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  • 27th March 2018 - 18:42

    After much debate, The Democratic Republic Luz de Libertados has officially changed it's name to 'The Democratic Republic of Luz de Libertados and St. Esther', to celebrate the islands original name, and to celebrate their history. When Luz de Libertados colonised by Spain over 400 years ago, the island was named 'Solitariadad' a shortened version of 'Lone Society' in Spanish. After over 200 years owned by Spain, the islanders revolted and gained their independence in 1937, when Spain went through financial difficulties. They named themselves "The Democratic Republic of Luz de Libertados", or 'Light of the Free' in English, and that name has stuck with them until today.

    Other Headlines include:

    • Success in Icholasen
    • New Name Annoys Spanish Prime Minister
    • Annual Volcano Eruption Erupts Late... Global Warming?
    • New Rise in Searches for... People Selling Mirrors 

  • 29th March 2018 - 21:32

    Thousands of Libertese tuned into the one and only Eurovoice, a European song competition.

    After an exciting night of songs from all around Europe, many were surprised, but nevertheless extremely excited, to have come 4/10. Luz de Libertados and St Esther was represented by La 5a Estacion, with the song Recuerdame, a hit single throughout Libertados, managed to gain 61 points to come fourth, a strong position for our first a attempt.

    Later, Natalia Jiménez, lead singer of La 5a Estacion, said in an interview, "I'm simply astounded! I'm so proud to bring fourth for my nation; my home! We worked so hard towards this song, the performance; and everything in between. Seems like our hard work has paid off! I'm so thankful for all our fans who voted for us in the show and I love every single one of you! And especially to hear that we got twelve points; I was gaping with my mouth wide open I was that shocked! Thank you so much Duxbarian Union for the 12 points!"

    "The whole show was an amazing experience! If I had the choice, I would do it all again! And meeting all the artists from all the other nations; learning about their cultures, their life and personalities!"

    The show has now become extremely popular throughout Luz de Libertados and St Esther, gaining over 3 million google searches in 1 month, (bearing in mind the island has less than 75,000 people) and a sudden surge in singing classes. Not only has it influenced many islanders, many people are desperately asking to participate a second time and to host a national final. Fortunately for them, the LLBC/LLRC have recently confirmed a national final (Hear your Roar).

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  • 10th April 2018 - 16:21

    The Luz de Libertados and St Esther Eurovoice National Final is planned to be held at "The Royal Hall of King Philip", Ciuluz' biggest theatre built after Spain colonised the archipelago. It will contain 3 songs from 3 Libertese artists/groups. 2 songs have already been confirmed, these being, "Nina" by La 5a Estacion, who represented Luz de Libertados and St Esther in the 32nd Eurovoice. Another song is confirmed to be "Mama" by Il Divo, a opera group from countries all around Europe, two from the four members from Luz de Libertados. The show will be shown live on TV stations throughout Europe, including Montenbourg and Omnibus at LMT at April 16th 2018.

  • 16th April 2018 - 17:41

    LLLBC/LLRC - by Jonathon Estacia

    Interview with Montenbourg's very own McCord has not only confused but rubbed many Libertese citizens up the wrong way.

    During the interview she said that, "Everywhere that I go in Europe, people desperately look to Montenbourg rising leadership in all of the most difficult problems as our Refugee Protection Act. Whether in human rights, efforts at poverty alleviation, efforts at leading the fight against mental health and humanitarian aid as our Prime Minister has been doing, leading the effort for democracy for those who've been denied it, helping to support those who are seeking democracy. You can look at any region of Europe and the Kingdom of Montenbourg is still the country to which many countries look for leadership."

    Luz de Libertados and St Esther's President, Suhanna Rhamiosa, responded with, "The fact that she can't even differentiate between my Foreign Minister and me, especially considering we are different genders and have different skin tones, really shows how ignorant she is. I really don't like arguing or causing an issue between people, and I just want to find the best in people, but McCord has really stepped too far in that she believes 'people look up to Montenbourg for leadership throughout Europe'. I do believe she is doing the right thing. I do believe what she is doing will create a better Europe. Yet she seems to believe that Montenbourg is some kind of 'perfect utopia' and the 'knight in shining armour' that will save Europe. It's almost as if she's looking down on the rest of Europe, especially those who don't have the same ideology as you. This is nothing against Montenbourg; in fact, it's one of my favourite places to visit in Europe. But McCord needs to realise that Montenbourg is smaller than she realises. It's not any better or advanced than any of us, nor should it be."

