Omnibus- Factbook

  • Early History

    For many years, since a large body of water had to be passed to get to Omnibus, it was left alone to grow on its own. The small country of Omnibus, at that time called Sitones by the Romans had a single tribe that drifted through the undeveloped country in small groups looking for homes and learning how to use weapons to kill animals so they would be able to get food. The Sitoni worked together because in the country there wasn't much variety in food that they could eat so they did not have fights that others were better. But, this peace among the tribes changed when Gnaeus Domitus Calivinus Maximus, the dictator of Rome at the time decided that he wanted to expand into Omnibus. When Gnaeus and his troops landed on Omnibus they believed that no one lived on the land because at this time the Sitoni were not near the coast, but as his troops go further into the thick woodlands they found homes that the nomadic Sitoni had built, since the sun was going down the troops and Gnaeus decided to stay in these quarters for the night. But, the Sitoni who preferred to travel by night because there was less room for one of them to be attacked by their prey came back to these quarters and were terrified of these new people realizing that they were much more advanced than their barbaric ways, knowing that they could not take the Romans they ran away not interacting with the new visitors but it was no use by first light the Romans went exploring again and soon found the Sitoni and from there Omnibus would never be the same again.

  • Roman Intervention

    When the Sitoni were found by the Romans, they seemed surprised at first as well not realizing that other humans lived in this country. But, their shock soon faded once they realized that the Sitoni were primitive in the mind, so the Romans saw further involvement in the country to be a charity to this primitive species. Gnaeus elected his first lieutenant to watch over the species for a time and that he did with his legion the lieutenant introduced the Sitoni to new types of weapons, like the sword and taught them basic words on how to communicate. An oligarchy was set up while Gnaeus was away making the Roman legion the ones in power while the Sitoni were slaves to the legion in exchange for food. To start their servitude, the Romans had them cutting down the trees so that the Roman legion could create something similar to the Roman countryside under the guise that they wanted the Sitoni to learn how to farm and be more similar to the Romans, this is when the term Omnibus, the word for all in Latin was first used to describe the people to convince the developing intelligence of the Sitoni that they were ALL equals. 

    Soon, boats came back to the country of Omnibus with a less helpful idea in mind, the legions planned on leaving but taking the Omni woman and children with them to treat as entertainment and to raise the children as Romans and leave the Omni men to die on Omnibus with no way of reproducing any further but at this point, the Omni had developed enough thanks to the Romans to have developed and independent thoughts so when the Omni men realized what the Romans were doing one man took a stand against the Romans, he stole a sword from the Roman quarters and fought the men like they were taught by the Romans themselves, others joined to try and scare off the legions before they took away any hope of survival for the Omni people.

  • The Failed Revolution

    The Omni were experiencing their first revolution right before their eyes but they also saw their first failure at revolution as well the Omni were no match for the trained Roman legions and many of the men fell to their death by the very swords that they rose up in revolution against the Romans. The Roman legions took the women away for their own entertainment the women and children were led away from their homeland in chains, seeing their husbands and fathers killed before their eyes. The land of Omnibus was largely forgotten after that moment, when the Omni women arrived in the strange city of Rome they were treated as sex slaves to the legions and if they were lucky senators, that treated them somewhat less badly than the soldiers. The children however never got to see their parents again but the older children held in their mind the story of Omnibus and as they were assimilated into Roman homes and families the older children kept passing down the stories although the story did get stretched, the meaning stayed the same and it always began with, "across the sea.."  

    It wasn't until the Middle Ages that someone that had heard the story throughout his childhood decided to write it down. His name was Levi and he could trace his descendency straight back to the original Omni, Levi wrote down the story that he believed to be a myth at this point and showed it throughout his hometown of Paris to spread the word and gain public interest for the trip. Soon, he was able to spur up an interest and they went sailing across the sea, Levi led the trip because he wanted to know if it was true what he had been told as a myth when he was a child, what he found when he got there was a place that looked nothing like he had been told in the stories instead a village had been created where the large forest had previously been.

    When Levi and his crew investigated they found that the Irish had beaten them to the land about ten years ago.

