2018 News in Omnibus

  • March 11, 2018: The Vladimir Papers have leaked

    The Vladimir Papers are infamous in Omnibus because they are the papers that tell of his violent past during the Civil War, a joint effort between Lucas Finch and news outlets finally released the papers to the public showing that Rhaegar Vladimir had killed over a thousand people and tortured and killed his own men because he thought they were spies, killing one hundred of his men according tot he article. The Papers bring into question Rhaegar Vladimir's fitness for the office since he had tortured and killed so many people during the Civil War, David Poulin spoke for Rhaegar Vladimir, who is on vacation with his family and he said, "Rhaegar Vladimir is not that man anymore, he is kind and sincere and he is a man that will do what is best for our country as a whole with him as our leader we will see a complete change for the better. Also, it is curious that Lucas Finch has only decided to release the papers of Rhaegar Vladimir, Shane Raimi has done multiple things that as far as we know could be worse" David Poulin explained to reporters, but the People's Alliance is not happy with these papers and is calling for Rhaegar Vladimir to make a statement about them and stop vacationing. 

  • Riot Breaks Out at the Border

    In Daso, thousands stood on the border between their country and another with arms interlocked with each other creating a silent protest to the legislation that closed the border to Omnibus, the high population of immigrants in Daso makes the people there more understanding to their plights and causes more people to want to join the protest, when the people of the city of Daso saw the arms of people interlocked between the border they joined in as well standing together to protest the legislation. But, it only took one person to make the peaceful protest violent, the person remarked, "This won't do anything with Rhaegar and the LCP in charge." A protestor shouted and threw a single rock at a car starting a ripple that spread across the hundreds of people, the streets were taken over by the protestors and government buildings and local stores were looted and cars outside the city were smashed creating a riot in the city. Many were arrested by the police but no one was hurt in the riots, the anger of these people is still boiling and will only spread if the legislation is not repealed.  

    Live Updates:

    • March 12, 2018
      • Liddy Hopper makes a speech denouncing the decision of the Senate and stands in solidarity with the protestors, endorsing the People's Alliance.
      • Police used tear gas after a crowd turned rowdy, throwing rocks and bottles at officers. More than three dozen people have been arrested since the protests began.
      • In Edetrares, Rioters beat and nearly kill police. Hundreds of arson and looting incidents begin.
    • March 13, 2018
      • Senate votes 29 for and 25 against temporarily allowing the officers in Daso and Edtrares to use weapons and explosives, weapons and explosives were distributed to the police
      • Tensions in Daso turned violent on the third night of protests as people returned to the streets to face heavily armed police in riot gear who, at times, pointed weapons at them from armored trucks. 
      • Looting and fires reported across the country of Omnibus. 
      • Protesters in Daso threw Molotov cocktails at police, who responded with smoke bombs and tear gas to disperse the crowd.
    • March 14, 2018
      • Peacekeepers seized control of the cities and tensions seem to ease as protests take a lighter tone and violence subsides. The Peacekeepers take a more diplomatic approach that is calmer and more peaceful, a contrast from the nearly all-armed police force. 
      • President Rhaegar Vladimir delivered a statement, demanding for the violence to stop in Omnibus and saying that he will use any means available to him to stop it.
      • In Response, Protesters accused Rhaegar of trying to deflect attention away from the problems with the legislation. Peaceful protests continued until about midnight when a large crowd broke into the Special Senate building, having to be convinced by peacekeepers before midnight to leave.
    • March 15, 2018
      • Before the midnight curfew, many citizens were seen carrying weapons in response to the previous night of rioting and looting.
      • President Rhaegar Vladimir declares a state of emergency, and imposes a mandatory midnight curfew in Omnibus.
    • March 17, 2018
      • Police said Saturday night bottles and Molotov cocktails were thrown from the crowd and that some officers had come under heavy gunfire. At least two people were shot and 31 were arrested, he said.
      • Rhaegar Vladimir calls the military to Daso and Edetrares to help restore order and lifts the curfew imposed two days earlier.
    • March 19, 2018
      • Activists continue to call for a repeal of the border closure and gun legislation, it was announced that the Senate had been given an extension on deciding whether to repeal the legislation.
      • Police said the responding officer tried unsuccessfully to put out the flames but the event triggered protests that night. Two police officers were injured, five people were arrested and storefronts were damaged.
      • A teddy bear wall on the border was destroyed by fire early in the morning. 
      • Protesters return to the streets but in diminished numbers and with far fewer arrests.

