EPA Chairman Nominations, June-July 2018

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    A full calendar year has passed since our last Chairman election, which means that the term of the current Chairman has come to an end. Thus, we shall begin a nomination process for a new Chairman now.

    The EPA Chairman is tasked with forming the next Caucus Executive, and will also represent the Executive as our leader in the European Council. The Caucus Chairman will remain in tenure for one year.

    Those interested in becoming our new Caucus Chairman should fill out the form below. Only caucus members with full membership are eligible to be nominated. Our current caucus membership roster can be found here.

    Candidate name:
    [Photograph of Candidate]
    Home Nation:
    National Party Affiliation:

    Nominations will be accepted until 16:00 GMT, July 5th 2018.

    A formal debate shall then be hosted following the nomination period. The debate will be hosted in Europolis and will be moderated by a eurogroup official.

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    Candidate name: Edward Firoux

    Home Nation: Microstate of Inquista

    National Party Affiliation: Christian League

    Biography: Cllr. Edward Firoux quickly rose through the ranks of the Inquistan diplomatic service, serving as an ambassador for the country from 2011 to 2013, until he became Inquista's representative on the European Council later that year. In the Council he made his mark as an active legislator, proposing almost a dozen bills and two dozen non-legislative motions. Cllr. Firoux, who by 2017 was the region's second-longest serving Councillor, was unanimously elected as the Council's first ever Deputy Speaker. In 2018, Cllr. Firoux was once again re-elected to office, and has announced his candidacy to become the leader of the Christian League party in Inquista.

  • Candidate name: Emma Granger 

    Home Nation: The Kingdom of Montenbourg

    National Party Affiliation: Liberal Party of Montenbourg

    Biography: Cllr. Emma Granger is a Montenbourg philanthropist and diplomat who serves as the Kingdom of Montenbourg Councillor to the European Council. In July 2014, she was appointed as a EU Women Goodwill ambassador. In September that year, she delivered an address at World Assembly Headquarters in New York City to launch the WA Women campaign HeForShe, which calls for men to advocate for gender equality. Emma speech also called feminism "the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities" and declared that the perception of "man-hating" is something that "has to stop". 

    She has promoted the work of the European Union around the World, and introduced the Refugee Protection Act which created a general protocol in the matter. As an LGBT activist she urged the Council to declarate June as Pride Month, in remembrance of the fight for gay rights at the Union. Also she has promoted progressives initiatives that are as cornerstone policies in the advance of Human Rights at the European Union. She is known as the Voice of the Voiceless within members of the European Union, and an aggressive advocate for Human Rights policies within the Union.

  • I formally call upon the EPA caucus to begin the debate procedures, as the nomination period has come to an end.

    HE Cllr. Julian Maverick,

    Republic of Derecta

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