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  • Councillor Granger: Stop National Selfishness.

    Today Montenbourg's Councillor to the European Union attended a reception dinner for the MONARCH Foundation to the press she talked about new inmigration policies concerning the Refugee Protection Act.

    Montague.- Montenbourg's Councillor Emma Granger raised the spectre of a 'catastrophe' if Europe does not agree a common response on migration, and applies the Refugee Protection Act.

    Granger's comments came as follows "We can't wait until we have a catastrophe. You can't have countries that massively benefit from the solidarity of the European Union and that massively voice their national selfishness when it comes to migrant issues. That's nonsense". She told a press conference in Montague alongside, George Soros, Chairman of the MONARCH Foundation.

    She spoked in favor of establishing closed reception centers, set up close to where migrants often arrive first in Europe, where migrants can be held while their applications for asylum are processed. The centers would be created in accordance with guidelines from under the Refugee Protection Act, Granger said. Said migrants not entitled to asylum should be returned directly to their countries of origin and not travel via other countries.

    "I am in favor of sanctions being imposed in the event of no cooperation, under the Refugee Protection Act." She added. Talking about the Kyrzbek situation she said "We want to contribute to reaching a political solution in Turkmeibaijan. During our political talks, we pointed out that Montenbourg could participate in the Peacekeeping process, but we understand that we have other tools too, but Turkmeibaijan must reform it's policies and no-show agression towards dissidents."

    The Councillor was accompanied by a business delegation exploring how Montenbourg business could participate in infrastructure projects in Turkmeibaijan, specifically in the North area. 

    Concearning the Kassian humanitarian crisis the press asked to the Councillor about how many refugees Montenbourg is hosting at the moment, and to this she responded "According to the Office, Montenbourg hosts 382,012 registered Kassian refugees. In record this past 10 months, we are a nation of migrants and as you see they been merging well with Montenbourg society. They don't live in ghettos, they live in neighbourhoods."

  • Minister of Finance: Asylum seekers to have access to bank accounts.

    On 26 June, Montenbourg's Minister for Finance met representatives of banks and government agencies to find ways forward that will make it easier for asylum seekers to gain access to bank accounts. During the meeting, the Montenbourg Financial Supervisory Authority presented this policy to the European Central Bank.

    Montague.- The Minister delivering a bank account to a Kassian refugee. She responded to the press saying that "In doing this, we are taking a major step forward to enable asylum seekers to become established. Last month, a total of 27 000 people were granted an exemption from the work permit requirement, and by May this year the figure was approximately 9 000 people," says Minister of Finance.

    Asylum seekers who have AT-UND status (exemption from the work permit requirement) have encountered difficulties opening an account with Montenbourg banks. The reason is that many asylum seekers do not have a valid Montenbourg ID card and the fact that the LMA card they have been issued with by the Montenbourg Migration Agency as proof of asylum seeker status has not been accepted by the banks, as they then risk breaching rules intended to prevent money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

    "Increasing migration flows in recent years mean that there is now a large number of people who currently have weak ties to Montenbourg society. The most natural way in is by starting to work," says the Minister. In January, the Ministry of Finance began work to improve asylum seekers' access to bank accounts by convening a roundtable discussion with representatives of the Montenbourg's Bankers' Association, a number of banks, the Royal Bank and the Montenbourg Migration Agency. Since then, discussions have been held between Royal Bank, the Montenbourg's Bankers' Association and representatives of the banks, and between banks and the Montenbourg Migration Agency to find an approach that will enable asylum seekers with AT-UND status to access a bank account.

    Today, the Minister of Finance once again met representatives of banks and government agencies. During the meeting, presented this policy to representatives of the European Central Bank. This will provide guidance for the banks' approach in this matter. 

    "Following today's discussions there is now a consensus among the parties involved on how the proposal should be applied in Montenbourg, which I am very pleased about," says the Minister.

    This means that the banks will approve accounts on the basis of LMA cards issued by the Montenbourg Migration Agency and a number of verification­ measures (calling back to contact numbers, attested copies of documents) for asylum seekers who have been granted an exemption from the work permit requirement (AT-UND status).

