A Bold, New Vision: United Kingdom - Omnibus Visit in Cheles

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    "What we would agree to is the fact that no tariffs will be applied on traded goods between the United Kingdom and Omnibus across all sectors of our respective economies. I also will be able to add in that we will be sure that before products leave to Omnibus, an explicit explanation of the standards and quality from your government will be made available to all persons and companies doing business with Omnibus. We of course would expect the reciprocal offer from Omnibus. That is as far as it goes. So, if Omnibus has VAT on certain goods that don't have a VAT in the United Kingdom, you are free to do so. We simply do not want any additional taxes placed on goods between our two nations beyond VAT in the country of purchase. We will also work with Omnibus to ensure that companies pay corporation and business taxes on products sold in our two nations. 

    "In order for this to work, we will need to be able to allow our people to travel visa-free. That means, with valid passport, British and Omibus travellers can visit our two nations. This agreement will also include a defence and intelligence sharing agreement, in which the United Kingdom and Omnibus will be cooperative partners, and the United Kingdom will come to the defence of Omnibus should it be attacked by a belligerent nation," the Prime Minister said. "I hope this will suit Your Excellency."

  • "These requirements on your end can be met by my own government. But, what we need to discuss is Rhaegar, a man who started his campaign with a promise to close the border to anyone who is not patriotic towards Omnibus, I assume he would not allow the same freedoms of travel as I do which is why I have asked for another precaution to go into place so that none of us make brash decisions when a possibly different style of ruling will be in effect in Omnibus. I would be open to hear what you have to offer to this time of uncertainity as you are more well-informed as a leader than I." Shane told her with a certain gravity in his voice, showing that he would regret anything that Rhaegar would do in his Presidency.

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    Mrs. May paused for a moment. She didn't want to say anything that could inflame the currently (hot) political disagreement into a (hotter) physical conflict. 

    "I think, since you are a leader that represents the end of the Civil War and a return to peaceful democracy, we can allow for the former provision that the people of Omnibus have a voice on your side to the change in treaty. I will say, however, you want to get that written down so that all treaties you sign are treated the same way. If...your potential successor...is not as altruistic as yourself, then you have to try and stick in necessary precautions to safeguard democracy and openness against those who would seek to shut Omnibus out from the rest of the world," Theresa said to the President in a much softer voice. "Off the record, I can get Cabinet and the House of Commons to be on the side to allow this provision and considering the danger and the current SDLP Leadership Contest ongoing, I can negotiate with the Leader of the Opposition to get safe passage through the UK Senate."

  • Yvonee brings back the refreshments to lighten the mood of the conversation as Shane says, "Yes thank you that will be a wonderful addition to our treaty and I will suggest that my party encourages legislation that will allow the people of Omnibus to vote on changes to treaties before they are agreed upon with the two leaders to prevent future leaders from changing the legislation without the approval of our citizens."

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    "Yes, and on the British end, we would negotiate that solely with Parliament," Theresa answered. She breathed a slight sigh of relief. 

    'Avoided that one,' she thought. Fiona smiled and turned to the Prime Minister. 

    "Prime Minister, I'll take my tea outside and leave you to it," Fiona replied. She left a red Government folder with the Prime Minister: her entire research on Omnibus was contained in there. 

    "So, we've talked that bit of business up and we've solidified the United Kingdom and Omnibus as friendly nations. Do tell me, have you enjoyed your time as President? I would certainly like to know that. I get to have until 2022 to, God, crown and party willing, be Prime Minister. You've illustrated that you've got a short time left, and I'd love to know if you've enjoyed it."

  • Seeing that the meeting was moving away from the business of the government Yvonee left as well going to entertain Fiona as well as make sure that the agencies of the government were running smoothly. Shane listened to what the Prime Minister had to say and said, "Yes I have enjoyed my time. After, the war it started off as a daunting task to try and make our country whole again because many of people had lost many relatives in the war. but, we came together when our country was in need and made sure that the people of Omnibus had the power to make the decisions unlike the past monarchy. I am not sure if you knew but I am from the bloodline of the past monarchs which was a difficult thing to sell but I campaigned on the idea that I have fought for the Republic since I was sixteen years old and want to see an end to it so that the people of Omnibus could be free. Throughout my eight years I feel we have moved to a place where we have a stable government that can reach out to others when it is in need. Which is why I am hopeful for the future because the people of Omnibus will stick together through any problem they face and our family love which we call Famoris will only expand to include more countries and people as we become a larger country on the world scale."

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    Mrs. May listened with intent. She looked at Shane with great respect.

    "Well, Omnibus has a friend in the United Kingdom on the European stage and we hope that your country remains peaceful and prosperous. As a larger country in the European Union and larger economy, we've had the pleasure of trading with places like Angleter, Inquista, the Duxburian Union, Halsberg, Belarum and others and it has provided us not only with security but prosperity. We in Great Britain hope to join with you to make Omnibus prosperous and interconnected with Europe," Theresa said to the President. Theresa leaned in a bit closer.

    "Should the United Kingdom be worried about Rhaegar at all?"

  • Shane listened to her and nodded his head excited about the opportunities that the trade deal would bring to Omnibus as a whole but what caught him off guard was her comments about Rhaegar, which he told her in a statement where he tried to take no side, "While Omnibus is my home and will always welcome those who need a home under my guidance as a ruler Rhaegar's comments are concerning to me and I was wondering if I liked the United Kingdom enough if I could spend some time there after my Presidency being in a small country like Omnibus I would prefer for myself to be out of the gaze of the media once my successor, Rhaegar. But, I would advise to do your research on the presidential candidates and make your own decision, but you will need to take him seriously, but do not let him get power over you is my advise."

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    Mrs. May paused for a moment. It wasn't like her not to know what to say in a situation like this, but the way Rhaegar has built up did concern her. 

    "Of course the United Kingdom welcomes you, particularly if you want to remain discreet at home. There are even many places within the United Kingdom one can lead a quiet and peaceful life away from cameras," the Prime Minister replied. "As for Rhaegar, I've met many a man in my life and many of whom thought they could control me. I have met many a male leader in my life, none of whom I have been overmatched by or felt out of my depth. I assure you that while I exercise caution with Rhaegar, he will have no power over me. The only being that has any power over me or my actions is God Himself."

  • "That is a good way to lead Mrs. May. Certainly an honorable way to lead and if you would ever like to meet with the candidates for President I think they would be very delighted to meet with a leader of a different country and maybe it would open ideas to new policies if they suggested policy ideas to you. This is not something I am saying you have to do I would just like to offer that to you if down the road in our election you would like to endorse a candidate, but I understand neutrality in other elections as well, just an offer." Shane told her with a smile, "I hope what I have said has helped you." 

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    "I think the opportunity to meet all of these potential leaders would be great for me, and it will help me inform my decision making in the future," the Prime Minister smiled. She set down her tea cup, completely empty.

  • "That will be great I feel more confident because an experienced leader such as your self will make sure that their policies are good for our agreement and country." Shane told her trying to be earnest as he could with her because he felt that honesty would be best, "Will I still be coming to meet you in London before the end of my term?"

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    "I would certainly hope so; you are the one responsible for the trade deal that will ultimately start the relationship Omnibus and the United Kingdom have. Not bad for the same place where your Irish revolutionaries came from, eh?" Mrs. May smiled. She stood up, preparing to meet the candidates.