  • March 13, 2018: LCP voter sad her husband got deported

    Lennard Dalton was a person who was in the country with citizenship in Omnibus. However, he was not born in Omnibus, he was always very careful that he was following certain regulations so that he wouldn't get deported and then Rhaegar Vladimir gets elected and the Peacekeepers deport him. Now, the part of the story that really stood out to people was the fact that everyone around him, including his wife voted for Rhaegar Vladimir, the same person who called for Lennard's deportation essentially. 

    So, we spoke to not only Lennard's wife about that, we spoke to a few of his friends. Through the transcript below we will see their justifications and reactions to this news:

    Friend of Lennard Dalton #1: I voted for him because he said he would get rid of the people that were a threat to our Republic, Lennard is not a threat to our Republic."

    Margie Dalton, the wife of Lennard was born in Omnibus and met Lennard in Dasos 16 years ago

    Margie Dalton: We were both servers at a restaurant and he started talking to me alot and I tried to ignore him. He always smilies, very positive person.

    They got married had 3 kids and settled into a comfortable life in Dranta

  • March 13, 2018: Senate ends 8 years of pacifism 

    Omnibus took a historic step away from its post- Civil war pacifism on Tuesday by ending a ban that has kept the country without a military since 2010, a victory for the LCP but a move that has worried many voters. The change will create a military for the people of Omnibus, the power to send the military anywhere lies in the power of the Senate though. Omnibus's armed forces will become more aligned with the militaries of other European Union nations. Rhaegar Vladimir was in favor of the legislation claiming that it will help settle down the protestors in the cities of Omnibus.  The Senate said that Omnibus should take no action involving a friendly country without that country's consent. Rhaegar Vladimir say the military ban has limited Omnibus's ability to defend itself and that means policies must be more flexible. Some voters worry about entanglement in foreign wars and others are angry at what they see as a gutting of the people's rights. Today, a man set himself on fire near a busy Olirith intersection - a rare form of protest in Omnibus - after speaking out against the Senate's decision to repeal the military ban. Thousands of protesters, not in cities that are rioting, including veterans, housewives and employees just leaving work, gathered near the special senate's office carrying banners and shouting, “Don't destroy this Republic”, “We're against war” and “No more Rhaegar”.

    “After this bill is enacted, Omnibus soldiers could be sent abroad to fight wherever by the Senate without officially declaring it a war from the people of Omnibus - we don't want that,” said a woman, 62, an artist and farmer, wearing a helmet saying “No War”.

    “Even if Omnibus doesn't send its troops anytime soon, I don't want my children to be apart of the military even in 10 or 20 years,” said teacher, 37, standing with her son and daughter.

    “It makes it easier for competitors to paint Omnibus as a wolf in sheep's clothing,” said Executive Consul, Hope Finch. But she added: “Just because Omnibus is strong does not mean that it will be aggressive.”

  • March 14, 2018: Rhaegar Vladimir Speaks about the Riots

    Transcript below, outside in the center of Cheles being live streamed and people watching in person

    Tonight I want to talk to you about violence in our cities and justice for our citizens, two big issues that have collided on the streets of Daso and Edetrares. First, an update on where matters stand.

    Fifteen minutes ago I talked to The police of both cities and their respective special senates. They told me that last night was better than the night before; today, calmer than yesterday. In the wake of the first night's violence in Dasos, I spoke directly to The police of both cities and their respective special senates to assess the situation and to offer assistance. There are two very different issues at hand. One is the urgent need to restore order. What followed the legislation to close the border to anyone who is not a natural born Omnibus citizen and deporting anyone who is living here who is not was a tragic series of events for the city of Daso: Nearly 400 fires, staggering property damage, hundreds of injuries, and the senseless deaths of over 30 people.

    To restore order right now, First, yesterday morning I encouraged the Senate to give the police of these cities temporary access to guns and explosives, so that they are able to quell the situation as they see fit. Second, I also encouraged the Senate to vote to repeal the military ban, so that we will have people trained to quell these situations quickly and little to no casualties, I am happy to tell you that they have passed both requests and now we will begin building our military and weapons and explosives were given to the police of Daso and Edetrares. Third, early today I directed peacekeepers to go into Daso and Edetrares to ease tensions and cause a lighter tone to the protests

    What we saw last night and the nights before in Daso and Edetrares is not about closing the border. It's been the brutality of a mob, pure and simple. And let me assure you: I will use whatever force is necessary to restore order. What is going on in Daso and Edetrares must and will stop. As your President I guarantee you this violence will end.