  • Government and social partners agree on ‘entry agreements’

    The Government and the social partners have agreed that ‘entry agreements’ should be introduced. The aim is to help newly arrived immigrants and long-term unemployed people to become established in the labour market, and to facilitate future skills provision for employers.

    Montague.- Despite a strong labour market, far too many people have a hard time finding work. Strengthening paths to work and improving matching in the labour market are high-priority for the Government. Everyone who can work should work and contribute to our common welfare. The Government, the Montenbourg Trade Union Confederation (LO), the Confederation of Montenbourgian Enterprise and Union agree that entry agreements should be introduced.

    "We can better cope with major social challenges if we take joint responsibility. The social partners have an important role to play in ending long-term unemployment and the successful introduction and integration of the large group of newly arrived immigrants. With these entry agreements, the social partners are stepping up and taking responsibility," says Secretary for Employment and Integration Ylva Johansson.

    The intention is to give people opportunities to acquire knowledge and experience that is sought-after in the labour market. The employee will be given the opportunity to take part in Montenbourg for Immigrants and other short training courses as agreed on by the employer and the employee. Funds will be available for adult vocational places on training courses that are relevant to both parties. An entry agreement should generally be able to lead to a permanent, full-time position with the employer.

    Entry agreements are a completely new model to stimulate employment for newly arrived immigrants and long-term unemployed people. The employer's total payroll expenses will be limited and the person will receive an individual state benefit for no more than two years. The size of the individual benefit will provide an incentive for people to obtain regular employment. 

    "The Montenbourg model is built on strong and responsible partners in the labour market. The partners have a far-reaching responsibility to regulate salaries and conditions. The fact that the partners have taken the initiative together for entry agreements demonstrates the strength of the Montenbourgian model" says Ms Johansson

    The Government will now draft a proposal on the design of the benefit to the individuals with entry agreements and notify it to the European Council in the summer of 2018. Also draft proposals for necessary legislative amendments and refer them for consultation in the summer of 2018, in order to submit a government bill to the Riksdag in March 2019. Arbetsförmedlingen (the Montenbourg Public Employment Service), together with the social partners, will soon be tasked with analysing the conditions for a model for procured matching for entry agreements, and examining its design. The aim is that external actors will provide the major part of the matching for entry agreements. The Government and the social partners will also jointly review measures so that Montenbourrg for Immigrants and other regular training courses, and also validation, can supplement entry agreements. The ambition of the Government and the social partners is to introduce entry agreements during the second half of 2019.

    If entry agreements are introduced in 2019, an employer's total payroll expenses for a position of this kind will be M£8,400 per month. The individual state benefit will be at most M£9,870 per month. The social partners and the Government intend to work together to ensure that when fully implemented, the initiative will cover at least 250,00 individuals.

  • First Gentleman promotes 'kindness, compassion, and positivity' at youth conference in Warwick.

    First Gentleman Gauthier Destenay made his first public appearance, speaking to the Students Against Destructive Decisions' annual conference where he emphasized the importance of kindness.

    Warwickville, Warwick.- "Kindness, compassion, and positivity are very important traits in life. It is far easier to say nothing than it is to speak words of kindness. It is easier to judge quickly than to take time to understand. It is often easier to see a glass half-empty than half full," he said to an excited audience of middle and high school students and their parents.

    Last month, the first gentleman unveiled "Be Proud" platform. It outlined three predominant avenues of focus: well-being, kindness and safety online, and highlighting the bad thing stereotypes do to people.

    "You have the power to be the positive force in so many people's lives. Show respect to each other. Treat your community like your family, and look out for one another," he added to the audience, leaving a bold message in the city of Warwickville at the Province of Warwick. Then Warwick First Minister, Celia Woodsen, gave him a tour to the town and hosted a dinner in honor of the First Gentleman.  

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Private Meeting with Turkmenbaijan state secretary for Foreign and European Affairs.

