely composed by EPA members, which will give us the power to make a real change in Europe."

    "Regarding the polices that I would like to see implemented by our Council, the recent amendments and bills proposed by members of this caucus seem perfect to me. I really do hope we all take advantage of the Commission's current situation and manage to implement them on our Constitution."

    "i want to be your Chairman, not because I seek a position of power, but to serve you all the best I can and turn the EPA into a great party."

    "I am glad our party has finally gotten rekindled, but we still have a lot of work to do until we really are what we have to be: Europe's future."

  • Thank you Councillor Maverick.

    Mr Firoux, members of the Caucasus. Firstly, I would like to extend my nations thanks to Mr Firoux for his service as Caucus chairman.

    Over the last year, I have seen the European Union slip into obscurity and irrelevance. I have seen, the protection of her people become a second thought, where those in a position of responsibility totally disregard the sanctity of human life.

    If appointed as Chairman of the EPA caucus, I will push for the European Council to initiate reforms covering a range of areas, including the European Court of Justice and our Humanitarian and Disaster response.

    Thank you.

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    Thank you for your brilliant opening statements, Councillors.

    A question for both of you: since you are both temporary Councillors in place of your Councillors Ordinary, what will happen to you and your position when the current Commission term ends? Will you resign as Councillor and as our Caucus Chairman, or will you keep your position until the end of your term as our Chairman?

    Councillor Maverick, you say you want to take advantage of having a full EPA Commission. What do you mean by this and what do you hope to achieve more specifically in terms of legislation?

    Councillor Chakpram, your reformist nature makes you are surefire EPA caucus member, but how would you aim to pass reformist policies within a fractured and polarising Council?

  • Thank you Mr Chairman,

    To address your first question, the Councillor-Ordinary, along with the Minister for Foreign Affairs and myself have been in discussion in regards to this 'conundrum', and Lady Bostwick-Smythe made her intentions clear that she will be retiring at the end of her term as Commissioner for Foreign Affairs, where I will be then appointed as Councillor-Ordinary for the Commonwealth of Gallambria.

    To regards to your second question, when you refer to the state of the European Council as 'polarised and fractured', I would dare say you wouldn't find a councillor here who would disagree with you. My aim for uniting not only the caucus of the EPA, but the Council as well, is to unite the party and the council body on topics that not only the EPA strongly advocate, but as well as the independents and the other parties of the Euro Council. Along with our individual nations, the Euro Council is no stranger to political polarisation and disparity. We must advocate for our causes, not only internally, but with other nations that could support our manifested ideals and goals for the region.

    As chairwoman of the caucus, I will make it my first task to overhaul the processes in which, we, the party, submit and lobby legislation. A common procedure for the submission of potential legislation is a much needed instrument for our party to be an effective leader not only in the region, but the world!

    Thank you.

  • "Thank you, Councillors Chakpram and Firoux

    I'd love to stay here in Europolis as much as I can, Dame Ricchetti herself has told me she'll be taking a stronger role in Derectan politics after the end of her term, so I think I'll be around for a while -smile- Anyway, if elected, I shan't resign when the Ricchetti Commission ends.

    An EPA Commission means stability, progress and change. After all, we ought to be Europe's changing wind. We have to accomplish this by integrating every member in the reform of our institutions.

    Europe has known a period of stagnation in terms of institutional ineffectiveness for too long, and we should be changing this right away.

    The minute this Commission starts its duty, I shall be the first to push for changes such as the establishment of a European Standard Health Service Network, a sub-commission of Constitutionality, that would be able to judge our actions as respectful towards our Magna Carta, or the creation of an International Education program, going from kindergarten level until university/college.

    EPA is the only tool we have to overcome this polarised and fractured Europe we're living in. let's use it the right way.

    Thank you all for your attention"

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    Thank you once again Councillors for your answers.

    Finally, should either of you become the Chairman of the EPA, you will also be tasked with forming the executive of our caucus. Do either of you have any specific plans for how you wish to run the caucus? Anything you would like to see changd internally?

  • "Our most active members should be called to form part of our caucus. We mustn't fall into the depths of irrelevance once again.

    If I were elected, I would, without any doubt, ask Councillor Chakpram to form part of our executive body.

    Running the caucus is a difficult task, but I am going to do my best to make the EPA Europe's true solution.

    Internally, we would have to celebrate a meeting by which we decide what to change and what can stay as it is. This ought to be a consensus between all members

    Thank you all"

  • Thank you Mr Chairman, and thank you Councillor Maverick for your vote of confidence.

    When we talk about repairing and rebuilding a broken caucus, it usually comes at a time when change needs to happen. To bring these changes about from a pipe-dream into reality, we need need to fix the problems that have become cancerous within the party. Both the Party and the European Council have serious problems and we need serious people to fix them. Like going to AA, fixing poor governance can only happen when the Party realises that it has a problem. As Chairwoman of the Caucus, the people I appoint to the Executive, must have that desire to fix the problems, not by themselves, and not in great strides, but as a team, and addressing every problem individually.

    As outlined in my previous response, there will be changes made to the Caucus. These changes will be aimed at improving the effectiveness of the caucus.

    Thank you.

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    Thank you for those final remarks, Councillors. I also thank you for participating in tonight's discussion, and for sharing your vision for our caucus' future. I am confident in the future leadership of the EPA.

    Finally, I'd also like to thank those at home for watching this discussion tonight. If there is one thing that I know I can speak on behalf of my fellow Councillors, it's that we do what we do in Europolis for all of you. Continued faith in the EPA and in a stronger, more united Europe, keeps us truly going.

    Thank for for tuning in... and good night!

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