     Now let's talk about the legislation that I encouraged the Senate to pass legislation that would close the border to those who are not needed in our country, the opposition in our country, the people that look to destroy our way of life, the place that Shane Raimi and I have built to be a peaceful place for our families and children, whether you agree with the legislation or not: you must understand that our system of justice provides for the peaceful, orderly means of addressing this frustration. We must respect the process of law whether or not we agree with the outcome. There's a difference between frustration with the law and direct assaults upon our legal system. In a civilized society, there can be no excuse, no excuse for the murder, arson, theft, and vandalism that have terrorized the law-abiding citizens of Omnibus. Liddy Hopper mentioned to me her particular concern, among others, regarding the citizens of Omnibus that were citizens for years and mean no harm but are being deported. My heart goes out to them and all others who have are suffering losses. But, people from outside Omnibus are not going to help us there is no rationalization, no matter how heartfelt, no matter how eloquent, can make it otherwise.

     Immigrants stole our Republic this is not what we wish to think of as the people of Omnibus. It's as if we were looking in a mirror that distorted our better selves and turned us ugly. We cannot let that happen. We cannot do that to ourselves.

     We've seen images that we will never forget. Some were horrifying almost beyond belief. But there were other acts, small but significant acts in all this ugliness that give us hope. I'm one who respects our police. They keep the peace. They face danger. They help kids. Police officers are risking their lives right now on the streets of Omnibus., and they deserve our support. Then there are the people who have spent each night not in the streets but in the churches of Daso and Edetrares, praying that man's gentler instincts be revealed in the hearts of people driven by hate, which I encourage all the people of Omnibus go to a church and pray not only for a stop to the riots but for the government as a whole. And finally, there were the citizens who showed great personal responsibility, who ignored the mob, who at great personal danger helped the victims of violence.

     Among the many stories I've seen and heard about these past few days, one sticks in my mind, the story of one savagely beaten, alive tonight because four strangers came to his aid. The injured tried to drive away. But his eyes were swollen shut. The woman asked him if he could see. He answered, "No." She said, "Well, then I will be your eyes." Together, those four people braved the mob and drove the injured to the hospital. He's alive today only because they stepped in to help.

     It is for every one of them that we must rebuild the community of Daso and Edetrares, for these four people and the others like them who in the midst of this nightmare acted with simple human decency.

    We must understand that no one in Daso or any other city has rendered a verdict on Omnibus. If we are to remain a Republic we must not allow people into this country. This must be the rallying cry of good and decent people.

     For their sake, for all our sakes, we must build a future where, in every city across this country, empty rage gives way to hope, where poverty and despair give way to opportunity. After peace is restored to Daso and Edetrares, we must then turn again to the underlying causes of such tragic events. We must keep on working to create a climate of understanding and tolerance, a climate that refuses to accept racism, bigotry, anti-Semitism, and hate of any kind, anytime, anywhere.

    Tonight, I ask all people of Omnibus to lend their hearts, their voices, and their prayers to the healing of hatred. Let me say to the people saddened by the spectacle of the past few days, to the good people of Omnibus, caught at the center of this senseless suffering: The violence will end. Justice will be served. Hope will return.

     Thank you, and may God bless Omnibus.


    From a historical standpoint, this is the first time that God has been mentioned in a speech by the President, many are afraid for the future of Omnibus with this closing assuming that it means worse things for the future because one of the LCP’s main beliefs is to make the national religion Christianity, but not non-denominational they want the national religion to be Orthodox Christianity.  It seems that the riots have been pacified for the moment and have moved to mainly peaceful protests now.

  • Former Consul of Economy Lucas Finch is Assassinated

    Lucas Finch, Former Consul of Economy, was found dead in an apartment in Iploclas at 1a.m. this morning. He died in the emergency room of a nearby hospital 32 minutes after the attack. He was 39 years old. The five group of men that are the main suspects for the assassination have been captured and have admitted to the crime, claiming that they did it because Lucas Finch released the Vladimir Papers. The new Consul of Economy, David Poulin expressed his deepest sorrow for the passing of Lucas Finch and went to Lucas' home to inform his wife personally and later arrived in Cheles with the body of Lucas Finch, so that it could be laid to rest in respect.

