The Tourist's Guide to Omnibus

  • Trans Regionem Rail

    The Trans Regionem Rail is a 5 day voyage from Cheles to Edetrares, making stops in each major city of Omnibus. The journeys are genuine discovery tours for adventurous spirits and explorers at heart. Guests are taken through natural wonders and significant cultural sites and provide them with the authentic flavors of local life all from the comfort of a highly energy efficient mode of transportation. On the train enjoy, fascinating lectures, exciting excursions and delicious local dishes allow the riders to get a genuine impression of Omnibus and its unique culture. The riders receive professional, personalized attention from highly qualified tour guides.

    Claire Palace

    Sitting 11 miles outside of Cheles, the Claire Palace acted as a summer residence for the monarchy. It is now owned and open to the public to look at the most popular part of the house is the outside where the stunning exterior is enough to take anyone's breath anyway, but it is not easy to get to since the area around it is heavily wooded because the Raimi family preferred to be outdoors whenever it was possible. 

    Go skiing 

    In Banoria, it has 25 miles of runs, making it a magnet for Omnibus' skiers and snowboarders


    The city of Flolk has been named by the government a historical city, meaning that nothing in the city is allowed to change which is bad for the residents because Flolk is where the majority of the Civil War happened so Flolk is exactly how it was during the war, making the memory of the Civil War fresh on everyone's minds and making it harder to live here as a whole but many make it work, this tends to be where most of the more creative people live since the government encourages creative ways to live in the city that has never been recovered from the Civil War as a reminder to never return to those ways.

    Animus Theatre

    Sruhull's Animus Theatre holds regular performances of opera as well being home to many other fine arts because of its size and many theatre houses including ballet, acting and singing but all are notoriously very hard to get into so we just recommend seeing the performers in action in one of their shows that happen every day throughout the day except for Saturdays. 

    Yloucron's Canals and Palace

    Yloucron is where the monarchy used to lead the country of Omnibus before they were overthrown but the main way of getting around is still alive and well which is by boat because most of the city is only accessible by boat  and while you are taking your boat tour of Yloucron, which most visitors do to take in Omnibus' largest city and they find that right in the middle of the city is a giant beautiful palace where the monarchy used to live, it is able to be toured and some of the highlights are seeing where many people were executed by the monarchy and the waxwork model of Yloucron when it was ruled by Michael Raimi, which the city looks strikingly similiar just a few modern adjustments since the city was hardly touched by the war because it would have been hard to have many battles here because of all the canals.

    Sols Peak

    Sols Peak is the tallest mountain in Omnibus standing 5,642m high, it makes for a strenuous but not overly technical climb. Six day trekking circuits are available for those who fancy looking down on the entire country of Omnibus.

    The President's Mausoleum 

    The building has spots planned for forty three Presidents each will automatically change electronically when the tomb assigned for that number President has been assigned to a person, through this method the bodies may be preserved for generations to come so that the next generations can come and look at what their past leaders looked like bringing history to life in a whole new way than it ever has before. This is placed in Amo where the energy used from the building is then converted into energy to power the city as well.


    Axita is known for its beaches for most of the year the beaches are cool enough to play around in and most Omnibus families take a relaxing holiday here during the summer months to gaze up at the stars in a tradition that Axita calls "Dark Nights" where all the power is turned off in the city so that people will be encouraged to go outside during the summer and look up at the stars and enjoy nature all together, many live bands and other entertainment comes during the summer so that the people of Axita have something to do during the night.

    Predo's nightlife

    Predo has a famously wild nightlife. You may have to shell out to get into the trendier spots - this is one city where luxury means luxury - but there is also no shortage of lively places where the emphasis is more on partying than profits.

    Zrento, Dranta and Brane Boating

    Since these cities are right on the coast of Omnibus they are the best for boating on any type of boat and also going fishing, these seas offer exceptional salmon-fishing catches are almost a regular occurrence and they also provide lessons to learn how to sail and to get your boating licenses in Omnibus.

    The Government of Cheles 

    The Senate House and Consul Houses are open for the public to go into at any time during the day but the government house where all of the agencies of the government, the President's home and office are is by reservation only because of all of the stuff going on inside but if you do get a reservation to tour the Government building it is still guided and you are only shown certain parts of the building, the ones that are not as busy.

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