  • Many, Many Rulers

    The Irish had come to Omnibus to escape their English overlords and had never heard of the story that Levi told but they were happy to let Levi and his French crew stay, the Irish and the French interbred between cultures and were very peaceful with each other causing cities and farmland to be created throughout the land of Omnibus. A government was starting to form in Omnibus until others, including the English heard about Omnibus and came to investigate. Unfortunately, the British that came over were hostile and promised to keep the Irish and French in powerful positions that would have been part of the government, the reign of the first king, King William the Brit started off peacefully but only became more violent as time went by. William started to kill the French and Irish aristocracy for small offenses favoring his own countrymen instead, but the main bloodline survived with Levi, who did not want to get involved in politics so he was just planting some crops he had a family while he was out there and died peacefully in the land of his ancestors. But along with slaughtering many French and Irish, William set up the first code of laws for Omnibus, created a representative body and introduced a national religion that many were forced to follow. But, he did not do anything for the majority of farmers causing a revolt among the farmers that never really got anywhere until it had no hope of succeeding and then out of the ashes of the revolt rose Levi's son, Jean took the leadership role burning the city that King William sat to the ground, killing King William in the process of the mob. But, after they got rid of the King William they lived in a state of anarchy for the winter as the nights got brutal cold, the cold brought up tensions between the British, Irish and French that had not been seen in years but a shining face in this time of trouble steps forward, Michael Raimi he suggests that instead of fighting each other that they come together to vote for someone to become king. There were many that volunteered to run against Michael Raimi but their attempts ultimately fail and Michael Raimi becomes king

    For the next few centuries the Raimi's rule the throne of Omnibus, so I have decided to summarize this time period in a timeline

    1613-1672: Michael Raimi rules over Omnibus making sure that there is peace between the French, Irish and British

    1672-1725: Peter Raimi, son of Michael Raimi sees a population growth during his reign and leaves Omnibus for much of his younger life to go to European countries and brings Omnibus into the modern world copying what the other countries were doing instead of farmland, Peter Raimi takes absolute power so him and his aristocrats treat the people below him like their slaves.

    1725-1762: Omnibus falls into its own Dark Ages, while many people have new jobs like the ones in Europe they are not happy under absolute rule

    1762-1796: Claire Raimi becomes Queen and enthusiastically promotes Enlightenment ideals across Omnibus, distracting them from their faithful servitude to her

    1796-1855:  Aaron and Christopher Raimi take the throne at seperate times but they fully expand the army much to the dismay of the public who try multiple times to revolt but Aaron and Christopher decide to meet any rebellion with force and kill any revolutionaries to get their people back into line.

    1855-1881: King Aaron II abolishes the slavery of the poor and the economy booms in Omnibus giving more land and jobs in Omnibus to the people instead of the wealthy.

    1881-2010: When Aaron III and Christopher II take the throne they are met by large revolts throughout the country during the Industrial Revolution because of this Omnibus had to stay out of both World Wars because of the severe revolts against the government eventually after a long and arduous Civil War that lasted for 88 years on and off the public were finally given their freedom after the king was dead and they were reduced to anarchy once again.


  • Many were skeptical when Shane Raimi announced that he was running for President in their new formed system but once they realized his record of fighting in the Civil War since he was sixteen they knew that he would be the right man for the job. He was voted into office for his first term with seventy percent of the vote. When he was elected he started from the ground up creating it all from scratch first he started rebuilding giving people jobs that for years had been to fight for their freedom with the rebuilding they entered the modern world which had been stunted years ago new technology was all around them and they loved to enjoy all of it. But, most importantly Shane wanted to give the people of Omnibus a government that would serve them so using the television and the IPhone he suggested a Constitution to his people, one that they could all be apart of, the people elected the consul and the senate, to be their voice. But, Shane would not let them down he was going to let them have their voice and build a country everyone thought was in ruin from the ground up again and make it a place people are proud to live in.

  • The Modern History of Cheles, The Capital of Omnibus

    During the Civil War, Cheles was the home of the king and as the war raged on it became to look less and less like a city and more of a bombed out war zone. Cheles was a disaster but once the war was over one of the first things Shane decided to do when he was President was to rebuild his country, he was a little distrustful of how far the world had come in eighty eight years when he took the office of President but he persisted making Cheles a natural place with grass and trees all around it but also giving it the feel of the modern day.

