Eurovoice XXXII: Saint Regina, Icholasen

  • Welcome to the 32nd Eurovoice in Saint Regina, Icholasen.

    The Ministry of Eurovoice has deliberated long and hard over the events that will take place during the event. Investment has poured into the 'Eurovoice Village', where the singers will compete. It will be totally eco-friendly, and the walls will be able to filter out power ballads from disturbing other guests. This village has many amenities that are absolutely essential to the singers and their bands. Practise rooms are aplenty, steam baths for their vocal chords are spread out across the village, and also smoothie bars are available for vocal chord lubrication. This is all a few meters from the main stage, which has been specially constructed for the competition. It is a floating stadium, where the audience sits on the shore, with a floating stage. The public can use their boats to get a look also. 

    The Queen Anastasia Stadium (above)

    Museums have been set up to commemorate Icholasen's Eurovoice triumph, though these all omit the 11th place achieved by the late great Doc Mustard (may he rest in peace). Paloma Faith has been immortalised in a golden statue in the centre of the largest of these museums in central Icholasen, which was revealed by Her Royal Highness Queen Anastasia I. Eilidh Whiteford opened the Portland Museum of Eurovoice in the city of Portland, and she was also very pleased to have been able to regenerate areas of central Portland. 

    The Current Progress of the Torch Relay around Icholasen (above)

    In addition to this, there have been multiple events taking place across the island for the celebration of Eurovoice coming to the Nine Dominions. A torch relay is being passed through each dominion at least once, bending and curving across the nation. It started at the Ministry of Eurovoice HQ, and will arrive at the event before it starts. This has engaged the whole nation to get involved in the Eurovoice process, and to enjoy the events taking place. 

    Paloma Faith, the Minister for Eurovoice (above)

    The (surviving) members of the Ministry of Eurovoice, headed by Paloma Faith have made all the arrangements for the events that will take place. There are rumoured to be a large number of events taking place, such as fireworks, jet flyovers, artillery salutes and also a bonfire. Also, Paloma Faith has been asked to let Isleym take over as Minister of Eurovoice, but Ms. Faith declined. Isleym, the winner of the 31st Eurovoice 'expressed no desire' to become a Minister, according to Madam Faith. 

    All in all, Icholasen is very pleased to be hosting Eurovoice, and though it has been a longer time coming than other events, it has taken a long time to plan all the events - but this Eurovoice will be spectacular. Apply below to take part!

    Application form:



    Song (title and link):




    Inquista - Kane Brown, Heaven

    Omnibus - DJM, Nearer, My God, To Thee

    Angleter - The Common Linnets, Calm After the Storm

    United Kingdom - Clean Bandit and Louisa Johnson, Tears

    Icholasen - Sexion d'Assaut, Ma Direxion

    Montenbourg - Dua Lipa, IDGAF

    Complutum - Celtas Cortos, Retales de una vida

    Austrur - Francesca Michielin, L'amore esiste

    Luz de Libertados - La 5a Estación, Recúeradame

    Duxburian Union - NF, Intro III

  • Admin

    Nation: Angleter

    Artist: The Common Linnets

    Song (title and link): Calm After the Storm

    Broadcaster: Sirion TV

  • Nation: Omnibus

    Song (title and link): Nearer, My God, to Thee

    Artist: DJM

    Broadcaster: Vladimir Entertainment 

  • Admin

    Nation: Inquista

    Artist: Kane Brown

    Song (title and link): Heaven

    Broadcaster: IBC

  • Admin

    Remember to enter by 28th February, folks!

    (Unsubtle bump)

  • Admin

    Nation: The United Kingdom

    Artist: Clean Bandit & Louisa Johnson

    Song (title and link)Tears

    Broadcaster: British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

  • Nation: Icholasen

    Artist: Sexion d'Assaut

    Song (title and link): Ma Direxion

  • The Deadline is extended to the 7th of March. 

  • Nation: The Kingdom of Montenbourg

    Artist: Dua Lipa

    Song (title and link)IDGAF

    Broadcaster: Broadcasting Corporation of Montenbourg (BCM)

  • Nation: Grand Duchy of Complutum

    Artist: Celtas Cortos

    Song (title and link): Retales de una vida

    Broadcaster: Complutumian TV

  • Admin

    Bumping this again - 24 hours to enter, folks

    (cc: @Miraco @Duxburian-Union @LuzDeLibertados @Normancy @Austrur @Thrynia)

  • Nation: Austrur

    Artist: Francesca Michielin

    Song: L'amore esiste

    Broadcaster: ÖRT

  • Nation: Luz de Libertados

    Artist: La 5a Estación

    Song (title and link): Recúeradame

    Broadcaster: Luz de Libertados Broadcasting Corporation (Luz de Libertados Radiofusion Corporacion) LLRC/LLBC

  • Entrance is now CLOSED.

    Please vote by assigning each entry (NOT Including your own) with the points below (12 being the best song, 1 being the least good song). When you are done PM them on the forum to both me and @Angleter . The voting ends on the 15th of March, and the Eurovoice events will then take place. Good luck to all!










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    Sorry, I intended to enter before the power went out from the nor'easter.  Power was just restored and Angleter told me that nobody has voted yet, so if you'll take a late entry,

    Nation: Iunio dairghazburiano

    Artist: NF

    Song (title and link): Intro III

    Broadcaster: DTV

  • Admin

    @duxburian-union said:

    Sorry, I intended to enter before the power went out from the nor'easter.  Power was just restored and Angleter told me that nobody has voted yet, so if you'll take a late entry,

    Nation: Iunio dairghazburiano
    Artist: NF
    Song (title and link): Intro III
    Broadcaster: DTV

    This entry has been accepted as, indeed, nobody has voted yet. Take note of the fact that a point vote has been added to correspond with the larger number of entries.

    On a related note: GET VOTING

  • Admin

    A reminder to VOTE!

    To help, @Inquista has made this handy playlist of all the songs

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