    The Foreign Minister held a private meeting in which openness to each other is emphasized.

    Montague.- Elizabeth McCörd has discussed with her counterpart in Turkmenbaijan, Mrs Asuman Baknezarayowa, regarding the relationship between them and the Union on the recent events, the refugee situation and how Montenbourgian and Turkmenbaijanis could join forces in fighting climate change during a private held meeting in the Foreign Office headquarters in Montague.

    The Turkmenbaijan secretary of state is in the city ahead of being conferred with an honorary degree by the Institute of Foreign Relations of Bosco University on Thursday.

    Mrs Baknezarayowa's visit coincides with a trip to the city amid the tense situation faced in days earlier in Turkmenbaijan soil.  A spokesman for the Foreign Office said: "Mrs Asuman Baknezarayowa is in Montague doing diplomatic talks with the Kingdom, which is an ally of promoting the advance of human rights in Turkmenbaijan. They had a wide ranging chat on a range of issues including european affairs, gender equality and the situation of minorities. Also this women discuss their views on democracy, women in politics and the current challenges facing Europe."

  • Councillor Granger moves to the Liberal Party; Leaves CMP and the European Liberals.

    Councillor Granger portrayed by the press a rising voice in Europe and Montenbourg.

    Europolis-.The Councillor and former leader of the Classical Monarchist Party (CMP), Lady Emma Granger, informed today her decision to join the Liberal Party (L), to "be part of a large majority that understands the spirit of progressiveness not shadowed by the past, in hopes to be truthful to the positions I hold as a liberal woman. "

    The announcement was made during a private dinner in europolis with leaders, activists and members of the Liberal party who, raising their hands, decided to back the decision of the Councillor and political leader.

    Granger made a brief summary of her career in the CMP, explaining that she leaves that party because she is determined to contribute to improving the quality of life of the Montenbourgian people.

    "Europolis knows me as a Councillor and political leader who fights shoulder to shoulder with minorities, for the progression of our Union and the betterment of lives for all, and to expand my commitment to you I have to join a political force within the Union and in our soil, with a vocation for power and change, as is the Liberal Party and the Progressive Alliance," she said in a brief speech interrupted by frequent cheers of support.

    She received her acceptance on the Alliance soon as she presented her dimission, truly a new path for the Montenbourgian Councillor.

  • Newly-appointed ambassadors include the usual mix of rich donors and loyal supporters.

    Socialites and philantropist are on the list.

    Montague-.  Royals have long been known to essentially auction off ambassadorships as a reward for donation and financial support, and under the administration of Prime Minister Bettel this has been no exception. The picks are so-called political appointments, meaning they were nominated based on their personal ties to Bettel and the Royal Family. These are typically the more desirable postings, like those in Europe. Two are known to have made significant financial contributions to the Bettel Victory Fund. 

    This are the daughter of the First Minister of Warwick, and the Lord of Warwick, Lady Serena van der Wöödsen. As you see the Wöödsens control the Provincial government and are noble-descendant so they are also the lords of the province, is said that royals credo is to stay out of politics but this is not the case in Warwick, where the family has control the power for almost 8-generations. It's almost a tradition that the wife of the Lord of Warwick gets the First Ministership of the Province, nonetheless the party affiliation. This nomination surely comes from the household.

    On the other side we have Cornelia Waldörf, daughter of the renounced businessman and chairman of the Waldörf-Astoria Banking Group, Wallace Waldörf. This is a nomination that surely comes from the side of the Bettel administration because Waldörf is a major fundraiser, and served as ambassador too. Waldörf donated $400,200 to Bettel Victory Fund, a PAC supporting Bettel’s nomination, according to the Provincial Election Commission. During an interview with a television station shortly after Cornelia was sworn, Waldörf cited her father's friendship with the Prime Minister as something that ties her to Montenbourg and later raised eyebrows when she told a different station that she believed in the role of big corporations on the fight against corruption.

    David Hopkins, a political science professor at Bosco University, said the number of Bettel donors in glamorous ambassador roles is nothing out of the ordinary. But cautioned that this unique style of nomination on the international stage could make even the sleepiest embassies difficult places to work. A method kept by tradition and very difficult to erase.

