Commission Debate, January 2018

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    Welcome to the European Commission Candidates' Debate, January 2018!

    This is your opportunity to quiz the four candidates for the European Commission about their vision for the region. It's also their opportunity to put forward their platform and tell you why they think they should get your vote. Please note that the three offices of the Commission are being elected separately, and so not all candidates are running for the same job.

    The candidates are:

    Premier Commissioner
    Gisela Stuart - @Angleter

    Internal Affairs Commissioner
    Chelsea Clinton-Mezvinsky - @Australia 

    Foreign Affairs Commissioner
    Vincent Drake am Weisshaupt - @Duxburian-Union 
    Emma Granger - @Montenbourg 

    Please TG, PM, or send via Discord any questions you might have for the candidates to @Angleter until we find someone who isn't actually running to host this. In the meantime, I'd like to invite the candidates to give their opening statements.

  • Councillor Emma Granger: Opening Statement

    Well, first thank you, People of Europe, and thanks to my fellow party members here present and thanks to everyone hosting this European Comission debates.

    I’m Emma. I have been proud and privileged to serve as a member of the House of Lords of Montenbourg, and as EU Women Ambassador of Goodwill. I’m the granddaughter of a factory worker and the sister of a wonderful one-year-old child. And every day I think about what we need to do to make sure that opportunity is available, not just for her, but for all of our children. I have spent a very long time, my entire young adult life, looking for ways to even the odds, to help people have a chance to get ahead. And in particular, to find the ways for each child to live up to his or her God-given potential. I’ve traveled across our Union over the last months listening, and learning, and I’ve put forward specific plans about how we’re going to make our Union, united to the needs of our people. By promoting the creation of more good-paying jobs by bringing in infrastructure and clean energy to our countries, by making it possible once again to invest in science and research and taking the opportunity posed by climate change to grow our economy. 

    The central question in this election is really what kind of Europe we want to be and what kind of future we’ll build together. As Ambassador of Goodwill, I had the honor of representing Europe abroad and helping shape our foreign policy at home. As I’ve traveled the world for the past three decades, the growing rise of Nationalism on virtually every continent has given me cause for concern. Following World War II, the global goal was to create political and economic structures and forge alliances like the UN, EU, IMF, WTO, NAFTA and the recently signed Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership to bring peace and prosperity to the world; and in many ways, these efforts succeeded. More people than ever now have the means to travel outside their native countries. Global investments have given rise to vastly improved living conditions in poorer countries and political structures like our EU have led to the creation of powerful new markets for global commerce. But everywhere we look global institutions and frameworks are under attack. In the EU, we find that no continent-wide identity has emerged - people still are more likely to think of themselves as Duxburians, Australians or Angleterians rather than Europeans. And thats why I'm running for Foreign Affairs Comissioner because I want a new foreign policy; Not only a military-defense oriented one, but a united one.

    Because protecting our way of life requires more than our military.  Democracy can buckle when we give in to fear.  So just as we, as Europeans, must remain vigilant against external aggression, we must guard against a weakening of the values that make us who we are. That's why we've ended torture, racist segregation and reform our laws governing surveillance to protect privacy and civil liberties.  That's why I reject discrimination against Muslim Europeans.  That's why we cannot withdraw from global fights – to expand democracy, and human rights, women's rights, and LGBT rights – no matter how imperfect our efforts, no matter how expedient ignoring such values may seem.  For the fight against extremism and intolerance and sectarianism are of a piece with the fight against authoritarianism and nationalist aggression.  If the scope of freedom and respect for the rule of law shrinks around the world, the likelihood of war within and between nations increases, and our own freedoms will eventually be threatened.

    Our European Union is threatened whenever we take it for granted. And I will do everything I can to heal the divides – the divides economically because there’s too much inequality in today's world, the racial divides, and the continuing discrimination of the LGBT community, so that we will work together promoting the values that represent us as Europeans.

    Thank You.

    Emma Granger

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    Good morning, EU!  I'm Vincent Drake and I'm running for the position of Foreign Affairs commissioner.

    For most of our region's history, we have practised heavy isolationism.  Over the years, we've withdrawn into our own affairs to such an extent that our region has stagnated and we don't even converse with our allies.  I believe that the time is right to break with this unuscessful tradition and take the European Union to the world stage.  

    Overhaul of the Embassy Program
    We have several new friends in The Order of the Grey Wardens, Spiritus, Conch Kingdom, and Renegade Islands Alliance joining our longstanding relationships with Arda en Estel, Canada, 10KI, and United Kingdom.  Few of them have heard from us in many, many, many months.  We also haven't heard from some of them.  My vision for our embassy program is an active, immersive exchange of news, events, ambassadors, and the building of strong relationships between our regions.  

    If elected, I'd restore the ambassador program we used to have, dividing up ambassador duties among those willing to represent us abroad.  In addition to keeping partner regions informed of our news through foreign reporting, European ambassadors should also get to know life and culture in them, participating in their events if desired.  I'd also keep exploring new relationships and opportunities as they arise.

