The Royal Montague Stock Exchange

  • The Royal Montague Stock Exchange


    Abreviated as RMSE and nicknamed "The Big Board", is a Montenbourgian stock exchange. With a leading-edge approach to developing technology platforms, we have built market infrastructure in all major trading centers, offering customers the ability to manage risk and make informed decisions in the geography of their choice.

    By leveraging our core strengths in our markets, clearing, data and technology, we continue to identify new ways to serve our customers and transform global markets.By staying close to customers, we saw the demand for the efficiency that technology brings and expanded our electronic trading platform into new markets. At the same time we understood that along with liquidity, trust and integrity are central to the effective operation of markets and began investing to build and acquire clearing houses.

    As our electronic markets and demand for clearing grew, access to new sources of information became central to our customers and data has increasingly become the lifeblood of markets. We saw this evolution and consistently we advanced our capabilities, building a data business which is complementary to every part of our solution.

    Our company:

    -Establishment: January 1915

    -Headquarters: 5th Avenue Sq., Financial District, Montague, Strasbourg; Montenbourg.

    -CEO: Guillermo del Toro (since 2001)

    -Annual revenue: 450 million Monten Pounds

    -Annual expenditure: 278 million Mps

    -Reserves: 2,68 billion Mps


    • 90% The Royal Bank of Montenbourg 
    • 2%  MONARCH Group
    • 5%  Waldorf-Astoria Banking Group
    • 3%  Vincit Group


    • 1M£ = £0.85 (GBP)
    • 1M£ = A£0.86 (ANP)
    • 1M£ = 2 (Omnibus)
    • 1Mps= 3 (Luz da Libertados)
    • 1Mps= 4 (Austrur)
    • 1Mps= 5 (Complutum)


    • RE 25 Index
    • RE 50 Index
    • RE 75 Index

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    ((OOC: Where did you get your economic information from. I just had to update the exchange rates for the pound sterling (£ or GBP) and Angleteric pound (A£ or ANP) because they were wrong. If you're going to post something economic, you have to follow the information from this sheet.)) 

  • @the-united-kingdom ((OOC: From economic posts. Our country does not appear on the list. We wish to be included and any suggestions of the rates we would gladly change it.))

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    ((OOC: Could you help me establishing the exchange rates??.))

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    ((OOC: Yes, so that column that says RP Euro to Currency X is the worth your currency has to RP. So, if we are to do some cross multiplication here: 

    1.31/1 (The Monten Pound worth) x 1/1.55 (the pound sterling [UK pound]) worth = 1.31/1.55 = about 0.85

    so 1 M£ = £0.85 (UK). 

    If you have questions, please ASK first before trying to just write whatever down. The chat feature doesn't work on this site for me, so you can ask me through the Discord chat.))

  • Market Summary 3rd August.-

    Latest Update.

    Company LastDateHourChange
    DMADelta Montenbourg Airlines25,4068/3/201811:54 AM+79.49+0.31%
    HABHöganäs AB11,0698/3/201811:54 AM+13.49+0.12%
    HSQHusqvarna Group727.458/3/201811:54 AM+5.51+0.76%
    VLVVolvö Group3,0748/3/201811:53 AM+12.48+0.41%
    CNDCöndé Nast4,6738/3/201811:54 AM-6.3447-0.14%
    CIRCCircle Inc.1,9968/3/201811:38 AM+1.05+0.05%
    MÖNMÖNARCH Group7,3748/3/201811:54 AM+2.3303+0.03%
    VNCTVincit Group12,9278/3/201811:38 AM+29.344+0.23%
    WDRFWaldorf-Astoria Banking Group1,2538/3/201810:39 AM+2.70+0.22%

    Commodities Index

    • Gold.- 1,200.79M£/per Ounce.
    • Petrol - 2.14M£/litre
    • Diesel - 1.75M£/litre
    • Natural Gas - 0.20M£/Litre.
    • Oil - 1.25M£/t.oz
    • Lumber 4.42M£/

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