Political Group Applications



    Under the European Council Political Groups Act 2016, political groups in the European Council may be formed by Councillors with shared ideologies or political aims. To establish one of these political groups, a Councillor must apply by filling this form below:

    Name of political group:
    Names of founding Councillors (no fewer than three):
    Designated Chairman:
    Summary of ideological or political aims:
    Any additional information:

    Approval is entirely at the discretion of the Speaker of the European Council.

    Please note that the Speaker is obliged to dissolve a political group in any of the following circumstances:

    • The Political Group is reduced to fewer than three members and does not resolve this situation within fourteen days.
    • The Political Group’s Chairman, with the consent of a majority of its membership, requests its dissolution.
    • The Political Group is found guilty by the European Court of Justice of breaking the terms of the Constitution or the Acquis Communautaire.
    • The Political Group fails to elect or appoint a new Chairman within 14 days should the incumbent resign, be removed from office, leave the European Council, or be in any way unable to serve as Chairman.
    • The Political Group fails to hold a majority vote on its system of internal decision making within one Gregorian calendar month of its foundation.


    • European Progressive Alliance
    • European Liberals

  • With the resignation of Cllr. Curthin from the European Council, the European Liberals have been reduced to one sole member, which is Cllr. Greene of the Duxburian Union. I would like to give notice to the European Liberals, particularly to Cllr. Greene, who needs to find at least two new members for his political group by February 26th, or the group shall risk being dissolved.

    Edward Firoux
    Council Speaker

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