  • March 15, 2018: Terrorists paid $25,000 each from Rhaegar Vladimir’s Campaign

    The investigation into the LCP's involvement in the terrorist attacks that happened in February have not only figured out that they had all worked for Rhaegar Vladimir at sometime, along with the people who killed Lucas Finch. The investigation has also recently found that David Poulin, Consul of the Economy has paid both groups of terrorists 25,000 dollars, the terrorists that killed Marshal Seaver are sitting in jail awaiting for the investigation to be finished before they have a trial but the people that killed Lucas Finch, while also in jail they all received their money, this was one of the first actions that David Poulin did as Consul of the Economy directing 450,000 dollars into a michellaneous category when it was, as the investigation has revealed going to help the people that have killed Omnibus citizens and the politicians of Omnibus. Today, the Senate is closed in honor of Lucas Finch but Senators on their day off have expressed a need for David Poulin to be impeached on the day that they get back to the Senate,so that he can be in a trial for his crimes and potentially go to jail for embezzling money. 

  • March 16, 2018: LCP Senators push police state policies

    Legislation proposed today in the Senate indicates that some LCP Senators are planning on passing legislation that would increase the population in prisons. The law effectively creates a zero tolerance policy for all crimes, making it easier for judges to be able to put people in prison for the lowest of crimes. The Senators used this an example, if a protest turns violent like we have seen in countries close to the border, then they could be charged under the law in a court like a terrorist. That is just one part of this legislation, this is what the proposed legislation says. Other parts of the bill would allow people that are not born in Omnibus to receive a five year sentence and then deportation if they are caught at a protest, many of the other Senators are calling this legislation unconstitutional and want to stop it in its tracks but with a LCP majority that seems to be getting harder and harder especially since the approval rating for Rhaegar is only going up as the economy booms and promises to end the violence in the cities, which means that overall the people of Omnibus are going to trust what the LCP is doing, hence why they have voted them the majority party. But, when the legislation was put to a vote later that day after it was proposed it seems that the bill was destroyed with 17 Senators for the legislation and 37 against the legislation, meaning that some LCP are not really in favor of putting more people in jail either, which will look good for them in the future.

  • March 18, 2018: Massive Virus Outbreak in Omnibus

    Devastating news out of Olirith as 132 people are infected with an unknown disease, the disease begins like acting like a fever for what doctors have said lasts for a day and then the vision of the person starts to blur and eventually they faint and die from the sickness, 11 people have died from the illness already and doctors are baffled by the sickness like good doctors they have quarantined the people that are believed to be infected but this does not seem to be helping because almost nine thousand people across Omnibus have started to be quarantined to keep the sickness at bay but while they are doing this more are dying in quarantine, 96 dying overall as this article is being written but the number rises every minute because of the rapidness of the disease. Rhaegar Vladdimir released a statement earlier today online saying, "If you are feeling sick, please do not touch anyone and please go straight to the doctor." Many critics of Rhaegar Vladimir believe that this outbreak is very convienent for him because information was just released that his campaign was paying terrorists but he does not have to discuss that because of the outbreak of what people are calling the Vladimir Flu, as a movement against the President of Omnibus     

  • March 18, 2018: The Sparks of Revolution come to Omnibus

    While the headlines are plagued with the news of the Senate turning against the people, civil unrest in cities in Omnibus and a massive virus killing many it seems that Omnibus is a shell of its former self but recent events have put hope into people's eyes as a woman burned herself in front of the Senate building as a sign of protest against the recent legislation passed and suggested in the Senate, after the woman burned herself the Senate doors were vandalized by rocks being thrown at them and a message wrote on the door by six teens, "Leave the Senate LCP." The six teens were captured by the police after the police brutally beat them up in front of the Senate then took them to the holding cells without taking them to the hospital, one of the spectators caught the brutality on camera and posted it on Youtube where thousands came out throughout Omnibus to protest the LCP, the cops and the President for their terrible actions while in office, four of the people protesting were shot dead by cops that were trying to control the situation sparking violent protests from the rest of the crowds all across Omnibus. The police stood down and either joined the protestors against the government or cowered away from the thousands of protestors in the streets of Omnibus.

