Montenbourg Provincial Election 2018


    Mila Winfrey: The First Minister election in our Province of Strasbourg, where is our beautiful capital Montague, is in full swing. More than half a dozen Classical Monarchists, Liberals and third party candidates are challenging CMP First Minister Drew Cümo, who is seeking his sixth term. Here is the race shifts into gear.

    First Minister of Strasbourg Drew Cümo – The Classical Monarchist announced in 2016 that he would run for a sixth term. Overall, his poll numbers have been solid. In a January poll by Siena College, Cuomo had a strong 62 percent favorability rating, with 76 favorability among Strabourgians. Cümo enjoys the support of most Classical Monarchists elected officials who have endorsed in the race, including the national party chairman Otto Ludwig. He was easily crowned the designated CMP nominee at the state Classical Monarchists Party convention in May, with in-person endorsements from current Minister of International Trade and Business, Cara Carletön-Fiorina and former Prime Minister William Anderson. Nonetheless, Liberal Party candidate Cynthia Nixon seems to be gathering momentum. A wave of progressive enthusiasm just carried the Prime Minister Xavier Bettel – with whom Nixon cross-endorsed when he annouced his entering to the LP –. 

    Even though the First Minister of Strasbourg passed several progressive measures during his fifth term that could ward off a potential challenger on the left. “Cümo has built up an awful lot of armor on his left flank based on delivering on issues like fracking, education of course, and minimum wage but issues like paid family leave and the LGBT front hasn't even said a word.,” said political consultant Bruce Gyory.

    Cynthia Nixon – The education and LGBT advocate and ally of Cümo rival Montague City Mayor Connor Duncan announced on March 19 that she is running for First Minister, after months of publicly hinting that she was mulling a First Minister bid. Earlier in March, reported that Nixon was consulting with Rebecca Katz and Bill Hyers, two former advisors to Montague City Mayor Connor Duncan.

    Nixon has focused her campaign on hitting Cümo on his perceived weak spots among liberal voters, criticizing him on his handling of the Strasbourg Province Transportation, and going to the left on issues such as abolishing Customs Enforcement and legalizing recreational marijuana. She has racked up the endorsements of  Province Councilmen Carlos Menchaca, Antonio Reynoso and Jimmy Van Bramer, as well as former city Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito. Nixon has also cross-endorsed with several progressive insurgent challengers in down-ballot races. However, Nixon’s policy positions are often not that much further to the left than the First Minister. Her recently proposed plan to fix the SPT includes congestion pricing, which was supported by Cümo. 

  • STRASBOURG: First Minister Debate.

    The debate focused on a myriad of issues impacting Strasbourgians, including housing, transportation, the environment, education, and issues affecting children. The first 30 minutes focused exclusively on issues facing Northern Strasbourg, followed by an hour of discussion on issues facing the whole Province.


    As expected, immigration was a by far the hottest-button issue between the liberals and conservatives on opposite sides:

    • First Minister Drew Cümo (CMP): "We have wonderful legal immigrants - the issue is illegal immigration - people who’re cutting in line. No words on that, is simple. We are and always will be a Province in respect of the legality of our residents. We must secure our borders against terror; we must end sanctuary cities such as Montague and others in our Province, we are on it. We must put an end to liberals agenda in putting insecurity first, with our election we will keep conservatism on our enforcement policies."
    • Cynthia Nixon (Liberal Party): "This is nonsense, your work as First Minister has put a stop to the progress that is making our country nowdays with the refugee act under bettel administration. We celebrate diversity - we are an asylum Province. That’s what makes Strasbourg great. Humans fleeing violence should be welcomed into our Province - we have all descended from immigrants. Anyone should be able to seek asylum as our Act in the European Council states.”

    Housing, homelessness

    • First Minister Drew Cümo (CMP): "Under our administration as First Minister of this Province we created a cabinet to look into the homelessness issue. Our opinion is that this is unacceptable so we must enforce the laws."
    • Cynthia Nixon (Liberal Party): "What a rhetoric! We must end homelessness - we need housing for the homeless not "we are on it" I will bring back redevelopment agencies to create more housing. The next Provincial government should call for an emergency declaration - we’ve to get women and children off the streets.”

    Transportation, gas tax

  • First Minister Drew Cümo (CMP): "We don’t need a gas tax. Leave that to the state government, not to us. We are to regulate province people-business not federal affairs. And I supported your allegations for STP but we are a big province is under Murphy-Law that we could not take everyone into their destination. Strasbourg does not need a high-speed rail. If you want to go anywhere in Strasbourg, you can take Delta Airlines.”"
  • Cynthia Nixon (Liberal Party): "We haven’t passed a gas tax in this Province in 25 years, why? because of this conservative thinking... our bridges and highways need repairs..I support the gas tax, we could direct this to the repairs..”