A Bold, New Vision: United Kingdom - Omnibus Visit in Cheles

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    19 February 2018

    Skies above Cheles, Omnibus

    "Do we have much information on Omnibus?" asked Theresa May, the Prime Minister reading her dossier one more time. She was shocked to see it surprisingly light considering she was going to a country as the first British Prime Minister visiting it. She was expecting more information.

    "Well, Prime Minister," said Fiona Hill, a trusted aide to the PM, "Omnibus is going through an election process, so there may or may not be enough people by. It's also a smaller nation, probably no more than 500,000 in total live there. Tumultuous history as well."

    "Omnibus...I remember hearing that Irish rebels and English explorers landed there and caused quite a bit of a stir," Theresa said to Fiona. She said nothing but sipped her water. She didn't want to tell the Prime Minister that the English born King of Omnibus had been a fairly brutal ruler. The plane touched done at the Cheles Airport, and Mrs. May remarked at how wonderfully rolling the landscape was. She could see a man in front of her.

    "Fiona, that must be him, right?" the Prime Minister whispered. Fiona nodded discreetly. Mrs. May extended her hand to the President of Omnibus. 

    "Good morning, Mr. President. I am Theresa May, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain."

  • "Alright, so we will not talk about the history that we have had between us unless she brings it up first." Shane said, making conversation with his new Executive Chief Consul, Yvonee Petit as they made the walk from his home to the airport, that was something that Shane liked about Cheles was that everything was in walking distance of the main city area, Yvonee nodded knowing that Shane had to think out loud so that he could grasp it. Before, Shane was President they had made a friendship during the war and Shane was glad when she was elected into his government. 

    Once, Shane and Yvonee were at the small airport Shane ran through what he knew about Great Britain once more as he watched the plane land he suddenly became nervous thinking that this would be the first foreign leader on Onimbus' soil in centuries once Mrs. May was on the ground and walking towards him his nerves started to decrease and he shook the hand of Mrs. MAy whom he had recognized from his daily briefings and said to her, "Good morning to you as well Mrs. May, it is a great honor to have you in Omnibus." Shane also shook the hand of her advisor giving her a smile before turning to Yvonee and she introduced herself to the two women in front of her, shaking their hands, "Great to meet both of you, my name is Yvonee Petit and I am the Executive Chief Consul, meaning that I am basically your equilvelant when it comes to the government Mrs. May. It is a pleasure to meet you both." 

    Shane nodded feeling good about the first impression and then said, "Won't you please follow us to my home we will go through the city area as well where you can see our democracy in action as well, does that sound okay with you?"

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    "It is a pleasure, Mr. Raimi," Mrs. May said to the President. "Ms. Petit, it will be good doing business with you Yes, I would love to see what Omnibus has become. The civil war you had was quite a frightful thing to watch from London those years ago, but I am glad it is over." Theresa looked over to the vehicles and followed the President and Executive Chief Consul. She looked around. It was a very beautiful country, reminded her a lot of Ireland and rural England, with a few more snow-capped mountains in the distance reminding her that someone thought it was smart to visit a Scandinavian country in February.

    "Fiona, we probably should have saved this for February. It's bloody cold out here," Theresa said to her aide. Fiona smiled at the Prime Minister.

    "A little birdie on my shoulder said that the UK should look for a bold new vision and set out new partnerships as well as cement our old relationships. I told you it'd be better to go to the DU at this time of year, but NO," Fiona chuckled. 

  • Shane heard their conversation and couldn't help but interject himself into it, "I assure you ladies that once we get into the city you will feel the warmth I think it is because a lot of people are in the same spot at the same time that makes it so warm but I assure you it will be a welcome change." Shane told them as he opened the door to the car for Mrs. May and Fiona to get inside, he was using a car today because he wasn't sure how the Prime Minister would feel about walking to the city area. So, Shane got into the back seat of the car after the two were in and sat next to Fiona while Yvonee sat next to Mrs. May so while they drove they could have conversations with each other and not just separately.

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    Mrs. May and Fiona both looked at each other in their car. They were, being middle and upper middle class English women, embarrassed that their host managed to hear their complaints. 

    "Well, that's really done it now," Mrs. May sighed. "I do want a look at the beautiful country that is Omnibus though. We'll have to get out of the car and look."

    "Yes, please!" Fiona added. The car began to move.

    "So, what is this that we are approaching now?" asked the Prime Minister.