  • March 18, 2018: Senator Nell Jinks Speaks Out

    Nell Jinks, who has gone back to her home for the weekend to make sure that those that have gotten the virus in her hometown are safe and that the hospitals are helping them the best that they can being a nurse during the Civil War she even stepped in to help take care of those who were sick but even in her hometown she could not escape comments about the expulsion of non-natural born citizens of Omnibus from the country, she is a firm UPC Senator but has not spoken on the issue saying reporters that, "What the people are doing speaks for itself that this must not be our policies." But came out with a full statement as she worked with those that were sick, "True to our history and values as a nation, we have served as a place of refuge to the most vulnerable in the world. We should not be putting in place a ban on the people who created Omnibus, immigrants, people who were not natural born in Omnibus, These people would much rather stay in their homes and live in peace. That’s why we must address the cries of the people to repeal this legislation.” Nell was confident in her answer and has said that she would prefer that Rhaegar Vladimir step down from power instead of the Senate having to draft impeachment papers against him, but she is willing to do so if the time comes to it. But, for now Nell is spending her time helping those in need, taking a break before she gets the publicity of the new book that she has been writing about the Revolution that needs to take place in Omnibus if they want to keep the Republic that they know and love, that book comes out tomorrow and seems rather timely given the events of earlier today.

  • March 18, 2018: Rhaegar Vladimir Encourages the Senate to Close

    Transcript below, speaking to a Special Committee of the Senate

    On February the 27th, enemies of freedom killed my friend Marshal Seaver committing an act of war against our country.

    On March 3rd, these enemies of freedom acted against us again trying to topple my campaign for the Presidency

    On March 12th deadly riots started in our cities 

    And continuously throughout my Presidency I have been bashed for my decisions and an investigation is being led against me saying that I was involved in helping the terrorists kill Marshal Seaver.

    These are all acts of war against our country. The people of Omnibus have known wars but for the past 8 years we have been at peace. The people of Omnibus have known the causalities of war. But, not started by our neighbors in the center of our cities on peaceful mornings where the people of Omnibus believed that we had moved past these awful habits once we toppled the Raimis. All of these terrorist attacks were brought upon us by the people of our country and since then we have been living in a different world where our freedom is under attack. The people of Omnibus have many questions tonight, the people of Omnibus are asking: Why is there so much violence in the streets of Omnibus? Why is a flu killing our people? What I have gathered is that it all comes back to one source, immigrants. They are the murderers of our people and they are responsible for the terrorist attacks against us, Immigrants our terrorists. There goal is to bring down the freedoms that we have in this country and replacing it with a system that is not strong, a system that is corrupt. They make no distinction on who they will kill they will kill men, women and children to take us to their goal. I condemn immigrants that come to Omnibus. Which is why I encourage the Senate of Omnibus to give the powers of themselves to me and close every door to the Senate house so that I may do what the people truly want, an end to this violence in a way a servant of the people, such as myself can give. A full crackdown on protests, where these immigrants fester and create their terrorist ideals we must act quickly which is why you must vote now to allow me the powers of the Senate, so that we can truly make the ideas of the people a reality.

    After, hearing this speech from the President of Omnibus, the Senate deliberates and then takes a vote in front of the President. It has been rumored since the vote that twenty of the members of the Senate were paid off to vote in favor of the call to action, the official vote was 27 for closing the Senate and giving their powers to Rhaegar and 27 voting to keep the powers of the Senate, so since the proposal ended in a tie, the proposal dies in the Senate and is banned from being discussed again in the Senate. Rhaegar Vladimir was angry about this and knew what would be coming next as he saw Nell Jinks, who had come from her hometown especially to vote in the Special Committee rising with a smirk as she rose to give a speech to the Senate.

  • March 18, 2018: Senator Nell Jinks calls for Impeachment of Rhaegar Vladimir

    In front of the Senate Special Committee Nell Jinks speaks after Rhaegar Vladimir's quest for absolute power is denied, Transcript below

    Today I am an inquisitor. Any hyperbole would not be fictional and would not overstate the solemnness that I feel right now. My faith in Omnibus is whole; it is complete; it is total. And I am not going to sit here and be an idle spectator to the diminution, the subversion, the destruction, of Omnibus.

    Rhaegar Vladimir has abused the trust of the people of Omnibus.

