Get Ready For The Future...

  • So, we're now a foundered region! Rejoice, just rejoice!

    This does, however, lead to a variety of questions about how we go forward as a region. Questions like:

    1. To what extent do we integrate NationStates (henceforth, NS) gameplay (henceforth, GP) with the RP? For instance, if we wanted to create a 'military' force in NS, would that be decided by a separate GP government and legislature, or would we - as is traditional - put the whole thing in RP terms and have the European Council vote on it? On the one hand, we're an RPing region; but on the other hand, what's good for GP might not sit well in the RP. Do we want to risk detracting from our status as an RPing region, or do we want to risk RP ideology getting in the way of GP necessity (or vice versa)?
    2. If we're to have a separate GP government, what form should it take? 
    3. What role should the World Assembly Delegate play? How should they be chosen, and to what extent should the wider community have a say in how they vote?
    4. What are we going to do about the fact that we've currently got two regions going? Should we focus on EU or TEU, or should we maintain both - and if the latter, how do we integrate that with the previous three questions?
    5. While we're at it, should we create some kind of formal governing structure for the management of the community as a whole? Right now this is a bit of a free-for-all, to say the least.
    6. What else can we do to optimise activity and help attract new people to the community, and in particular to the RP?
    7. Any other questions I've forgotten to mention (please do mention any).

    Plenty to discuss, so let's get discussing!

  • Commission

    To add to this, I have discovered through the continued maintenance of stats that we propose another population formula change. Instead of our multiplier being at 1%, reducing it to 0.5% for larger nations (over 400 million NS Pop)

    This would get the gap down between smaller and larger nations, and give us more of a plausible European population. 

    This would give the UK a population around 82,925,000, for example, from its 12.585 billion NS population.

  • First of all, let me be the first to congratulate all of the people who managed to re-found the EU. I'm not completely familiar with the mechanics of NS gameplay and its tactics, but I do understand it has been quite an accomplishment to bring our old region back to life.

     I am very fond of Rping. When I discovered NS, it was the very first time I was able to explore the possibilities of being "in control" of a whole nation. Therefore, while I am open to new roads and options, I wouldn't want there to be a complete separation between Rping and Gping. Ideas have already been proposed on our Discord server, and I would stick with the one  the Duxburian Union proposed. Having two regions does open the door to a Westminster System parliament, where one region is controlled by the majority and the other by the opposition, or where one political spectrum controls TEU and another the EU. But how would we integrate Rp into that? Council, in my opinion, has to remain at the centre of decision making when it comes to our regional laws. The WA is a completely different scene, one that I have never fully understood. So, when it comes to the Rping side of the equation, I'd be happy to submit my noobie views and positions, but perhaps I am not the most indicated to offer a stance on how we should integrate Gping in the sum.

    Concerning the governing of our, hopefully, growing community, I would propose the enlargement of our current Executive power. People are always hungry for important positions, and having only three chairs to fill is just too little. This executive can guide both sides of our region into decision making, whether it be in this forum or in NS, through the World Assembly. Ultimately, I would assume the leaders of each "party" or ideology were to become Delegate, and I think the voting should take place the same way it does with our Europarties, through the forum. The RMB does have its good side, but it doesn't offer the possibilities the forum already has. New members should be asked to pledge allegiance to the party they see fit, thus gaining the right to vote for their leader.

    I don't really know how else I could contribute to this conversation for the moment, so I hope others can express their views too.

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