Amendment to the Constitution: European Assembly Act (2017)

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    Oh Dame Ricchetti how you patronise me, once again not understanding defamation and gaslighting me publicly. I doubt the sincerity of a lot of what you have said and now worry we as councillors are merely taking part in a rubber stamping exercise for your will. It sounds like this debate has already been discussed behind close doors when you point to me being outnumbered, I am not satisfied as to how this new level of bureaucracy is accountable and democratic and what decision making powers it will have. If you want democracy then I ask you this: why not call for all councillors to be democratically elected? why not demand your position be voted on by the citizens and not councillors where is this true reform? If we are having a surplus then return the money to the people not sitting on it and coming up with new ideas to play with. Many fine politicians in your position have been true democrats back through history, not introduced any policy or legislation and let the council make decisions.  

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    Are we here to debate this proposal, or the merits of the Legislative Powers Amendment of 2016?

    Cllr Gisela Stuart

  • I think the possibility of forcing member states to have their Councillors elected has been debated in the past, such proposal having been submitted by the Inquistan Councillor. Fortunately, it was deemed too federalist, as it would turn this Council into a European Parliament, and was rejected. That would mean countries with large populations would be over-represented, and countries such as my own, would be mere specks of dust in the Council. The people electing the Premier Commissioner would present the same problem. The Premier Commissionership would always fall upon the big Member States.

    Now, don't start categorising and saying that I have this Council under my foot. Please, do not interpret consensus as submission, Cllr. Norreport.

    Cllr. Stuart, my intention was to debate this proposal, but it has been turn into a debate about whether my office is democratic or not. I, personally, shall cease answering the never-ending concerns of Cllr Norreport, for the good of this chamber and the fluidity of this process.

    Dame Viviana Ricchetti,

    Premier Commissioner


  • If you give me the permission premier councillor, I would like to go back on the actual debate: the amendment.

    Thank you.

    Mrs. Esnith Annayewa, Cllr of Turkmenbaijan

  • Commissioner and fellow Councillors,

    Before we return to the debate of the matter at hand. 

    I wish to make a motion to have the Councillor for Os Corelia removed from the chamber for the duration of this debate, on the principle of disorderly conduct, in each he attempted to ursurp the rights and privelages of the members of this consitutionally elected executive. Such behaviour is not welcomed within this chamber, nor within this organisation.

  • Premier Councillor, I beg you to bring back the serenity in this house. There was a disagreement with councillor Norreport but a demand of exclusion for this debate is misplaced as well. Please return to the issue: the amendment. This is not the way how I want to work.

  • Councillor Annayewa, one thing is my right to propose legislation, and another are powers limited to the Speaker. It is not under my prerogative to moderate this debate or to judge on whether Cllr. Norreport should continue being part of such or not. I leave you Councillors to discuss those issues.

    I shall not make any further comments until the dates I provided for the debating. Thank you.

    Dame Viviana Ricchetti,

    Premier Commissioner


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    May the Councillor of Gallambria be minded that I am within my right to be critical of and cross examine legislation, just because you are a stooge of the premier ready to rubber stamp her legislation doesn't mean you can kick me out for trying to protect my fellow Corelian's money from being wasted on a vanity legacy project. How dare you try and affront democracy by kicking me out of the chamber, shame on you for being anti-democratic just because you don't agree with what I say. 

  • Having reached the deadline I provided for the proposal of amendments to this proposal, I hereby declare such procedure open.

    Dame Viviana Ricchetti,

    Premier Commissioner

    (OOC: Thanks for the waiting and understanding guys.)

  • I propose this debate is postponed until the next Speaker and deputy Speaker are appointed.

    Dame Viviana Ricchetti,

    Premier Commissioner

  • I urge the Speaker to schedule the reopening of this debate as soon as possible.

    Dame Viviana Ricchetti,

    Premier Commissioner

  • Admin

    I believe that the discussion that previously was held on the subject of this constitutional amendment was inadequate, therefore I open the floor to the further debate of this legislative proposal for 48 hours. '

    The debate period will end on 16 September at 03:30 UTC. 

    If there are proposed amendments, voting on amendments will end on 18 September at 03:30 UTC.

    Voting will commence from that moment until 21 September at 03:30 UTC

  • "Although I can see this proposal is sincere and aims to bring our nations closer together, the Imperial government of Inimicus fails to see what this European Assembly would add to the structures already in place within our Union. We have a Council, which deliberates on central, regional issues, and we have a Commission, which enacts and enforces decisions made on these issues. I would kindly ask for an explanation as to what specifically would be different in terms of authority and powers between the Assembly and the Council, as, if there are too few, an Assembly would merely mean more layers of European administration and bureaucracy."

    Cllr Alexander Strathclyde

  • Cllr Strathclyde, the Assembly has been conceived to establish the basis of a European-wide gathering of Heads of State/ Government.

    Up until now, our leaders have never had the chance to meet and discuss about the Union's state, which, I think, would have helped avoid situations like the Kaasian/Pravoslaviyan crisis, or the recent instablity in Turkmenbaijan, which caused Derecta, the United Kingdom and Gallambria to withdraw their citizens from the country.

    The Assembly's sole "power" would be to propose the guidelines of European politics. The ensemble of HoS/G would express their desires and concerns about the Union, and the Council and Commission would choose whether to react or not to these issues.

    The Assmebly would not entail complex bureaucratic procedures, it would simply be an advisory body, under Council's prerogatives.

    Dame Viviana Ricchetti,

    Premier Commissioner

  • Mrs. Premier Commissioner,

    I want to underline that even we do have a new government in Turkmenbaijan the vision on this amendment hasn't changed. I genuinely believe in this way of working as well my government. Thank you.

    Mr. Saparmyrat Ogenyazow,
    Councillor for the State Turkmenbaijan

  • As no amendments have been proposed, I do believe voting on this Constitutional amendment is now open.

    In the name of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Artabanos of Inimicus, I, Alexander Strathclyde, vote AGAINST this proposal.

  • On behalf of the Federal Republic of Derecta, I vote FOR this proposal.

    HE Julian Maverick,

    Councillor for the Federal Republic of Derecta

  • on behalf of the State Turkmenbaijan, I vote FOR this amendment.

    Mr. Saparmyrat Ogenyazow

  • Admin

    With two votes FOR and one vote AGAINSTthis amendment has passed.

  • May the European Council amend the Constitution as soon as possible, in order to assign the next presidencies of the European Assembly.

    Dame Viviana Ricchetti,

    Premier Commissioner

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