    It is wrong for any member here to assert that for a member to vote for an article of impeachment means that that member must be convinced that the President should be removed from office. That is not how it works. We know the nature of impeachment. We almost had to impeach Former President Shane Raimi. It is chiefly designed for the President and others to somehow be called into account. It is designed to "bridle" the Executive if he engages in excesses.  

    The drawing of political lines goes to the motivation behind impeachment; but impeachment must proceed within the confines of the term "high crime[s] and misdemeanors." Of the impeachment process, it was Shane Raimi who said that "Nothing short of the grossest offenses against the plain law of the land will suffice to give them speed and effectiveness. Indignation so great as to overgrow party interest may secure a conviction; but nothing else can."

    Common sense would be revolted if we engaged upon this process for petty reasons. Congress has a lot to do. Pettiness cannot be allowed to stand in the face of such overwhelming problems. So today we are not being petty. We are trying to be big, because the task we have before us is a big one.

    This morning, we received information from the Intelligence Agency that will not be released to the public until tomorrow morning and as you know among this being is that the Intelligence Agency is now certain that the Rhaegar Campaign was instrumental in the deadly terrorist attacks and assassination of Marshal Seaver because the terrorists connected to the terrorism have told investigators that they talked to David Poulin and Rhaegar Vladimir multiple times about the terrorist attacks and to prove this gave the investigators memos from Rhaegar and David .We were further cautioned today that perhaps these proceedings ought to be delayed because certainly there would be new evidence forthcoming from the President of Omnibus. There has not even been an obfuscated indication that this committee would receive any additional materials from the President. Instead, the response was ignoring the evidence that he paid the terrorists in favor of blaming immigrants for the problems of our country, the same immigrants that Rhaegar Vladimir went against the wishes of the people of Omnibus to have expelled from the country and close our border to. 

    At this point, I would like to juxtapose a few of the impeachment criteria with some of the actions the President has engaged in. Impeachment criteria: If the President be connected in any suspicious manner with any person and there be grounds to believe that he will shelter him, he may be impeached.

    The President had knowledge that these funds were being paid and these were funds collected for the Presidential campaign from collected information from Rhaegar's computer. We know that David Poulin, from the memos, met with the terrorists 27 times to discuss matters related to the terrorist attacks, and immediately thereafter met with Rhaegar Vladimir to discuss the meeting that he just had. The words are: "If the President is connected in any suspicious manner with any person and there be grounds to believe that he will shelter that person, he may be impeached."

     Impeachments intended for occasional and extraordinary cases where a superior power acting for the whole people is put into operation to protect their rights and rescue their liberties from violations. We know about the ban on people that are not naturally born in Omnibus. We know about the blatant killing of Lucas Finch. We know that Rhaegar Vladimir and the LCP have not been acting in the interest of the country since Rhaegar Vladimir has come to office. Protect their rights." "Rescue their liberties from violation.

    Has the President committed offenses, and planned, and directed, and acquiesced in a course of conduct which Omnibus will not tolerate? That's the question. We know that. We know the question. We should now forthwith proceed to answer the question. It is reason, and not passion, which must guide our deliberations, guide our debate, and guide our decision.

    By a vote of 50 for and 4 against, the Senate decided that because of the many riots in the streets of Omnibus calling for the impeachment of Rhaegar Vladimir makes up at least 50% of the population and then moved from that point to decide whether impeachment proceedings should continue, 34 Senators were for impeachment proceedings to continue while 20 Senators voted against the impeachment proceedings which means that Rhaegar Vladimir will not be allowed to make any decisions as President and effectively Hope Finch is Acting President until a decision can be met about whether Rhaegar Vladimir will be impeached or not. Rhaegar Vladimir has been summoned to the Senate to appear tomorrow to make his statements.

  • March 19, 2018: Rhaegar Vladimir Speaks to the People of Omnibus

    Transcript of Rhaegar Vladimir's address to the Senate and the people of Omnibus before they vote on whether he should be impeached, the decision will also effect David Poulin as well.

    My fellow people of Omnibus, I come to you with a short but meaningful statement to not believe what this Senate has said, I want you to block out this conspiracy that they are plotting against me and listen to the man that you elected to be your servant, I was not involved in the terrorist attacks, David Poulin or I had nothing to do with the death of my friend Marshall Seaver. The power of these liars in the Senate will only get worse and I know that they will vote me from the office just like they did with Shane Raimi. But, I encourage you to think, when will it stop? When will we have a leader that the Senate does not impeach? Therefore, we must fight against the Senate on every legislation to make sure that we can trust the people that we put in charge of the government. With that I stand firm on my stance that I am not guilty of this conspiracy against me.