  • "Yes it is typical that you ride from the airport and then leave your car beofre you come into the city." Yvonee explained to the women, the airport was outside the city of Omnibus and it would take about a few minutes of a drive to get there but Yvonee looked out the window and said, "Over there you will see the farm land for Omnibus all of our food is from naturally grown food sources so as to not abuse any of the animals that we use for eating, coming up will be approaching the windmills that bring the city its power and many call this the gateway into the suburbs of Cheles before we get into the city." Yvonee explained as they passed the windmills just as she had said, before Yvonee had started her career in politics she had a career as a tour guide after the Civil War.

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    "What a wonderful country you have," Mrs. May said to Yvonee. "The windmills are lovely, and I'm glad to see Omnibus really coming together after such a traumatic experience like a Civil War." Fiona nodded.

    Theresa really meant it. Perhaps instead of going to Chequers for vacation, she thought, Omnibus would definitely do. 

    "Yes, the high quality of food exports from Omnibus are world famous, and many families in the United Kingdom supplement their British-raised foods with yours as well. In fact, I do recall seeing an Omnibus sticker on one of my sugar beets," Fiona added.

    It seemed as though the car stopped. 

    "Oh, is it time to get out now and explore? How fun!" the Prime Minister smiled. The car ride was all she needed.

  • Shane was glad that Mrs. May seemed to be liking her visit to Omnibus he said to her, "Yes we have tried our best to move on from the Civil War and it is all thanks to the people of our nation that have stepped up to protect it and run the government." Shane explained as the car stopped, ahead of them would be the ascent of a small hill and then they would reach the city of Cheles, once they got out of the car they could hear the voices of protests of Rhaegar Vladimir and Marshal Seaver's rhetoric from their campaigns and Yvonee explained as much to Mrs. May and her advisor, "Many people are upset about the two men that have announced their bid for the Presidency because they are campaigning to essentially go back to many of the ideals of the monarchy." Yvonee explained as he helped each of the woman out of the car and led the ascent into the city center.

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    "I see," Fiona said softly. The two didn't want to necessarily say anything that would anger their hosts. "Perhaps this may not have been the best of times for a visit from a constitutional monarchy like the United Kingdom."

    "But, you see, that's the difference. Our Sovereign is a constitutional one. A necessary part of the parliamentary system, but one that is largely ceremonial. If I remember correctly, the Omnibus monarch was not constitutionally bound. It is a shame and we want to support a strong and stable Omnibus, and that includes a President of Omnibus that represents all of the people of Omnibus."

  • Shane looked at their faces, seeing a little bit of fear as he said, "I assure you the protests are routine, there is one about every month here it is just so the people can have as much of a voice as they can in the government." Shane explained and tried to reassure her as he said, "It is mainly supporters of the Democratic Peace Party, my own party so I don't think we will have anything to worry about." Shane saw how big the crowd once they were up the hill they were outside the Senate House and at the center of Cheles, many were surrounded around Liddy Hopper who was leading the chants, to avoid the crowd of people Shane took Mrs. May and the others through a side entrance into the Senate House, this room was a round room where the speaker would stand in the middle and give his statement or announcement, currently senators were announcing their run for reelection or to contest another's election.

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    "Oh, I daresay I know what this is; someone is going to have an election soon, aren't they?" Mrs. May smiled. She remembered her big victory in 2017, increasing her majority and ensuring at least 7 years as Prime Minister. Yes, the Liberal and Unionist Party, after nearly 18 years of an SDLP Government and failed leadership....

    "Prime Minister, I don't think you want to boast, surely," Fiona winked. Theresa snapped back into focus.

    She looked at the procedure and found it interesting. "So does everyone announce their candidacy individually, and where does it go from here?"

  • "Well, you see today is a historic day in the Senate because while Senate members are announcing anyone that wants to run from their party can contest their seat this year and then they will have what the Senate has decided to call sub-elections where the people of Omnibus pick who they think will be the best candidate for the party." Yvonee explained to Mrs. May and Fiona in a whisper as to not disturb the Senate meeting going on. As, they were watching one of the events Yvonee was just describing happened a Senate member stepped forward to announce their run for reelection but then a citizen announced a run against the Senate member. Once, the Senate became a little loud with excitement this is when Shane decided to lead them away from the Senate House and outside once again, this time they were past the city center and were heading up the hill to Shane's home which also housed the government offices as well.

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    "Reminds me a lot of Whitehall, this part of Cheles," the Prime Minister said. "Government offices and official residences. I bet Fiona will feel right at home with all of these people surrounding us."

    "Prime Minister," Fiona laughed. 

    "Anyway, we have a lot of hope for our meeting. We want to set forth the groundwork for a trade agreement which we will be able to further with a reciprocal visit to London in June," the Prime Minister responded. "There are other topics as well that we hope we can get a framework around to move to the next set of negotiations."

