A Big Change!

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    Hey guys, 

    I've been role-playing the United Kingdom for two long periods: from 2011-2013 and from 2015-2018 and I've LOVED every minute of that. However, I always felt personally like instead of doing what I have managed to do with Australia and craft a nation that is both grounded in its RL counterpart but distinctly and effectively different, I had merely reacted to and tinkered around the edges of the UK as a culture and as a structure. I hoped to at least have more differences and better originality to it and no matter what, I never felt 100% confident in the presentation. Not like I have while playing as Australia. 

    So, with that in mind, I've decided to retire old Britannia. She's had a great run and I've really enjoyed interacting with you guys as The United Kingdom. There have been truly memorable moments and interactions I have had (the two Londons anyone? Framptonia? Kalmar?) that have made me a better role player. But the joy I've had with Australia not being replicated has shown me I need to take a different direction, one that's a little more....Eastern European.

    With that, I'd like to announce officially that I will continue to run Australia as a puppet but now my main nation will be.....The Russian Empire (not a huge reveal; you guys probably saw it during the day)! I hope to continue to bring a fun and unique RP voice to our EU through a nation that really I've been wanting to tackle in a good and serious manner for a long time. 

    Ура! Счастливый ролевые игры!

    Stephen, full of the youth and vigour of minority government!

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    good luck drüg!