    This is the main city area of Cheles, the beautiful capital of Omnibus, all roads in Cheles lead to the main city area where the Senate, Consul and the President meet and are housed. Additionally, most of the housing is in the city and many walk to work, school and the city area instead of driving finding it more efficient and eco friendly than driving a car and especially since everything is easily accessible in a walking distance.

  • Shane's Biography

    The Biography of Shane Raimi will be released to the public only when the President is dead, this is at the request of Shane Raimi because he does not want the events that got him to the Presidency determine has he does as the President.

    Born in Yloucron on July 7, 1978,  Shane Raimi was not born into the royal family like has been thought since he has grown prominence instead Shane Raimi was born out of wedlock with a woman, Jane Seymour of Irish descent that his father, King Christopher III this fact was known to everyone in the kingdom, including Shane Raimi who felt distant from his four brothers because of this. He was bright and strong-willed, and as a boy he began physically and mentally testing himself, as if for some inevitable future ordeal. But, the life of royalty bored him to no end so when he was 16, he ran away from his home and everything he knew and went out to discover the real world of Omnibus, past the halls of royalty and saw the poverty and servitude of the people of Omnibus, he strived to make himself better than the royalty and took a job helping those that had been affected by the last part of the Civil War on the revolutionary side, who were coming home with a defeated attitude and as he worked here he received the motivation and the knowledge of the people of Omnibus and what they needed enough to want to end the Civil War. Then the Civil War broke out again.

    Shane Raimi tried to become a member of the army feeling that he wanted to fight in the Civil War but was instead put in a boring office job. But, while he was at this job, Shane Raimi was soon recognized as an invaluable member of the staff, with a quick and agile mind, his knowledge of the monarchy and his knowledge of Omnibus as a whole. He interviewed prisoners, wanting them to know that they were forgiven but needed to pay the price for what they had done, something that he would also do in his Presidency and worked on a reference book, the Omnibus Handbook. The Civil War was on everyone’s mind it needed to finish if they were ever going to have peace and Shane Raimi wanted to get out of the office so he could help the thousands of people that were being killed or affected by the war going on all around them.

    Although promoted to captain when he was 28, Shane Raimi found the office work dull and unentertaining and longed to be on the front lines of the battle because he felt bad because his brothers that he grew up with died on the side of the monarchy and he wrestled with the idea of himself being a traitor to his country. His desires to be in battle were soon fulfilled when he and two other officers were dispatched on a secret mission to secure the escape of Revolutionary forces, which had been surrounded by The Monarch Army in Predo. Shane and his fellow officers met with their Monarch Army counterparts, but all they could obtain was the release of some of the wounded. It was a sad and frustrating business. 12,000 surviving men of the revolution surrendered on April 29, 2006. Shane’s notes on the report impressed those above him and compelled them to send Shane on another secret mission.

    Shane was dispatched to Rorith to report on developments. A keen observer of men and character, Shane stayed with a family that was loyal to the revolution and this family had four sons, Shane was sizing them up to see if one of them was fit to become the military leader of the revolt. In Shane’s autobiography, Shane’s epic account of the Civil War, he recalled dismissing them all until he met the tall, elegant Lucas Finch, immediately realizing ‘that this was the man I had come to seek — the leader who would bring the Civil War to full glory.’ He returned to report on the situation but was promptly sent back to Rorith in December, to act as advisor and liaison officer to Lucas. He would remain in the field for the next two years.

    The situation was grim. Lucas and Shane did not have enough troops because the ones that they had were insufficient to fight against the Monarch army so the two campaigned to find more troops getting many ground troops but Shane had wished for some more artillery power than what he had gotten.

    But Shane was impressed by Lucas’s cool and resolve. Staying in the leader’s tent, Shane carefully observed how he handled his men with patience and tact. During that time, Lucas presented Shane with a leadership role in their army, making sure that the army would respect him just as much as they respected Lucas.

    On January 3, 2007, Shane went off on his first battle with 35 armed soilders. Under cover of darkness, they rode their horses out of camp, dismounted and scrambled up a steep hill overlooking a Monarch Army encampment, which they peppered with rifle fire until driven off. Returning, they came across two Monarch soldiers relieving themselves, and took them back to camp for questioning. That minor triumph was later counterbalanced by a small tragedy when, to prevent a crippling feud from breaking out, Shane had to personally execute a member of his troop, a deed that would haunt him for the rest of his life.

