[OOC] The Future of the Region: An Important Discussion

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    Hi all,

    You'll probably have noticed by now that our region has been passworded for many weeks. The immediate threat which prompted the original passwording has subsided, but the wider problem of defending the region remains. Right now, protecting the region requires vast amounts of effort from @Duxburian-Union in particular, and while our region is considerably better-defended than in the past, we're still having to rely on passwording or support from defender groups to keep raiders out. As a large, founderless region, we're a major target - and the raiders only have to be lucky once. Obviously, permanent passwording also means we can't recruit.

    The more eagle-eyed among you might have also noticed that we now also control The European Union, and the simplest long-term option would be to move to TEU and make that our main home. We would finally get the protection of a founder (Duxburian Union), thus ensuring our long-term security. It's not a decision I, or anyone else, would want to take lightly, but I've come around to the belief that it's the best course of action. It would, of course, allow us to keep the option of trying to refound European Union at a later date and moving back.

    Moving to TEU would also allow us to enhance, and sort out in general, the gameplay side to the region. As anyone who's been here for a while knows, the overwhelming majority of the NS region never gets involved in the RP. This region currently has little to offer them, and no real means of leading them towards the RP. Other RPing regions have much better roads leading people from inactivity to their RPs, and by moving to TEU, we would be able to build some of those roads in our own community.

    Take, for instance, the WA delegacy, which could become an elected position. We could have votes on WA proposals, for example. We could have regional officers with real responsibilities, like writing dispatches to keep the wider region informed of what's going on in the RP, rather than just having them there to expend influence on banjecting potential raiders. We could, indeed, finally clearly delineate between RP and gameplay responsibilities (take, for instance, the Foreign Affairs Commissioner's job, which if anything is mostly gameplay), and that could in turn allow for a new range of elected positions.

    In short, I believe the best way for our region to achieve its true potential in the months and years to come is to move to TEU. There's a great opportunity here, and I'd like to formally propose it to you all. Any thoughts, questions, queries, and comments would be very much welcome.

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    I welcome the move and endorse it. Being someone who has no idea what the heck goes on in the GP aspect of NationStates, I'm trusting everyone else who is in the know to make the informed decision for the security, longevity and happiness of our region.

  • Does this mean we have to move as soon as possible? (No problem if we have to)

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    It's not necessary to move immediately, but the sooner we do move, the sooner we can start recruiting and so on.

  • Done.

  • How many time do we get to think about it?

  • I honestly don't mind. Having a founder would be nice, no one likes raiders.

  • just moved my puppet there. Not quite ready to move my main nation --Aleutia-- there yet. I've been around European Union for at least 8 years, back when the Soviet Union was still active and having to resurrect Aleutia at least 3 times haha. But if that's what must be done for the continuation of this community then we'll have to move on with it.

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    OK, I'm going to kick off a VOTE on this now. Vote starts now and ends at 23.59 GMT on May 3rd.

    I vote FOR moving.

  • I vote YES!

  • I vote FOR

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    I vote FOR it, darling.

  • Aye.

  • Onawrds to new horizons! (I vote FOR

  • Since I'm already there, I vote For (obvs)

  • Vote for

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    I vote FOR moving (with some obvious pro-move bias, but hey, I think it could be a big opportunity to grow this region back up again).

  • Wouldn't it mean we would lose a lot of our regional history?

  • Also will this decision be made based on the votes of this thread? Because I am assuming not many people will see it.

  • Sorry for all the posts. Idk there seem to be plenty of founderless regions who are doing well and not needing to password. Have we really considered all options?