Statement Regarding Vladimir Rhaegar and Omnibus

  • My fellow Europeans:

    In Omnibus, we are seeing a crisis of unimaginable proportion. It is becoming increasingly clear that our Union must act and ensure that the rule of law and democracy is upheld. As it is a requirement that proper representative democracy is instituted to be a member of our European Union, the clear reaching steps of Omnibus to pay of Senators, propose suspending the rule of law, calls of revolution, and chaos through illness are threatening that very tenet for our brothers in Omnibus. I call on the people of Omnibus to remain calm, for the Senate of Omnibus to remember that they are representatives by the will of the people, and for Vladimir Rhaegar to stop his acts of disregard for democracy. Europe is watching, and she will not sit idly by.

    Chelsea Clinton-Mezvinsky

    Commissioner for Internal Affairs

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