  • Thousands celebrate Pride in Montague.

    Thousands are expected to attend the event in the capital – and various measures have been put in place to minimise disruptions.

    Montague-. Government Buildings has been illuminated in the Pride rainbow colours. Tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets of Montague for the city’s annual Pride parade, is is the culmination of a three-day celebration which started on Thursday in the Montenbourg capital. 

    The colourful celebrations came just weeks after the Government endorsed and proposed the passage of Pride Month at the European Union. The Queen of Montenbourg along with Xävier Bettel, the first openly gay Prime Minister of Montenbourg, made history by becoming the first leaders of Montenbourg to walk in the parade with his spouse Gauthier Destenay. The Mayor of Montague Cynthia Nixon, along with her family, and children’s minister Helle Thörning-Schmidt were spotted at the event which for the first time included members of the Defence Forces taking part in uniform.

    Foreign minister Elizabeth McCörd  sent out good wishes to all involved. In an online message, he said: “Happy Pride everyone! Have a great day celebrating equality, inclusiveness and love” along with hashtags including “loveislove,” “Montagueinpride” and “equality”. 

    Classical Monarchist leader Alan Duncan said to the press "This is clearly a movement of Bettel to the radical left, he presented his dismissal early today at the party. But as to maintain order we presented a motion to shutdown this "coalition", and calling the Prime Minister to form a new government because he is not part of the CMP." The situation right now is no tense because this was a motion very much coming, but Bettel has most than 60% of the popular estimate and is far from going out of office. The leader added "We have to take back our roots, this thing is not good because the Government shouldn't 'condemn or celebrate' the practices of consenting adults."

    On other Nationalitz leader Sebastian Urz: "This is ridiculous seeing the Prime Minister in this nonsense, and nevertheless the "queen", Montenbourg definitely needs a national transformation."

    This year’s theme is We Are Family, a clear message to conservative-hearts. Participants in the parade also called for same-sex marriage to be introduced in all-European Union. The first Montague Pride parade took place in 1983 with 500 participants, this year more than 40,000 000 people. It is one the biggest festivals in Montague.

  • Bettel breaks CMP-Liberal Coalition; Calls new Provincial Elections.

    On a unprecedented move Lexington House announced that earlier today the PM met with leaders of the Liberal Party and dismissed from the CMP, this comes after 4 years of "coalition" government.

    Photo taken with the leader of the Classical Monarchist party, Otto Ludwig, on the day of Oath.

    Montague.- Montenbourg political analyst said this was coming, after Bettel progressive policies that put him aside of conservatives of the CMP.  Lexington House said that Montenbourg needed certainty, stability and progressive leadership. Explaining the decision, Bettel said: "The country is coming together under progressive policies, but I was not truthful to the values that represented a dichotomy between my positions and the CMP. That's why under agreement we have decided to call for Provincial Elections the next 8th of July."

    CMP leader Otto Ludwig said his party wanted the Provincial Elections, calling it a chance to get a government that puts "the Conservative values, first".

    The Prime Minister will refuse to take part with the provincial leaders debates ahead of the vote, Lexington House sources said, situation that is calmed because he holds popular appreciation from Montenbourg. But the heated debate will be in the Province of Strasbourg where Liberal Cynthia Nixon will contrast First Minister Cümo who has been under the first minister of Strasbourg for over 20 years under the CMP.

    Mr Ludwig said Mr Bettel should not be "dodging" a head-to-head encounter, and the Greens urged broadcasters to "empty-chair" the First Ministers.

    There will be a vote in the Riksdag on Wednesday to approve the Provincial election plan - the Prime Minister needs two thirds of the Members to vote in favour to bring forward the next scheduled election date of 2023.

    Explaining his change of heart on an early election, Mr Bettel said: "I have concluded the only way to guarantee certainty and security for years ahead is to hold this election, and I have to be true to the new party which I belong, the Liberal."