    An important stepping stone in the Civil War was the capture of the city of Rorith, which fell with the vital assistance of Shane Raimi in 2007. After that, ill with dysentery and malaria, Shane — an amateur soldier unhampered by formal military training — had time to reflect on the course of the Civil War and grand strategy. Both Lucas and Shane felt that the Civil War must move northward toward Flolk, Cheles and Yloucron with the goal of achieving independence. While he was ill, however, Shane decided that it would be better to keep The Monarch Army bottled up in the city. His forces had no taste for siege warfare and could not fight like a regular army, so Shane wanted to use his strengths — speed, superb knowledge of the terrain, immense individual courage — to strike at the Monarch’s supply lifeline, the Railway, stretching from Rorith to Yloucron.

    At the end of March, Shane set off on his first raid against the railway, a station at Brane. After carefully reconnoitering it, Shane crept down to the lines at nightfall and laid a Garland mine under the tracks, cutting forms of communication as he left. The next morning, Shane’s troops overran the station with the aid of a guns and explosives, setting several wagons of a nearby train on fire. As it steamed out of the station, Shane blew the mine under the front bogies, knocking it off the rails. Although the Monarch Army got the train rolling again, the operation was a success.

    Shane’s gaze now fell on the important Sea port of Zrento. Taking it would secure supply routes that the monarchy was trading with and enable the Civil War to tap into new sources of manpower and allow his troops to comfortably strike at the Railway. Shane had visited Zrento before when he was part of the royal family and knew that the port was heavily defended from the sea. Capture the sea, and the port would be in the hands of the revolution. Shane consulted with Lucas and other leaders of the Revolution, who liked his idea of slicing through the forest to surprise the Monarch Army from behind. As a preliminary to the attack, it was necessary to establish contact with the powerful troops of the revolution that were stationed there, which would swing the other troops in the area into support for the battle. In March, Shane met the fierce and fearless Rhaegar Vladimir, who had reputedly killed 75 spies and didn’t bother counting the Monarch Army. Shane explained his plan for Zrento, which Rhaegar thought feasible. Both men then worked out the details.

    The two men liked each other, which says much for Shane’s ability to sway men more powerful than himself. Although he possessed abundant charisma and a forceful character, his strength lay in his ability to enable others to achieve their goals. He understood that to motivate his proud troops one did not need to bark out orders, but rather to gain their respect through deeds and high personal courage. Shane studied the men around him and when the argument ended, he then dictated his plan of action which was usually adopted and everyone went away satisfied.

    As the Civil War became more successful, it attracted attention at the diplomatic level. Leaders of the Revolution were talking with the monarchy, these leaders had seen little to no action on the battlefield and discussed surrendering terms with the monarchy. As the troops learned of these talks, they were appalled. Lucas, an astute politician, sensed that The monarchy and the leaders of the revolution had agreed upon some sort of a deal, and he began to lose faith in them. And Shane, an idealist nourishing a romantic image of freedom, was plunged into a deep depression. He admired his troops and considered Lucas a friend. He was surrounded by men who passionately believed in the cause without knowing the truth.

    But there was still much to be done. With Rhaegar and his men, Shane set out on the long march through the forest to Zrento. Along the way, they blew up railway lines near the city of Froenson and then entered the part of the forest where it was known that people would get lost in for years at a time. They visited one Revolutionary camp after another, feasting night, recruiting and swelling their ranks by morning.

    Shane then broke away from the main force and embarked on an extraordinary trip into Cheles and Flolk, talking with leaders of Revolutionary armies to enroll their support for the battle. With the help of the leaders of the Revolutionary armies, he blew up bridges and rode to the outskirts of Yloucron to meet with Revolutionary leaders.

    Back again with Rhaegar, Shane and his troops made a large semicircular trek through the forest and fell on Zrento from behind on July 6. The surprised Monarch garrison quickly surrendered. With that astonishing, almost bloodless victory, the Civil War became a force to be reckoned with.

