Spring 2017 Maintenance

  • I'm aware that Miraco has been busy, but when you get a chance, please look into fixing some bugs with the forum chat and WYSIWYG post editor. The forum chat hasn't worked for me in many months, and the Bold button on the editor stopped working, too. The editor has been a bit glitchy overall, so I have to go into the HTML mode to fix things manually.

    For Angleter: Can we get a new section made for Gameplay forums? I'm thinking a WA Delegate's section where we can vote on the delegate, World Assembly section where we can vote on WA and SC resolutions, a section for the European Defense Force, maybe a News section where interested players can work on dispatches, GP forum posts, etc.

  • Moderator

    Are we sure we want to call the new sub-forum "Gameplay", or do we want to name it something that is congruent with how we currently RP in the region? A name such as "EU Foreign Affairs" might be more apt.

  • It ultimately doesn't matter what it's called, as long as players are able to figure out what they can do there. EU Foreign Affairs would be ok, as long as diplomats don't get confused on where their embassies are located. Actually, we might just want to move the embassy section there, too.

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