    He accused Montenbourg's other political parties of "game playing", adding that this risks "our ability to make a success of our leadershio in the Union, and it will cause damaging uncertainty and instability to the country". Refering to the position held by some CMPs of his participation at the Pride March, and the Nationalitz party position against the Refugee Act.

    "So we need a Provincial Election and we need one now. We have at this moment a one-off chance to get this done, to be true to our Liberal values that we represent as a Country."

    "I have only recently and reluctantly come to this conclusion. Since I became Prime Minister I've said there should be no election until 2023, but now I have concluded that the only way to guarantee certaint for the years ahead is to hold this election and seek your support for the decisions we must take, as Liberals."

    In a statement outside Lexington House, Mr Bettel said CMP had threatened to vote against this.

    "If we don't hold a Provincial election now, their political game-playing will continue and the negotiations with the coalition will reach their most difficult stage in the run-up to the next scheduled election," he said.

  • Embassy at Derecta opened its doors to the public for #DoorsOpen

    The Embassy of Montenbourg at Derecta opened its doors to the public as part of the Doors Open event which took place on Monday. His Majesty's Ambassador to Derecta, Lady Serena van der Woodsen welcomed Derectan officials and Dikaioma's socialites and elites.

    Dikaioma.- This was a rare opportunity for the public to visit the Embassy of Montenbourg, which is both an classical masterpiece and a symbol of the privileged relationship between Montenbourg and Derecta at 587 Cabo Luminoso Blvd, in the Diplomaticus District. Or best known as 587.

    The first stone of this royal townhouse-style building was laid by Ortto Uddsen on July 14th, 1936. Don’t miss the colourized photo exhibition in the Entrance Hall "The Greatness of Humanity". An intriguing group of photos culled from the archives of the Royal National Museum in Montague that looks at the faces of children and adults many in refugee status giving a visual of storytelling and personal revelation about what it means to be human. Thanks to the MONARCH Foundation.

    Also His Majesty's Ambassador to Derecta, Lady van der Woodsen offered some words at the opening of the Embassy. "Today I am proud to celebrate the opening of the Kingdom of Montenbourg Embassy to Derecta in Dikaioma. This significant event fulfills a promise made by our Majesty the King on the aims for the Kingdom to expand our vision of progress with the rest of Europe, and under the administration of Prime Minister Bettel in enlarging our relations. I am delighted to be here and serve as His Majesty's Ambassador to the Republic."

  • Montenbourg Embassy at London Hosts Gala to Benefit Kassian Refugee Children

    On July 11, His Majesty's Ambassador to the United Kingdom Her Royal Highness Caroline Thérèse Amelie Bourgeon, Princess Royal of Montenbourg, Duchess of Sträbourg, jointly hosted a charity Gala Dinner with the MONARCH Foundation for the Children of the World to help refugee children get back to school.

    London.- Patrons raised thousands of Monten Pounds at a recent gala dinner and auction at the Montenbourgian Embassy to help refugee children in Dromund Kass go to school again. These kids have food and a roof over their heads, “but they don’t have money to provide for their education,” said George Soros, chairman of the MONARCH Foundation for Children of the World, which organized the fundraiser.

    “We as Montenbourgians need to help those children because what’s happening to them now is going to affect not only their future but the future of our world,” said the Princess Royal, a longtime advocate of orphaned and underprivileged children.

    “Most of this children have already suffered years of interrupted schooling,” the Princess Royal says. “This crisis seems likely to leave a generation of young people without prospects or any ability to build a prosperous future for their home countries.” Participants paid $250 for tickets to the event, though it was unclear exactly how much money the gala raised. Around 100 guests from Ambassadors, stakeholders and UK government officials attended the dinner. 

    After dinner, bidding opened on various prizes including a trip in Montague, a roundtrip flight on Delta Airlines and an original Kassian art piece, in a not-so-silent auction led by event organizer Nathaniel Archibald. Money raised at the auction was sent weeks later to support educational efforts for refugee children in the Kassian zone.

  • Queen's talk about Governance: Defends Montenbourg role Abroad.

