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    I am hereby calling a special session to discuss the situation regarding the Kyrzbek people of Turkmenbaijan. 

    In a matter of hours, we have somehow suddenly found ourselves with yet another peace keeping mission in Europe, but this time it is in Turkmenbaijan. In a time where a solution to the conflict in Dromund Kaas seems possible - for the first time ever - I am disheartened to see so much speculation on a possible repeat in Turkmenbaijan. Only this time, bizarrely, the European Council was not informed or involved in the situation. While I trust the government of Turkmenbaijan, as well as the government of Montenbourg - who are firm champions of human rights - I've been left totally confused as to what is going on. What are the facts and what is the current situation in Turkmenbaijan? A communique from Montenbourg has suggested that a peace keeping mission is needed in order to avoid a refugee crisis. Are there refugees fleeing Turkmenbaijan? Is it a crisis?

    Could the Councillor of Turkmenbaijan please provide the European Council with clarification on the ongoing situation? I'm quite worried and I want to make sure the European Union supports the people of Turkmenbaijan, and the Kyrzbeks especially, in the best possible way. We have a European Relief Force that is ready to be deployed if the situation necessitates it.

    Edward Firoux,

    Councillor of Inquista; Deputy Council Speaker

  • Dear collegues,

    I see the council and several governments of member-states are worried and many questions are asked.
    The situation in Turkmenbaijan, I reffer to the strained relationship between Turkmenbaijanis and Kyrzbeks, isn't something recent. It is something which has been developed from the moment of independence and even before. It is true that under the previous governments led by SDH the relationship has only been deteriorated while it should have been improved. We all remember the deadly riots from last year at the Australian border. Nobody wants this. Not the government in Füzüli, not the Kyrzbek people and I think I can speak for your all; nobody of the Union.

    To be clear; to call this situation a crisis isn't correct. The government of Turkmenbaijan doesn't mention refugees from Turkmenbaijan itself as there isn't a direct threat for the daily safety. So why did the Turkmenbaijani government asked Montenbourg to develop a peacekeeping mission? After the deadly riots, violent demonstrations from the side of the Kyrzbek people and an attack in the city of Basjrabad in 2016, the then SDH-government to ban the political fraction which represents the Kyrzbeks out of parliament and implemented travel bans on every ethnic Kyrzbek. Those measures where completely undemocratic and inhumane but it remained remarkably quit from these seats.

    Now, to continue... Former president Asuman Baknezarayowa took already steps to cool down the situation and to normalize the relations between Turkmenbaijanis and Kyrzbeks. Also this government continues this normalization: the Kyrzbek political party is allowed to take part at the elections for the National Congress, the implemented travel bans are abandoned, all temperory border controls in the area have been abolished... There is still a long way to go. The government of Turkmenbaijan asked recently Montenbourg to develop a peacekeeping mission in order to prepare this long way. Turkmenbaijan asked Montenbourg to supervise with her peacekeeping mission forces the region to assure peace between ethnic Turkmenbaijanis and Kyrzbeks under Montenbourgian direction with the support of the government of Turkmenbaijan. A joint statement of both ministers of defense would be published in the upcoming days in which concrete agreements and goals are exposed.

    The Turkmenbaijani government asked several times Australia to sit and discuss together. Under Nikola Nikolaj. Under Amos Bahman. Under Asuman Baknezarayowa. Under Kader Gurbuzyewa. Or the answer was negative; I quote 'The Government of Australia, at this time, will have to decline this meeting.' or there wasn't any answer. Now come and say that the government can't take any action to really take steps forward in this matter, as long as Australia is not around the table has a very double taste.

    Thank you mr Speaker.

    Mrs Aysel Annayewa,
    Councillor of the State Turkmenbaijan.

  • Dear Deputy Speaker and Councillors,

    We share the Deputy Speaker’s need of clarification. And we are gravely concerned about the Kyrzbeks situation and how this could impact a future crisis, we want to prevent. We applaud the efforts of Turkmenbaijan to normalize the situation but right now they need more than normality, they need peace. In any moment riots and violent demonstrations from any side can come up, why? because they still feel that they don't have a voice. And Turkmenbaijan officials knows this and they have anticipated, they asked for help. The have anticipated and this is good. 

    As far as I understand the European Relief Force is not a peace-keeping force, so that's one of the reasons we accept the petition from Turkmenbaijan on the  development of a peacekeeping mission in the area. But this is the forum where we can discuss this, and we open the talks. We express our sincere appreciation to the Prime Minister of Australia and Turkmenbaijan, for their efforts but they to need to find common ground and build momentum toward implementation of the peace agreement between the Kyrzbeks and Turkmenbaijanis. We consider that all the parties have wasted far too much time when little progress was made, they need to sit. 

    And this Council should use all available means to bring a sense of urgency to the process and encourage quick progress in uniting the Kyrzbeks and Turkmenbaijanis around a common project. And if we do not see progress, we should seriously consider how long we can sustain this discussion without serious and active partnership of the parties.

    Thank you mr Speaker.

    Lady Emma Granger, 2th Baroness of Montague

    His Majesty's Councillor of the Kingdom of Montenbourg

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