European Union: An Introduction

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    European Union: An Introduction

    So you’re on the map! Congratulations, new member state, and welcome to the EU.

    What is the EU? We’re primarily a roleplaying region, which means we focus on developing our nations on these forums, and roleplaying interactions between them. Our roleplay (RP) is set in the modern day, and more or less in real time. However, it’s not all roleplay – we also take part in gameplay (GP), where we work together as a region to get the most out of NationStates.

    Hopefully, you’re eager to get involved, and this thread will hopefully help you get an idea of where to start.

    If at any point you have a question or query, don’t hesitate to head over to the Any Questions thread and ask!


    If you'd like to give an outline of what your country's like, then head over to National Information and create a factbook for your nation. You can make it as brief or as detailed as you want, and feel free to revise it later if you've got anything to add, change, or remove.

    Most countries have a military, right? EU member states are usually no exception. If you want your country to have a military, check out our war system and fill out a war list. Our war mod is @Duxburian-Union who’ll be happy to answer any military questions you might have.

    Some countries might not have a military… but every country’s got an economy. Head over to the European Central Bank and fill out the form to give our econ mod @The-United-Kingdom some info which he’ll use to work out your country’s economic stats. He’ll also be on hand to answer your econ questions.

    What’s going on in your country? Set up a news thread in European News Consortium, and/or create a press release thread in Government Offices, to let us know.

    Finally, on a more optional basis, you can create a thread in National Embassies and formalise diplomatic relations with other member states. Don’t worry too much about this, though.


    So how is the EU run? Our roleplay government is currently, in practice, formed of two parts:

    • The European Council, the legislative branch, where every player has an equal vote. Each member state (including you!) has one representative on the Council. The Council votes on legislation that, if passed, becomes EU law, and is presided over by the Speaker and Deputy Speaker.
    • The European Commission, the executive branch, which has three members. These include the Premier Commissioner, who leads the Commission; the Foreign Affairs Commissioner, responsible for relations with other regions; and the Internal Affairs Commissioner, responsible for promoting peace, liberty, and prosperity among EU member states. Commissioners are elected every four months (every eight months for Foreign Affairs).

    Roleplay is not all, however. We have a gameplay leadership too, including:

    • The EU Security Council. Consisting of the Founder, World Assembly Delegate, Premier Commissioner, Speaker, and one elected player who serves an eighteen-month term, the EUSC oversees our gameplay activity with the goal of keeping our region safe and influential on NationStates.
    • The World Assembly Delegate  is elected every four months, and sits on the EUSC and votes on WA resolutions. For General Assembly resolutions they can be bound by the result of a regional poll, and for Security Council resolutions they can be bound by the EUSC.
    • The Commander of Eurocorps. Eurocorps is our regional military force (coming soon), which aims to defend the EU and its allies. The Commander is appointed for an eight-month term by the Foreign Affairs Commissioner.

    Finally, we have a forum admin team to ensure that everything runs smoothly over here. These include our web admin and game admin, as well as our econ mod and war mod.

    To find out who’s who in the regional government at the moment, take a look at these dispatches:

    European Commissioners

    Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the European Council


    So, how do we roleplay our nations here in the EU? Perhaps the first thing to point out is that your country’s population is not the same as on NationStates. In order to make things more realistic, in the EU your country’s population is 5% of NationStates population up to 400 million, and then 0.5% of anything above that.

    This means that if your NS population is 600 million, then your RP population is 21 million: 5% of 400 million is 20 million, and then 0.5% of the extra 200 million is 1 million.

    The economics and military of your country are determined by the econ and war systems mentioned above.

    Probably the main rule for roleplaying beyond that is be realistic. Your country shouldn’t be whipping out the nukes for no reason, for example. Stories should make some degree of sense, and your characters should resemble real people with motives, traits, and flaws. But this doesn’t mean be boring or uneventful or super-serious – there’s plenty of fun and unusual things going on in the real world, and the same goes for the EU.


    It’s important to note that the EU is basically part of an alternate universe. It’s identical to ours in terms of astronomy, the laws of physics, and the level of technology on Earth in 2018 (so we have normal gravity, and there’s no such thing as dragons), but it’s not in the real world.

    This means that real life people and places do not necessarily exist in the RP. So, for example, your leader has not met, and will never meet, President Donald Trump of the USA, since he doesn’t exist in the RP (and neither does the USA).

    Real life people and places can exist, however, if you roleplay them as being part of your country. For example, @Angleter once entered a song by Cher Lloyd into Eurovoice, so now Cher Lloyd exists in our universe and is an Angleteric character. Please do not steal/duplicate other players’ characters. That’s, like, cultural appropriation, man.


    Most forums, and especially all the roleplaying forums, are in-character (or IC). When you post there, it’s assumed that you’re doing so in-character. If you’d like to make an out-of-character post (as you, the player sitting behind the computer) in these forums, then identify it as such by putting it in double brackets and start it with OOC. Like this:

    ((OOC: This is how you post an OOC comment in an IC forum.))

    Some forums, however, are OOC. These include this one right here (European Union Information), as well as Maintenance, Chamber of Loose Lips, and all the Gameplay forums. In these forums you’re assumed to be speaking out-of-character, so you don’t need to use the double brackets and “OOC:”. The same goes for any threads in IC forums that have [OOC:] at the start of the title.


    As a general rule, for the sake of privacy, please do not use names or pictures of real, non-famous people.

    Please only use the edit function for rephrasing, correcting typos, and quickly adding anything you might have forgotten to a post. Please do not use it to change the substance of your posts, especially if people have already responded to it, and especially in IC forums.

    Likewise, only delete posts if the post is of no value (posted in the wrong thread by accident, for example), and if nobody has responded to it. Also please do not delete your account.

    Spam belongs in Chamber of Loose Lips.

    Flaming, baiting, trolling, doxing, and cyber-bullying are not tolerated. However, it is worth noting that one country insults another in-character, then the player should not necessarily take it as a personal insult. That said, please do conduct any conflicts civilly.