Constitutional Amendment: European Assembly

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    Amendment to the European Constitution: The European Assembly (2017)

    Section I: Principles

    1. The European Assembly is the institution tasked with the oversight of European policy. It is formed by the Heads of State or Government of each Member State.
    2. The European Assembly has no power over the European Council, as it is a mere observer of the development of European politics.
    3. The European Assembly will meet twice a year, or in exceptional circumstances, in Europolis.
    4. The presidency of each years' gathering of the European Assembly will fall upon two randomly selected Member States at the start of the year. Consecutive presidencies are discouraged and should be avoided.

    Section II: Powers and Duties

    1. The powers of the European Assembly do not overpass those of the rest of European institutions. It shall only provide counsel on the situation of the European Union at the time.
    2. The duty of the European Assembly is to give a position in the European Union to every Member State government.
    3. In case of a total collapse of the institutions of the European Union (i.e. cease of exercising of duties, complete shutdown due to human/natural catastrophes...), the European Assembly shall gather and takeover control of the European Union until the situation is resolved. 

    Authored by: Dame Viviana Richetti, Derecta

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