    We have built a region of diverse nations with rich civilizations, intriguing politics, unique heritage, and fun multilateral events like Eurovoice.  However, the wider world knows next to nothing about us and what we have to offer.  If elected, I would visibly promote our interests to the international community through the appropriate platforms, platforms we currently don't utilize at all.  The more exposure the European Union can achieve, the more attractive we look to nations considering attaining membership.

    Participation in a Powerful Defensive Coalition
    Long has the European Union been considered a doormat by foreign armies, nothing but a juicy target when relevant at all.  We have suffered many rounds of huge attacks by coalitions of nations and regions seeking raiding conquest and imperialist glory.  European history is stained with the blood of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to protect our great Union, many of them foreign friends.  What have we done in return?  Next to nothing. 

    Our Union has the potential to do great things, commendable things, defending our friends and all who are vulnerable to attack as we once were.  I have spent much time laying the foundations for excellent working relationships with numerous organizations, such as TGW, SPSF, RRA, TITO, ex-JTF, TSH, RIASF, SDF, ex-FORGE, ITDA, UDSAF, TMO, TOP, SWORD, and Lily.  We have excellent connections and deep knowledge in-house to take our military capabilities to the next level.

    I hope this platform and the policy changes it contains are the right things the EU needs to move forward and revitalize its foreign affairs.  We have so much potential, but it remains so frustratingly under-utilized.


    Vincent Drake

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    Hello everyone.

    My name is Gisela Stuart, I’m running for Premier Commissioner, and I’ve got a question for you:

    How do we get the EU working again?

    We’ve been through successive rounds of constitutional reform, and yet it’s plain to everyone that Europolis is not functioning as it should be.

    The Council is quiet. The ECoJ is moribund. The Commission has barely existed for most of the last year. And the number of countries that are actively involved in the EU has dwindled to a new low.

    It’s hard now to think back to a time when Europolis was an active body with a healthy political culture that worked for the nations and peoples of the EU.

    As Premier Commissioner, my relentless focus will be on working with the Foreign and Internal Commissioners to build a programme that gets our region moving again.

    I believe that the best way out of our present situation is through numbers. We need more member states, and we need more of those member states taking part in our institutions.

    To get the EU working again, we need to get the EU advertising itself better, making itself better known in the world, and inviting as many countries as possible to join our ranks.

    We are now a secure region, with a proud history, plenty to offer, and a political system that is well-developed, if dormant. The world is full of countries who would benefit from joining us and who, if they knew about us, would love to join us too. Let’s go get them.

    But to get the EU working again, we also need to make the EU more accessible.

    New member states often find themselves with a steep learning curve when they come to Europolis. Instead of succinct, practical, friendly advice on how to make the most of their EU membership, member states are saddled with an interminable pile of reading.

    I will, therefore, as a matter of urgency work with my fellow Commissioners to develop a modernised programme for recruiting countries, and then introducing those recruits to what the EU has to offer them.

    A secondary priority would be revising our Constitution. Right now it is long and inaccessible. Leaders of new member states who read it will come away stunningly well-informed on the minutiae of election procedures, but none the wiser as to what EU membership actually offers them.

    I’d be eager, therefore, to work with the Internal Affairs Commissioner and the member states to refresh our Constitution.

    Now, normally these debates are full of debate about, essentially, Council politics. Sovereignty, nuclear weapons, cannabis, human rights, and so on. Many people will know I strongly believe that the EU should do less, more effectively.

    But I’ve avoided talking about that, because the depth of our present situation makes it a moot point. Before we start arguing about Council politics, we need to get some Council politics.

    I hope, therefore, that Europeans of all political persuasions will be able to put aside their differences and join me in this effort to revive our region. It’s time we realised our immense potential. 

    Thank you. 

  • Hello my dear friends, colleagues, and Europeans. I am Chelsea Clinton and I am running to be your Internal Affairs Commissioner.

    Our Union is in a crisis. It is a crisis that is steeped in years of negligence, mismanagement, and poor delivery. We are seeing our fair region collapse before our very eyes, yet no one, not the European Council, not the Court of Justice, and not the former Commission do anything to change that. Why? 

    Simply put: we have not had good leadership. No one has stepped up to the plate to deliver on the mandate that they have won, and Europolis knows it. We must, and we can do better. As Internal Affairs Commissioner, it is imperative that I along with the Premier Commissioner work together to bring about change and increase dialogue within our region. It is such a wonderful place to be, but many feel that Europe's time has passed and that we are a backwards looking region, content to remember the good times or do things the old way. 

    As Internal Affairs Commissioner, I am ready to take on the challenges of intraregional responsibility and facilitation of discussion. I believe it is the duty of any Internal Affairs Commissioner to foster communications and togetherness between all nations of our Union. I will do my best to engage with the community not just in these halls, but on a wider basis. I share the Ms. Stuart's desire to give our Constitution a good luck with a fine tooth comb. It is a fine document, and it has produced one of the most sound regional political systems in our world. But we could do more, and we could improve the ease at which it functions with our member states. 

    It's no longer about politics, it is about coming together to ensure our very existence is both valid and sustained into the future, and that is why I am coming from my dear friends in the European Progressive Alliance together with Ms. Gisela Stuart of the European Liberals to get this accomplished. This is bigger than all of us put together, and it will take all of us to see this region flourish.

    Thank you.

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