Austrur – Factbook

  • Bundesrepublik Österruhr

    Basic Information

    • Official Name: Federal Republic of Austrur (EN), Bundesrepublik Österrurh (DE), Spolková republika štumtasko (CZ), Spolková republika štumtasko (SK)
    • Capital City: Östheim
    • Currency: Österruhrische Mark (ÖM)
    • National language(s): German, Czech, Slovak, Slovene, Italian (minority)
    • Population: 91,435,000
    • Internet domain: .at,,, ( and usage is restricted)
    • Time Zone: CET (UTC+1)
    • Government:
      • Head of State: President Ms. Magda Beránek (SDU)
      • Head of Government: Chancellor Mr. Dieter Lietz (SDU)
      • Legislature: Federal Assembly of Austrur (DE: Bundesversammlung)
        • Bundestag: Directly elected every three years using a mixed-member proportional system, with single-member constituencies using an instant-runoff voting system
        • Bundesrat: Indirectly elected by the various state legislatures using a proportional system to assign state seats to parties based on their size in the state legislature 
      • Governing Party: SDU (Sozialdemokratische Union) leads a coalition government
      • European Councillor: Mr. Klemen Horvat (SDU)