Motion to Rescind the Recognition of Australian Neutrality

  • As of now, the Australian Government has asked me to announce in the European Council that the Federal Republic of Australia will no longer seek neutrality and wishes its immediate rescinding. Since it is a part of the constitution but not very clear, I propose that the following statement be voted on with no amendment or debate:

    The Federal Republic of Australia hereby requests and rescinds its status as a neutral nation.

  • Admin

    The motion is seconded. 

    Voting begins from 28 February at 17:15 GMT and ends on 2 March at 17:15 GMT

  • Admin

    I, Judith Gibbon, on behalf of the Apostolic Kingdom of Angleter, vote FOR this motion.

  • I, Emma Granger, 2th Baroness of Montague and His Majesty's Councillor to the European Council, on behalf of the Kingdom of Montenbourg, vote FOR this motion.

  • Admin

    And I, on behalf of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, vote FOR the motion.

    With voting closed, and three votes in favour and zero votes against the motion, Australia has rescinded its neutrality and returns to its previous status.

    Sir Edward Mountain, 4th Baronet of Oare Manor and Brendon

    Councillor for the United Kingdom of Great Britain

    Speaker of the European Council

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