    Yesterday on the OmegaTalk, a professional development conference for post-secondary students who share an interest, and passion, in the field of Diplomacy and International Relations, Grace II talked about the role of Montenbourg in Europe and the world.

    Montague.- Grace II, Queen of Montenbourg and Former Foreign Affairs Minister Catherine Banks speaking at the Institute for International Affairs OmegaTalk in Bosco University, stressed the importance of Montenbourg aid around Europe. “One of the lessons of our history is the human condition elsewhere matters to the security of our country,” Banks said at the event. “And, therefore, the idea of helping others alleviate disease and poverty and hunger is in our national interest. Obviously the Kingdom can’t solve every problem, but we can set priorities.”

    Banks spoke specifically about her administration’s of the Foreign Office under Former Prime Minister Ferraro and then William Anderson and the program aimed at battling for good economic governance and reconnaissance in Europe during her 20 years serving in the Office.

    The Queen spoke about the power of Montenbourg aid under the Foundations and Charities, also the diligence of the current government on elevating the Kingdom to a cornerstone for Europe. "Let me be clear, this is not a political stance...this is a fact. If Montenbourg isn’t willing to stand for the protection of innocent life, what are we all about?” she said. “I view the role of our Kingdom of Montenbourg as very important. The truth of the matter is the way the world and Europe is today, if the Kingdom takes the lead others tend to follow, and we have seen this."

    And Former Foreign Minister pushed back directly on the notion that the Kingdom is being ripped off abroad by the spending."On my years at the Office, at the beginning the average person thinks we spend 15 to 25 percent of the federal budget on foreign assistance and it’s more like 1 percent of the budget, and well under 1 percent of GDP. Which is not."

    One issue arise about military spending and the fact that Montenbourg is a neutral country but has take some stances that could affect their security, also the agressive position on Humanitarian aid sometimes confused as part of military spending. To this on a unprecedented way the Queen took a stance by saying "Do you really want to say we’re going to make everybody have a big military but we’re not going to help anybody build their own future and change their own lives?” The Queen asked to the questioner. “I don’t think so, do you Lady Banks? Also pn behalf of the Montenbourg people, His Majesty's Government promotes and demonstrates democratic values abroad, and advance a free, peaceful, and prosperous world, this of course is done by Diplomacy and Humanitarian assistance not military forces."

    "We promote Montenbourg prosperity through investments that expand markets for the Kingdom exports; that create a level playing field for Montenbourg businesses; and support more stable, resilient, and democratic societies which of course are key to the keeping of world order." Banks added."Our objective is to support partners to become self-reliant and capable of leading their own development journeys."

    "Yes, indeed."The Queen added. "We make progress toward this by reducing the reach of conflict, preventing the spread of pandemic disease, and defending human rights. We stand with people when disaster strikes or crisis emerges as the world leader in humanitarian assistance, and this is our Role in Europe and the World.."

  • European Education Act: Cllr. Granger "A Drive to Unity."

    Today the European Councillor of Montenbourg took a bold stance on the European Council in favor of the Education Act.

    Europolis.- Councillor Emma Granger stated Montenbourg's position on the European Common Culture and Education Act calling it a driver for unity. The Councillor applauded the initiative proposed by Derectan Councillor, Julian Maverick, on a bold stance at the European Council. Her actions had earned her great respect. As distinct from many of her predecessors, she has spoken with great vigor, and succeeded in spreading the message about how the Kingdom views issues considered at the European Council and the vision of union in diversity. Following her declarations at the Council she leaved the headquarters towards a cafe where she continued to the press saying that

    "We as a Union have to maintain European peace and security, ... that's true. And develop friendly relations among nations, ... But before any of this we have to be a center of harmonizing our core, which is Education. Why? because this is in the attainment of any common end we want to strive as a Union. This is the drive that will lead us to a more truthful European identity, one based on diversity." 

