A Chat with Chelsea Clinton-Mezvinsky: Leave Your Questions and Concerns Here!

  • Hello everyone.

    I wanted to take the time to encourage all of our nations to come together and discuss the issues that matter to us. Increasing dialogue between the European Commission and the whole of Europe is important as we enter a time when we try to get the old, unused bureaucracy out and a brighter, forward-thinking future out to our European colleagues. I won't direct the subjects, I won't force you to talk about things you don't want to talk about. It will just be us, and the line is always open. 

    I can't wait to hear from all of my European brethren and sisterhood!

    Chelsea Clinton-Mezvinsky

    Internal Affairs Commissioner

  • A Letter from Sanar Willow

    As a small country we feel that we do not get the same attention as larger countries do and would like more awareness of our country and help to spread our ideals, I know that we have spoken with Mrs. May on this issue but it does not seem she has done much for us but I hope for a brighter future as most of our Presidential candidates are campaigning to be more involved in external affairs, some maybe too far for some likings but I would like to extend the idea so that others may as well spread the idea of Omnibus so that we are able to grow as a country.

    Best Regards,

    Sanar Willow, European Councillor

  • Councillor Willow,

    Your concern is of great importance to us. While I cannot speak to Theresa May or any national government, I know that it is my personal mission as Commissioner of Internal Affairs to get Europe connected between large and small nations. The summit Omnibus had with the United Kingdom is certainly encouraging, and we should be doing more to get peoples and countries connected. In terms of spreading the good news of Omnibus, might I suggested a Welcome to Omnibus presentation in our Cultural areas. That would certainly allow us to enjoy the wonders of your nation. 

    Your contribution as well on the floor of the European Council has been well noted and greatly appreciated by your colleagues. 

    Chelsea Clinton-Mezvinsky

    Commissioner for Internal Affairs

  • A Letter from Emma Granger

    Dear Chelsea, 
    I find very pleasing the opening of these spaces. As a country who's growth is in constan expansion and with a commitment to our people I extend to you the following question 
    there are said to be two views of the European Union's development: deeper and wider. 
    Those who want a "deeper" union want increased European integration in such things as laws, taxes and social security among the existing members. 
    Those who want a "wider" union want to simply expand the trading block so as to make the potential free trade market bigger.
     Is there any conflict between these views? In other words, 
    do you think that the "deeper the union the harder it is to make it wider";
     and "the wider the union the harder it is to make it deeper"?
     Which vision do you think is best and why?
    Best Wishes
    Emma Granger, European Councillor of the Kingdom of Montenbourg

  • Lady Granger,

    Yes, I do think there is conflict between these two views. I think we have to be careful to see where we can go deeper and where we need to be happy with going wider. I personally find that cooperation needs to be built first before diving deeper into connectivity. There are issues with bringing forth more political union, and a lot of them have to do with national identity and national government. I'm not personally a fan of the United States of Europe kind of model, but some are. I personally find wider to also not go far enough in. Yes, trade is important, but there are areas that we absolutely should work together and areas where we need to kick it back to the levels of government closer to the people we we serve. 

    It is hard to say what exactly those areas are, but that's the importance of dialogue. We need to get our Councillors and nations to talk to one another before we start legislating and building walls between ourselves. If we can come to consensus before and during the legislation process, I do believe that Europe can work even better. But in involves putting egos aside and coming together rather than going solo.

    Chelsea Clinton-Mezvinsky

    Internal Affairs Commissioner

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