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    We should move on this soon, as the region isn't looking so good now.  Who else has feedback?

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    Here's some ideas:

    New RP/GP offices to be created

    • I.World Assembly Delegate
    • II.Commander of Eurocorps
    • III.European Union Security Council
    • IV.Founder

    The WAD will be elected by the region every four months, in line with Commission/ECoJ elections. There will be no term limits. If the office becomes vacant, a by-election shall be held to fill the rest of the term.

    They will be responsible for casting votes in the WA General Assembly and Security Council, in line with processes to be set out below.

    They will be (nominally) under the authority of the Foreign Affairs Commissioner.

    Whether, in RP terms, the WAD should be a person or a nation is up for discussion.

    The Commander will be responsible for the region’s gameplay military force, Eurocorps.

    Eurocorps’ primary objective is to defend the region and its allies.

    The Commander will be appointed by, and under the authority of, the Foreign Affairs Commissioner. However, their appointment may be vetoed by a majority vote of the European Union Security Council (see below).

    They are appointed for an eight month term, in line with Foreign Affairs Commissioner elections (see below), with no term limits. If the office becomes vacant, an Acting Commander shall be appointed from within existing Eurocorps ranks to fill the rest of the term.

    They may be removed by a majority vote of the European Union Security Council.

    The EUSC will be formed of five members: the founder, the WAD, the Premier Commissioner, the Speaker of the European Council, and one position elected by the region.

    The elected position will be for an 18 month, non-renewable term (election held in the middle of the Speaker’s term). Only players who have been in the region for more than one year may stand for election.

    The two runners-up in this election will become alternates, who will fill any vacancy that may arise from a) the elected EUSC member position becoming vacant, or b) two or more of the ex-officio EUSC offices being held by the same player.

    No player will be allowed to hold all four ex-officio roles at the same time.

    The EUSC will steer, and provide consistency within, the region’s gameplay direction. Specific responsibilities are mentioned elsewhere in this document.

    Duxburian Union is the founder of the region.

    The founder shall sit on the EUSC, and have a role in RP governance (see below).

    Duxburian Union is free to appoint a new founder, with the approval of a majority of the EUSC, at any time.

    Should an unplanned vacancy arise, the founder’s role in everything will be removed until they return or until a new founder comes into office.

    Changes to existing institutions

    • I.European Commission
    • II.Constitution

    European Commission offices will be elected separately. Slates and hearings will be abolished.

    The Premier Commissioner and Internal Affairs Commissioner will continue to be elected every four months, while the Foreign Affairs Commissioner will be elected every eight months. Elections will coincide so, essentially, a Foreign Affairs Commissioner is elected for two terms.

    A by-election will be held in the event of a vacancy on the Commission.

    The Internal Affairs Commissioner will gain gameside responsibilities, for dispatches, regional polls, and suchlike.

    If accepted, these changes will be implemented where necessary by Constitutional Amendment in the RP.

    New Practices

    • I.World Assembly
    • II.Citizenship
    • III.Masking
    • IV.RP Rules
    • V.Gameside

    General Assembly votes will be determined by gameside regional polls, which will bind the WAD. Options will include ‘for’, ‘against’, ‘abstain’, and ‘free vote’.

    Security Council votes will be the WAD’s responsibility, unless a majority vote of the EUSC binds them to vote a certain way (or abstain).

    To participate in the RP and in most regional politics, a nation will have to gain citizenship.

    Citizenship will be granted or denied at will by the forum admins (see below).

    The citizenship process will consist of existing territory selection practices, as well as a security component, and accepting the regional constitution. The security component will involve declaring one’s background on NationStates (subject to verification), and an IP check.

    A range of masking groups will be created, with various different permissions on the forums.

    These will be within the remit of the forum admins (see below).

    Masking groups will include:

    • Default (all comers, access to OOC forums only)
    • Member State (citizens, normal access to forums)
    • Eurocorps (members of Eurocorps, normal access plus military-related forums)
    • Diplomat (foreign ambassadors, access to ambassadorial forums and OOC forums)
    • Friend (allied military personnel, access to military-related forums and OOC forums)
    • Commission, ECoJ, and EUSC (members of relevant bodies, normal access plus relevant body forums)

    The 1% aspect of the existing population rule shall change from 1% to 0.5%.

    A formal structure for forum administration/RP governance will be established.

    There shall be two forum admins – Miraco (web admin), with primary responsibility for website management, and Angleter (game admin), with primary responsibility for RP governance – issues like HR, setting and enforcing RP rules, and other roles mentioned elsewhere in this text.

    There will also be a war mod (Duxburian Union), responsible for managing the war system, and an econ mod (United Kingdom), responsible for managing the econ system.

    The forum admins will be free to appoint general mods at will, and may appoint each other or a mod to fill their duties during absences.

    Should an admin vacancy arise, the remaining admin and the founder shall agree on a new admin to fill the vacancy.

    Should a vacancy arise for either war mod or econ mod, a new war or econ mod shall be appointed by the game admin.

    The web admin and game admin will be free to make small changes at will, within their remits. Should a player object to a change within one week of it occurring, then a week-long debate shall be held, followed by a week-long vote in the region where the change must be supported by 75% of the region or be overturned.

    Any admin or mod may propose a major change. This change shall be subject to a week-long debate and then a week-long vote. Major changes require a 75% majority of the region to take effect.

    The community will move back to European Union and retain The European Union as a backup region.

  • Excellent

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    OK, since we're 12 days on from me posting the above proposals (and four months on from the start of this thread), I'd like to put them to vote.

    Voting will run until 23:59 GMT on 31st December 2017. 75% majority to pass. Continue to feel free to post any thoughts you might have.

    You'll be unsurprised to know that I vote FOR the proposals.

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    Full support.  Various things could use some tweaking, but most of that is minor.  I vote FOR the proposals.

  • You know I vote FOR these as well.

  • Completely FOR.

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    Vote passes, 4-0. HNY, everyone. Tomorrow we start work on Making the EU Great Again! #MEUGA

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