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  • "What a building," said Mohan Sayev, Turkmenbaijan's minister of economic development against his colleague Aram Zuhanow, minister of Taxation.

    ''Impressive'' answers Zahnow with open eyes. ''It's my first time in Montague''.

    The shiny black car drives up to the entrance of the foreign office also known as the Ütlandsk.
    The door of the car opened and Sayev stepped out confidently. Zuhanow followed his colleague with a hurried step.
    In the large entrance hall, the minister of foreign affairs of Montenbourg, Elizabeth McCord, was waiting for the turkmenbaijani colleagues.

                                  L: Elizabeth McCord (Mt) - C: Mohan Sayev (TM) - R: Aram Zuhanow (TM)

    ''Aha! Goodmorning Mrs McCord, thank you for your welcome''. Sayev said cheerfully. He gave her a friendly handshake.

    ''Good morning'', Zuhanow said in a more modest tone while shaking McCords hand. ''Fantastic place. I am convinced that this beauty of spaces will promote collaboration''.

  • Minister McCord was very eager for the visit as to understand more about the upheaving request for Turkmenbaijan.

    "Welcome, Indeed a place builded on the premise that collaboration is the cornerstone of every foreign policy. If you accompany me please to my office, after our reunion we eill have a joint press statement if there is no problem." Said McCord.

    The delegation advanced through the Ütlandsk the consultants and office staff where peeking to see this meeting, after they arrived to the office of the Minister she seated and proceed.

    "First let me start saying that It is for me and the Kingdom a pleasure having you here at the office. I know that the first days after your current reforms actually proved that you can successfully defend the certain policy that would go towards resolving problems instead of policy that will be actually the cause for problems and creating problems. We applaud those actions. But gentlemen what do I owe this visit from your personas?" Said the Minister smiling at both of the Turkmenbaijanis government officials.

  • "The intention of our arrival in Montenbourg is clear. Turkmenbaijan wants to be more open and accessible to investors and chooses to conduct an open policy.
    We do not believe in falling back on ourselves and even less we, the turkmenbaijani entrepreneurs against us, everyone who comes from outside Turkmenbaijan.
    We want to be a reliable and enterprising partner." said Aram Zuhanow, turkmenbaijani minister of taxation.

    "We come to you because your country has always reached out to us." continued Mohan Sayev.

    There was a silence for a moment. Sayev resumed:

    "Turkmenbaijan aims for an economic zone. Its initial goal is to promote exchange and collaboration among our nations and give an institutional and legal framework to our cooperation
    as well to achieve collective autonomy, raise the standard of living of its populations and maintain economic stability through harmonious cooperation. In concrete terms, we propose an economic union concerning natural resources.
    Turkmenbaijan is rich in coal and uranium and has the largest oil and gas reserves in the entire European Union. An economic union for these goods makes a north-south axis in Europe very concrete
     It is good for employment in the sector for both countries, international research can be carried out into renewable energy and the environment from both our different landscapes and climate.
    The supply of natural resources is ensured."

    "That is why we want equal politics and rates in the form of an economic community. Our intention is to involve other countries." Zuhanow took over...

  • "I see."The Minister paused and continued.

    " First of all, before talking about an economic community is better to pursue agreements that lead us into that cause you're government is pursuing. A Free Trade Agreement is a good starting point. I understand the ongoing conflicts orchestrated by previous governments had been devastating to your economy, and Montenbourg wants to strengthen trade and investment cooperation between the Kingdom and Turkmenbaijan by promoting joint development of the two sides. But to achieve this we want to assure some guarantees."The Minister looked steady to Sayev.

  • "I am fully at your attention" said Sayev inn an almost strict manner...

  • "We would call this the Montague Accord, here your government will state that will guarantee the integrity of the Kyrzbek Republic their autonomy of the districts of Kharabad, Arak, Küran and Näzelkamanabad. We recognize this as long as the Turkmenbaijani government does not meddle in their internal elections, also criminalize bribery of public officials; have in place a code of conduct for public officials; promise take measures to decrease conflicts of interest; effectively enforce anti-corruption laws and regulations; and involve private organizations in the fight against corruption. Also open Montenbourg–Kyrzbek Chamber of Commerce for direct trade development with the Kyrzbeks, we also establish a Visa Waiver Program for Turkmenbaijanis and Kyrzbekistanis which will allow your citizens with to travel to the Kingdom for tourism, business, or while in transit for up to 90 days without having to obtain a visa. The FCO will be eager to recieve Kyrzbeks in order to them to study in our universities. All of this assured we will cuts all our tariffs to a 95% in order for you to maintain economic stability and grow. We are open to buy all your coal and uranium under no tariffs."

  • ''You understand that I can't decide anything of this by my own mrs McCord? First of all I am not responsible of this matters. Secondly the projects concerning the Kyrzbek population are all nice proposals but this is a long-term evolution. I don't think you get the sensitivity of this topic. I also regret that you have reduced everything that is good for our two countries to this 'condition'.'' Sayev answered shortly.