  • Shane Raimi and Yvonee Petit listened intently to what the Prime Minister had to say and Shane said when she was finished, "I hope a lot from this meeting to many of the people of Omnibus have hoped for a long time that we would be able to have leaders come to Omnibus so that we can set up friendships and stable trade agreements as well I am glad that we have finally caught the attention of a wonderful country like your own Mrs. May." Shane Raimi told her as they got to the government offices, the offices were rather tame today with only a few people running around to try and get things done but Yvonee ushered the group upstairs to Shane Raimi's private office and offered the two women a seat on the comfortable chairs in his office as he and Yvonne sat across from the two, Shane was ready for a discussion, which he opened by saying, "Now, you do understand Ms. May that in June I would no longer be in office my predecessor will be instead, whoever that maybe."

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    "Yes, I do understand. This is why the framework is in place. It will go back to London with us and the Cabinet and specifically the Foreign Office and the Department for International Trade for further hammering out and approval, then we will hopefully have your successor in London to sign it. If we can hammer out the details as best we can now, we certainly could extend an invitation that will see you still in office," the Prime Minister offered. 

  • "Yes, that would be a great idea for all involved." expressed Yvonne Petit and then looked at Shane, as the President he would be the one that would negotiate with foreign leaders, Yvonee Petit did not have that kind of power she was just there to make sure that the agreement worked for the government, Shane was there to make sure it worked for a nation as a whole, "Alright so I have been thinking about this agreement since you announced that you would come to Omnibus to discuss it with us and I would prefer that in the trade agreement it expresses breaking down trade barriers between our two nations also we would like to add a stipulation to our agreement to the trade deal, as you know the people of Omnibus are more on the progressive side and when we asked them to give their opinion on what they would want in the agreements they said that they would want your country to be committed  to protecting the wildlife and the environment as the people of Omnibus are already striving to do and the people were also afraid that if this trade deal is signed what stops, pardon me if you find this offense, but they wondered what would stop your successor or mine from corrupting the trade to fuel their own self-interests so the people would want to make sure that they got a say before anything in the bill was changed. This is what I have to offer as our trade agreement at the moment, I am curious as to what you think about what the people of Omnibus have come up with."

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    The Prime Minister had a look of slight surprise on her face. Fiona turned to her as well.

    "Britain is committed to carbon neutral power plants for all new plants and reducing our carbon footprint as well as a loan and rebate programme to promote households and industries to switch to energy saving technologies. We also have some of the highest farming standards in Europe, with the United Kingdom tackling diffuse water pollution from agriculture and promoting humane and clean farming. We are one of the few major economies to do so in Europe, so I hope that the people of Omnibus feel comfortable with the United Kingdom's policies. 

    "I am somewhat concerned about adding a clause that the citizens of Omnibus can control and change a treaty that Britain signs up for if they do not like the current UK Government that may propose changes. Of course we would be in consultation with the current Omnibus Government as it is polite and right to have both parties agree to changes if there comes a time. Seeing as we are seeking a very standard free trade agreement, I know that the British people would not have an issue with it. Nor would I ask all of our over 80 million citizens to have a say on any proposed changes that come from Omnibus. I hope that Your Excellency will agree with me on that issue."

  • "I am glad that we have an ally in the fight to make our world sustainable for our children." Shane said to her and with a little uneasy he said, "I hope you don't see me as blunt by the way that I have asked for these precautions in the trade deal it is just that my job as President, which I take very seriously is to make sure that the people get what they have asked for out of their government and every time their well being will be the first thing on my mind. Also, I think you misunderstood my meaning when I said the people of Omnibus would have a say, by this I meant that you would be okay with them seeing and voting on any changes we propose tot he deal before it is made into law." Shane explained to her hoping that this made her more comfortable, "I'm sorry I completely forgot to offer would you like anything to eat or drink, this building called the "New Vision Building" is equipped with a kitchen with world renowned chefs for the entire working day."

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    "If you don't mind, black tea...I'll take it with cream and sugar as well. Fiona, how do you take yours?" the Prime Minister asked.

    "Cream, no sugar," Fiona answered. 

    "I, again, do feel that the need to have the people see and change the treaty will open the door to the agreement falling apart, perhaps not now, but certainly in the future. Therefore, I can say that I am not comfortable with it nor would the House of Commons when confirming and adopting the treaty," the Prime Minister said. 

  • Shane nods, thinking briefly imagining to himself how Rhaegar, if he became President could influence the way that the friendship between the United Kingdom and Omnibus, he finally said, "Yes, I am willing to sacrifice the vote of the people. I would like to hear now what you have to offer to the bill that we have not already discussed." Shane looked at her as Yvonee went out to get their drinks.