    We also asked many Libertese people of the streets and the results and answers were similar.

    A 36 year-old male said, who worked as a banker said, "McCord seems to think Montenbourg is a major power in Europe. Mainly because she won't stop yapping and forcing her beliefs onto Europe. She can't even get our President's gender right she's so far up Montenbourg's metaphorical a**!"

    A 48 year-old woman, a model stated that, "She means well, but she keeps on stepping her foot into it. First with Angleter, now here."

    This isn't the first time McCord has stirred controversy in Europe; it happened when she first became foreign minister of Montenbourg. During an interview with McCord, she said that some countries immigration policies were  “anti-Muslim”, “anti-LGBT”, and “racist”. She continued to say that these policies were “doing us enormous harm all over the world.” Angleteric politicians responded angrily soon after.

  • Eurovoice: Luz de Libertados and St Esther's National Final! Or is it...

    After a flood in the The Royal Hall of King Philip, Ciuluz' biggest theatre, Luz de Libertados and St Esther's National Final will have to be postponed to a later date. Preferably when the hall is safe. This is sad news for many islanders, but luckily a the most Libertese soap opera, By the Lake Side (Bi Sida Riviera) will run the whole season in place.

  • 25th April 2018 - 16:52

    LIFE - Issue #1 - Luz de Libertados and St Esther.                                                                                                                                               By Maria Juncasa

    A look inside Europe's unheard places.

    LUZ DE LIBERTADOS AND ST ESTHER - The Memorial Rock, on the peak of Mt. Freedom

    After a stunning 1008m walk up the slopes of Mt. Freedom, we reached the top; a snow topped, flat plateau. It was relatively big and in the centre stood a stone. If you were to look closer, you could see names engraved onto the stone, such as Jon, Kafa and Mekta. The stone is said to hold the names of the first inhabitants who came to the island; a sign of freedom. Around the stone sits eight wooden torches. Or what would've been the place of the flames. This plateau is used to celebrate the annual Libertese festival: Walk of the 200; made to celebrate the makings of Luz de Libertados, where islanders will walk up to mountain peak and pray to the stone before having a party. Often celebrated with music and dancing.

  • 28th April 2018 - 20:52

    After Rhamiosa openly criticized Montenbourg's foreign minister,Elizabeth McCord, she has since apologised for her rudeness and has issued a statement. She says,

    "I have to apologise to McCord for my rudeness and bluntness. I'll admit I'm a very honest, open and sometimes quite blunt, but I hate to start fights and beef, but sometimes, emotions get the better of me. I don't know what it was but something really rubbed me up the wrong way. I'm sure she didn't mean it, and I'll admit I've been lacking sleep lately, but I realised I should learn that I should probably keep my mouth shut until necessary. I am all about equality and helping each other and, I completely agree with her views and fully support her. So, I hope that we can become faithful allies in the future and I hope we don't have bad blood in the future!"

    Rhamiosa has also convinced the Libertese foreign minister Alexander Mackleford, to strengthen ties with the nation on the economic side. Rhamiosa on the other hand is planning to visit Montenbourg's officials (including McCord) and monarchy in an effort to strengthen relations between the countries. Despite a rocky start, Luz de Libertados and St Esther would love to become allies with Montenbourg. 

    Luz de Libertados Push for Equality Throughout Europe

    Luz de Libertados is one of the leading countries in Europe for equality, whether LGBTQ+, gender and race. Luz de Libertados and St Esther was the first countries in Europe to legalise gay marriage, to open their borders and the first female leader was Jorjia Mecanolas (1743-1762), from Luz de Libertados. However, many people in the world don't have these freedoms and basic human rights. Since McCord's push for equality, many Libertese politicians think we should not only try and give Europeans these freedoms, but people worldwide. Libertados hopes to help Montenbourg push for equality worldwide.

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