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    Welcome to the European Union!

    To participate in the region's roleplay, and to post in the in-character parts of these forums, you must become a member state of the European Union. This will involve getting a plot on the regional map and being added to a regional spreadsheet of nations with some basic info. Please apply in this thread to do so.



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    Applying for a plot

    1. First come, first served.
    2. Acceptance is entirely at the discretion of the game admin.
    3. Take a look at our introduction thread and Constitution to familiarise yourself with the RP before claiming a plot.
    4. Please choose a plot that is empty (check the spreadsheet) and appropriate for your nation's population.
    5. One plot per nation – no custom plots, and no colonies.
    6. Take care to fill out the form correctly.
    7. Please do not lie about who you are. We'll find out, we'll kick you out, and chances are we won't let you back in.
    8. If you are already on the spreadsheet, you do not need to apply again in this thread.

    After a successful application

    1. To keep your plot you must be active on the forums – you will be removed if you don't post here for a whole calendar month.
    2. Once added to the map, remember to post your military list using our war system.
    3. You cannot wage war on unoccupied plots, and any territorial changes must be extensively RPed.
    4. If one of the basic facts on the spreadsheet changes, do post an update so the spreadsheet can be amended accordingly.


    1. Puppet nations must be publicly announced, must serve a purpose, and must be approved by the game admin.
    2. Puppet nations appear in blue on the spreadsheet, and nations that exist for RP purposes appear in red
    3. All votes in the region are one vote per player – puppets and their masters cannot vote at the same time.


    You can find the spreadsheet of member states, with their map plots and basic info, here:


    Fill out the following form to apply for membership:

    Nation Name in RP (full, with short name bolded):
    Nation Name on NS (short):
    Puppet (if so, of whom?):

    Map plot requested:

    Capital city:
    National language(s):

    Head of State (Title + Mr/Ms/Mx* + name in bold):
    Head of Government (Title + Mr/Ms/Mx* + name in bold):
    Governing party:

    European Councillor (Mr/Ms/Mx* + name in bold):
    Political group (if any):

    Player history on NationStates:

    My country accepts the Constitution of the European Union (Y/N):

    *Use Mr for males, Ms for females, and Mx for people who are neither. You don't need to specify gender if the title itself is gender-specific (like King or Queen, for instance).

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    Nation Name in RP (full, with short name bolded):Nation Name on NS (short):Puppet (if so, of whom?):Map plot requested:Capital city:Currency:National language(s):Head of State (Title + Mr/Ms/Mx* + name in bold):Head of Government (Title + Mr/Ms/Mx* + name in bold):Governing party:European Councillor (Mr/Ms/Mx* + name in bold):Political group (if any): Player history on NationStates: My country accepts the Constitution of the European Union (Y/N):


    Nation Name in RP (full, with short name bolded): Kingdom of Montenbourg

    Nation Name on NS (short): Montenbourg

    Puppet (if so, of whom?): n/a

    Map plot requested: 12

    Capital city:  Montague

    Currency: Monten Pound

    National language(s): English

    Head of State (Title + Mr/Ms/Mx* + name in bold):  HRH King Lawrence I

    Head of Government (Title + Mr/Ms/Mx* + name in bold):  Rt. Hon. William Anderson MP

    Governing party: Classical Monarchist Party

    European Councillor (Mr/Ms/Mx* + name in bold): Councillor Lady Emma Granger, 2th Baroness of Montague

    Political group (if any): European Liberals

    Player history on NationStates:

    My country accepts the Constitution of the European Union (Y/N): Y

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