Announcement: Topic Tags

  • Admin

    Alright folks, we have had this mess today with insults. Currently this will be the official admin line, concerning a few things, as seen in the following:

    • Cussing/swearing: It is entirely acceptable in in-character situations, but off-character swearing should be avoided at all costs. It is mandatory for you to add tags (as seen below) if your topic includes too much swearing.

    • Mature and semi-mature role plays: They are going to be allowed, on the rule that the appropriate tag (see below) is added. Otherwise, it might be censored, deleted or edited by the administration.

    • Other offensive material: We don't recommend offensive material in posts in general, unless with a relevant tag. Certain content (such as pornographic pictures or excess and raw violence) is discouraged to be posted altogether. If you want to post something, please link to the image rather than posting it in bare sight.The following tags should be used, found in either Topic Titles or Topic Descriptions:

    • [Hardcore] or [H]: This denotes that there is excess use of vulgar language in this topic, or there is excess violence.

    • [Mature] or [M]: Found in mature roleplaying, such as involving the description of 'affectionate moments' between two characters, excess amounts of violence, erotic (but not pornographic) pictures, etc. (You can choose between the [H] and [M] tags when it comes to violence.)

    • [Offensive] or [O]: Potentially offensive material, such as racist content (for roleplaying purposes) and the like.If a player finds an unmarked topic as fitting on the above categories, please post here and the Admins will evaluate the case and potentially raise the relevant tag if deemed necessary.