    Although Rhaegar Vladimir said that he was not guilty of the crimes the Senat still voted to see if he will be impeached from the office and 41 of the Senators voted for his impeachment while 13 senators voted for him to stay in the office of the Presidency. Next, the Senate voted on whether to impeach David Poulin from the office of the consul, with a vote of 33 for his impeachment from the consul and 21 against. With the vote having been decided by the Senate it moved to the people of Omnibus where the people voted 60% impeaching both, Rhaegar and David Poulin and 40% against impeaching them making it appear that the Senate had just enough of a majority of the people of Omnibus for the two of them to be impeached, now President Hope Finch will have to make a statement tonight to the people of Omnibus.

  • President Hope Finch Speaks to the People of Omnibus for the first time

    Transcript below

    Good evening. This is the first time I have spoken to you from the center of Cheles, where announcements have been made that have changed the course of Omnibus. In all of those changes past Presidents have made in their public lives, they have always tried to do what was best for the Nation. Throughout the long and difficult period of instability, I feel it is my duty to persevere, to make every possible effort to complete my term of office.

    In the past few days, however, it has become evident to me that the people do not want the ideals of the LCP. As long as there was such people, that could make up a majority that identified with the ideals of the LCP I felt strongly that it was necessary to see the process through to its conclusion, that to do otherwise would be unfaithful to the spirit of that deliberately difficult process and a dangerously destabilizing precedent for the future. But with the disappearance of that base, I now believe that my purpose, to end a denial of the people's rights has been served, and there is no longer a need for the process to be prolonged.

    I would have preferred to carry through to the finish of my term as President whatever the personal agony it would have involved, and my family unanimously urged me to do so. But the interest of the Nation must always come before any personal considerations. I believe I do not have the people in the Senate to back the very difficult decisions and carry out the duties of this office in the way the interests of the Nation would require.

    I have never been a quitter. To leave office before my term is completed is abhorrent to every instinct in my body. But as President, I must put the interest of the people of Omnibus first. Omnibus needs a President and Senate that will work for them and not their own special interests, particularly at this time with problems we face at home. To continue to fight through the years ahead for my personal vindication would almost totally absorb the time and attention of both the President and the Senate when our entire focus should be on the issues of the people of Omnibus.

    Therefore, I shall resign the Presidency effective tonight. Chief Executive Consul Liddy Hopper will be sworn in as President after I am finished tonight.

    As I recall the high hopes for Omnibus with which we began this nation, I feel a great sadness that I will not be here in this office working on your behalf to achieve those hopes in the next 8 years. But in turning over direction of the Government to Liddy Hopper, I know, as I told the Nation that the leadership of Omnibus will be in good hands.

    In passing this office to Liddy Hopper, I also do so with the profound sense of the weight of responsibility that will fall on her shoulders tonight and, therefore, of the understanding, the patience, the cooperation she will need from all people of Omnibus. As she assumes that responsibility, she will deserve the help and the support of all of us. As we look to the future, the first essential is to begin healing the wounds of this Nation, to put the bitterness and divisions of the recent past behind us, and to rediscover those shared ideals that lie at the heart of our strength and unity as a great and as a free people.

    By taking this action, I hope that I will have hastened the start of that process of healing which is so desperately needed in Omnibus.

    I regret deeply any injuries that may have been done in the course of the events that led to this decision.

    So, let us all now join together in affirming that common commitment and in helping our new President succeed for the benefit of all people of Omnibus.

    I shall leave this office with regret at not completing my term, But the challenges ahead are equally great, and they, too, will require the support and the efforts of the Senate and the people working in cooperation with the new President. We must complete a structure of peace so that it will be said of this generation, our generation, by the people of all nations, not only that we ended our disasters but that we prevented future disasters.

    I pledge to you tonight that as long as I have a breath of life in my body, I shall continue in that spirit. I shall continue to work for the great causes to which I have been dedicated throughout my years the cause of peace not just for Omnibus but among all nations, prosperity, justice, and opportunity for all of our people.

    There is one cause above all to which I have been devoted and to which I shall always be devoted for as long as I live.