    Also they asked her about the upcoming EPA Chairman Elections. "Look, I don’t want to get caught up in the labeling between Edward and I. As Councillor I will keep fighting for progressive policies in the Union and as a Chairman I will work on a more progressive platform, but as I said earlier cooperation is better than conflict, unity is better than division, empowerment is better than resentment, and any Progressive is better for Europe and our party."

  • Montenbourg Ambassador to Derecta: Meeting with Derectan Foreign Affairs Minister.

    On July 14, His Majesty's Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Derecta Lady Serena van der Woodsen met with Derecta Foreign Affairs Minister Mr. Alfredo Valero at the Ministry headquarters in Dikaíoma

    Dikaíoma.- The press approach to see a green figure, Ambassador Van Der Woodsen, emerging from a Lincoln Town Car towards the Foreign Affairs office of Derecta. During their meeting, His Majesty's Ambassador to Derecta and the Foreign Minister of Derecta discussed the future of Montenbourg-Derecta partnership in a wide range of areas. Ambassador Van Der Woodsen reiterated firm Montenbourg support for the recent initiative proposed at the European Council referring to Education. The two foreign leaders discussed the need to reach a modernized and balanced Free Trade Agreement and to continue close bilateral cooperation on peace, education and human rights. His Majesty's Ambassador also commended Minister Valero for his leadership in bringing the Peoples of Europe and the recent opening of Kingdom's Embassy at the country.

    Ambassador Van Der Woodsen announced that after the talks the Montenbourg Minister of Foreign Affairs, Elizabeth McCord will meet with Minister Valero to further discuss a State visit for their respective heads of state, and to sign a possible-in-discussion trade agreement between Montenbourg and Derecta. 

  • Royal Bank of Montenbourg defends move to halt nonprofit disclosures, saying information available

    Senior Royal Bank Department officials on Tuesday defended the decision to scrap donor-disclosure requirements for most nonprofits, saying it won’t alter what the public can glean from legally available sources.

    Montague.- The Royal Bank will no longer collect names or addresses of those who contribute $5,000 or more from all tax-exempt Section 501(c) groups other than charitable organizations registered under section 501(c)(3), according to new guidelines released late Monday. The Riksdag in the 1960s required donor-disclosure data to match deductions for charitable giving, and the Royal Bank extended the requirement to all other 501(c) organizations during the Ferraro administration, the Royal Bank officials said. Lawmakers more recently ended the potential need for the information through gift tax changes adopted in 2015, one of them said.

    “Currently we have at the Royal Bank no need for the routine collection of donor names and addresses,” the official said. The information was filed on Schedule B to Form 990 on 501(c)’s annual return. But he said publicly available information on 501(c) groups will remain accessible, still showing, for example, whether an organization has received an outsized donation from one or more contributors relative to other donors.

    The news was well-received among conservative groups and riksdag Classical Monarchists, who have said Schedule B has been illegally leveraged for political gain by infringing on First Amendment rights. Hon. Peter Roskam (CMP) said the Royal Bank simply doesn’t need such taxpayer information.

    “This move by the Royal Bank protects the free speech of private citizens and eliminates the use of an unnecessary form that does nothing to increase transparency,” Roskam said in a statement.

    Critics disagreed, arguing that the information helps the political and tax administration processes.

    Since many of the nonprofits now exempted from the filing engage in political activity, wealthy corporate, individual, foreign and government donors can potentially influence the Montenbourg political system covertly, said Phil Hackney, a law professor at Bosco University. From a tax perspective, the Royal Bank has willingly foregone important data points on where money is flowing in a tax-exempt manner from wealthy individuals, he said.

    “Tax oversight will be harmed,” Hackney said.

    The Royal Bank officials dismissed that, saying that 501(c) groups will continue to have to record their donor information in case the Royal Bank needs to audit them. Because such donor data would only prove useful for select examinations, the Royal Bank doesn’t need to systematically collect it any longer, they said.

    “The requirement to report such information increases compliance costs for some private parties, consumes Royal Bank resources in connection with the redaction of such information, and poses a risk of inadvertent disclosure of information that is not open to public inspection,” said the new Royal Bank guidance.

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