    ''Do not forget that despite autonomy, the Kyrzbekistanis remain part of the State of Turkmenbaijan. For similar agreements that you have proposed here between Montenbourg and Kyrzbekistan, Fuzuli must give his approval. We are only at the cradle of some autonomy, and I only commit that autonomy, do not get me wrong.''

    Mohan Sayev looked straight into the eyes of Mrs McCord: ''Do not forget that your partner at this moment is Turkmenbaijan. The State Turkmenbaijan. Not the Republic of Kyrzbekistan neither the Republic of Turkmenbaijan.'' He spoke in a strict tone.

  • With steady eyes and with a soft but strict tone the Minister replied. "Our participation in this agreement depends on the State Turkmenbaijan ability to prevent crisis such as the Kyrzbek situation, the Union counts on stability and we too. I find no contradiction between talking for guarantees at Fuzuli and establishing a trade agreement that will set the base for an economic union. Because your government needs to help translate the demand for democracy into a political will, and you know this. That's why other countries are not wishing to pursue an union right now, but we are opening to you the possibility of stability and the abide of the Kingdom. Is not reducing it to a condition, is to establish a guarantee for your stability and credibility." 

  • ''The stability and credibility in Turkmenbaijan does not depend on a trade agreement with Montenbourg Mrs McCord.''

    ''Turkmenbaijan gives space to all who live in the territory and everyone enjoys the same rights. We have the most progressive visa policy. We have legalized gay marriage and minorities are permanently represented and heard. To give just a few examples.'' Said Sayev friendly. ''Your country sends observers to the elections in Kyrzkebistan. Is not that the best guarantee?''

    ''I would like to return to the trade agreement concerning natural resources mrs. McCord. Insured supply of oil and gas, building of research platforms and centers, exchange of students and workers in a favorable political framework. I think that is certainly something to talk about.''

  • " I did not refered that your stability and credibility depends on us, It depends on the message your nation sends when we on a binding agreement get things cleared out."

    "As I said we support a Free Trade Agreement and we can keep talking about the guarantees presented earlier on a later basis after Kyrzkebistan elections. So we are all for it to a FTA. I propose the elimination all existing custom duties between our countries, with the exception of gasoline-powered vehicles, cigarettes, alcohol and firearms. Existing custom duties on gasoline-powered motorized vehicles will be reduced by 35%. Cigarettes, alcohol and firearms products may taxed freely by your institutions. We want to commit to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2020. And create and enforce a labour code that, at the very least, prohibits gender and sexual orientation discrimination in the workplace, creates a minimum workplace safety standard, and prohibits the exploitation of minor children. We will also state a Montenbourg-Turkmenbaijan building on both capitals for research."

  • 'I welcome your proposal, Madam the Prime Minister. Your goal to reduce greenhouse gas emmissions by 30% shows once again the courrage of your policies.
    Your proposals seem good to me, Madam the Prime Minister. I especially like the research center in both capitals. And undoubtedly that of President Emir Constantini.
    I would like to make a counter-proposal. Our economy, and also our strength, is, as I said, the exploitation, processing and research of natural resources, and then I am talking about oil, gas and uranium. Turkmenbaijan is one large uranium and oil field. Our people are the best and the company TürkOil is the largest of its kind in the EU. We would like to get access to your sources. We create great jobs with, of course, people from Montenbourg, research can be done on the spot, everything in accordance with the social and labor legislation of Montenbourg and the EU. What do yoy think Madam Prime minister?'

    Mohan Sayev stopped for a moment and thought about what he was going to say now.

    'We assure you social legislation based on equality and social law to the EU and third countries and easy access for your businesses in our economy. The abolition of duties between our countries for the mentioned products and the establishment of a research center in Montague and Füzüli. In exchange, we want to access your sources with TürkOil. This seems acceptable to me. Not?'

  • "Yes, indeed it is acceptable. Manage a draft and let's proceed. And Sayev, is Madame Minister not Prime Minister." She smiled."His Majesty's Prime Minister as you know is Hon. Xavier Bettel who is eager to see this agreement done."

  • 'I apologize Mrs McCord. Take it as a compliment... Please.' Sayev smiled to minister McCord.

    'Good. Then I think that we have indeed reached an agreement. My services will draw up an agreement in the coming days and send you.
    I'm glad we met, Mrs. McCord... Our countries will benefit from it.'

    Mohan Sayev took his papers and stuck them away in his briefcase. He made a standing gesture to his colleague Aram Zuhanov.
    The Turkmenbaijani minister reached out to Mrs. McCord.

    'We are not the worst. Welcome to Turkmenbaijan.' Sayev said in a quiet but determined tone.

    Zuhanov also reached for McCord and greeted her kindly.

  • "I know, that's why our friendship will always stay." She smiled.

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