    Shane played a major role in the Civil War. Shane then had an important meeting with the new commander in chief of the Revolutionary Forces, General Josiah Kelly, who agreed to Shane’s strategy for the revolt. Shane now held a powerful position, as an adviser to Lucas and a person who had Kelly’s confidence.

    The attacks on the railway continued throughout 2007 and 2008. During one, Shane blew up a locomotive with an electric mine. Shane’s troops brought up a Stokes mortar, and the Monarch Army fled across open ground. The whole job took ten minutes, and they lost 70 killed, 30 wounded and 80 prisoners, for the loss of only one of their soilders. While the soilders looted the train, another Monarch force arrived, nearly cutting off the troops. But, only lost a few pieces of baggage.

    Shane’s exhaustion was heightened when he and a raiding party of about 60 troops failed to blow up an important railway bridge over a river. Kelly had requested the raid, and Shane was wracked with guilt over its failure. Later, while reconnoitering the important railway junction at Drolk., Shane was arrested by the Monarch Army, brought to their commander and severely beaten before being dragged about by two men, each disputing over a leg as though to split Shane apart: while a third man rode Shane astride. Shane escaped, but the torment of that night was seared upon his consciousness and his soul, emotionally maiming him.

    Then, after a brilliant series of battles fought by Kelly, his forces entered Cheles on December 11. Kelly invited Shane to enter with him on foot. An official uniform was borrowed for Shane, who was delighted by it. But now the race was on to Yloucron, the home of the monarchy.

    After a well-earned week’s rest in Flolk, Shane returned to Zrento, which was now utterly transformed. Ships were offloading weapons, armored cars and a squadron of aircrafts. Shane’s army boasted 6,000 men.

    In January 2007, Shane and an Arab force commanded by Lucas’s sister Hope helped direct the closest thing to a set-piece battle in the entire campaign. At Banoria, they were frontally attacked by three battalions of the Monarch Army. Marching into withering fire from the revolutionaries, the Monarch army where then outfoxed on the field by the fluid, flexible counterattacks by the revolutionaries. In the ensuing rout, 400 of the Monarch Army were killed and more than 200 taken prisoner. Shane was awarded the Distinguished Service Order for that action, and in March he was promoted to lieutenant colonel.

    Although mentally and physically exhausted and eager for Kelly to reassign him to a quieter job, Shane had to push on with the fight. Throughout the spring and summer of 2008,  Kelly laid plans to use the forces available to him to launch the final assault on Yloucron, assigning Lucas’s troops the task of cutting railway and communications. The offensive was finally launched on March 17, 2010. In a magnificent tactical move, Kelly had the troops execute a battle at Dranta, which drew Monarch forces into that direction while the main British armies struck a hammer blow at the weakened Monarch Army in Blemont. With four armored cars, 40 machine guns, four artillery pieces, two aircraft and 8,000 tribesmen, Shane and Lucas swept through Dranta and massacred a rear column of the Monarch Army. Joining up with units of the Revolutionary cavalry, they swiftly marched northward toward Yloucron. Shane pushed his forces on, making sure that they would enter the city first and thus establish their authority for the peace talks afterward. Driving in an armoured car, Shane entered the city on October 1 as the populace poured out wildly into the streets, yelling ‘Lucas! Shane!’

    When they got to the palace of Yloucron, the military and royalty surrendered to the army and without his consent his troops killed any of the royal military and royalty who would not swear allegiance to the new form of government. But, after the violent end Shane got straight to work first making a speech to the people of Omnibus that they were free from the rule of the monarchy and they would now have the ability to chose what they want as their government and the laws that will be passed. The first thing on the agenda for Shane was to modernize Omnibus who had been stuck back in time for years slowly introducing items such as the smartphone and other helpful devices to their well being from there he started rebuilding with the help of the citizens of Omnibus and had them vote through the internet on all the laws and ways that the government will operate under its new leadership. It was just assumed when Shane took power that he was going to be the President but when they had their first elections he ran a campaign anyways setting the president that the leader needs to go out and hear what the people have to say not give speeches to thousands of people. This created the government of Omnibus that we have today with Rhaegar Vladimir and Lucas Finch becoming strong members of the Senate and eventually the consul.